February 23

Marine Raider MOH Recipient: PFC Henry Gurke

  PFC Henry Gurke was a member of the Third Raider Battalion during WWII. He was awarded the Congressional MEDAL OF HONOR posthumously for his heroic actions on May 31st, 1944. The MOH was awarded to his parents by the assistant secretary of the Navy. PFC Gurke later had a […]

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February 22

Survival Gear: Kevlar Cord

The newest addition to the REFT survival gear product line is Kevlar Cord. Kevlar Cord is an excellent accessory that can be added to any load-out to improve functionality and survivability. Kevlar Cord can be used for an abundance of different tasks and is exceptionally durable and versatile. Kevlar Cord is […]

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February 13

Deployable SSE Backpack

  The Deployable SSE Backpack is designed to allow operators access to an easy to use, extra bag for SSE (Sensitive Site Exploitation). The Deployable SSE Backpack stows away in it’s integrated stuff-sack when not in use and can be deployed in seconds. Measuring 12 x 17 x 4 in. (13.3L), the 70D water-resistant […]

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February 9

What to pack in your E&E Bag

The E&E Bag, (AKA The Go To Shit Bag) is specifically used when shit hits the fan, and you can only carry essential items with you.  You may have to E&E (Escape and Evade) the enemy on foot alone or in a very small group so you will need to […]

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