Top 4 EDC Knives For Everyday Use!


When choosing your Everyday Carry (EDC) knife, there are so many factors that make it difficult to choose the right one for you. This blog is going to help you sort out the issues surrounding a proper EDC knife. First, you must think about the laws in your state because most states allow a 4" blade, but some only allow a 3.5" to be carried in public. I always look to see what kind of retention the blade has, as well. If the blade has no retention, it will have to be loose in your pocket, purse, or tucked in your boot or shoe.

We don’t like that idea, so we’ll focus only on the blades with a retention system that is easily drawn and attached to your pocket or some other gear you prefer to have it on, such as a backpack. The quality of the blade and finish on the blade matters too because, without a proper finish, the blade will rust and stain. Below are our top 4 EDC knives that we recommend carrying in 2021.

1. Benchmade Nakamura Axis Folding Knife

Benchmade is one of my favorite knife companies, partly due to the nostalgia and partly due to the quality of blades they offer. Benchmade is the only blade that I own that comes out of the box sharper than I can make it with my wet stone. The Nakamura Axis Folding Knife features a 3.08" blade with an overall length of only 7.03" when fully open. The reason I like this knife so much is the dual stud openers on both sides of the knife for a rapid and smooth draw. The drop point blade ensures that if you had to use your knife to protect yourself, a simple thrust with this knife will make your point loud and clear.

With a closed length of less than 4", this is an optimal knife to be able to conceal and carry with just about any type of clothing. The retention pin fits like a high-end money clip that stays on your jeans pocket, regardless if you’re running, flipping, or rolling around. The blade itself is made of the highest quality M390 Super Premium Stainless Steel for decades of durability and effective use. A nice added touch is the reversible carry clip to adjust for either right-handed or left-handed users. The grip is made from the famous G10 grips that have taken over the knife and gun industry with their aggressive and sturdy grip. The G10 handle will ensure you can carry this in the rain, snow, sleet, or hail and still have a solid and comfortable grip.

Benchmade Nakamura Axis Folding Knife

at Sportsman’s Warehouse
Prices accurate at time of writing

2. Kershaw Comeback EDC Folding knife 2055

If you’ve never heard of Kershaw, they make a great knife that is very minimalistic, yet elegant in its design. This 3" blade is made from 8Cr13MoV steel with a stainless steel handle and stonewashed finish. This finish will prevent you from noticing any scratches you get on the blade from regular use in the great outdoors. The Kershaw Comeback EDC 2055 is really simple to use, as well, with the KVT ball-bearing system. This ball-bearing system easily allows you to flip the blade up with one hand and still maintain a positive grip and control of the knife. The pocket clip is reversible, just like the Benchmade to allow for optimal versatility.

The Kershaw Comeback features a short closed length of only 4.25"to allow anyone with any average-sized pockets to use this knife as an EDC. If you can’t afford or just don’t want to drop over $200 on a knife, this is a great option to have a great EDC knife without breaking the bank. The Kershaw only weighs 4.5 ounces and is 7.5" long when fully open. This makes for a lightweight, durable, affordable, versatile knife.

Kershaw Comeback EDC Folding knife 2055

at LA Police Gear
Prices accurate at time of writing

3. SOG-TAC CA Special

There are so many knives from SOG that can be used as an EDC, but I’d like to highlight the SOG-TAC California complaint knife. As most of us know, California is the most liberal state in the union and continually passes the most progressive gun and weapon restrictions across the country. This is the only automatic opening knife that can be shipped to a California address. The SOG-TAC Black Tini blade is only 1.9" long and features a thickness of only 0.10" for an incredibly thin and concealable knife. As with every SOG blade, the TAC will not rust and is easy to keep an edge with any type of sharpener.

The SOG-TAC is a rapidly deployable knife with a closed length of only 3.9" to conceal even in the smallest of pockets. I know many users might be thinking, why would I need a 2" blade, but the versatility and concealability of this knife makes it incredibly useful and quick to deploy. It’s so much easier to close the distance on a perpetrator with a knife than it is a gun. Many people don’t consider this when wanting to carry a gun, but turning their nose up at an EDC knife. I can tell you with certainty, carrying a knife will keep you safer than you would be without one and allow you to defend yourself within a split-second if need be.

SOG-TAC CA Special

at SOG Knives
Prices accurate at time of writing

4. Aegis AT Indigo & Acid

The Aegis AT Indigo & Acid knife is my favorite knife on the list because of the amount of versatility and durability it shows. As someone who is outside at every chance, I carry the Aegis every time I hike, hunt, or go out in public. There are so many features that I love to talk about because it really sets this knife apart, in my opinion. First, the AT-XR lock is one of the fastest one-handed opening knives I’ve experienced. I really like the fact that even in rain or over water while cutting up a turkey, the blade doesn’t gunk up or allow debris to get caught in the locking mechanism.

Secondly, the blade can withstand 1,500 pounds of force without breaking the locking mechanism. For those of us that can be clumsy sometimes, you’ll love the spine-mounted safety system that ensures you don’t accidentally fold the knife on your hand or finger. make no mistake, this knife is sharp enough to easily slice a finger off if you’re not careful. The added safety mechanism to the Aegis is a great touch for while outdoors in an unforgiving environment. The safety mechanism is made to be ambidextrous, intuitive, and easy to grip for optimal performance and safety. For less than $85.00, you will not find a better knife from a company as prestigious as SOG.

SOG AT Indigo & Acid

at SOG Knives
Prices accurate at time of writing

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  • 1. Benchmade Nakamura Axis Folding Knife
  • 2. Kershaw Comeback EDC Folding knife 2055
  • 3. SOG-TAC CA Special
  • 4. Aegis AT Indigo & Acid

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