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Studies and Observation Group (SOG) was created by Spencer Frazer; a designer, Top Secret model maker for the U.S. government, and sound system engineer. Spencer started this company because of an interaction with the famed Bowie Knife that Special Operations carried in Vietnam. He explains that the very first time he saw and held the knife, he knew he wanted to produce one. As he states, “The knife was magical in how it looked and felt. You could see the history as well as the functional aspects of the knife". Luckily for his customers, Spencer has been making SOG knives ever since. SOG knives live by the mantra of wanting to be the go-to store for professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and everyday Americans who take their protection seriously.


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When I first saw the company name SOG, I immediately thought of Special Operations Group. Obviously, many other people have done the same and wonder about the connection between the company and the elite military communities. Spencer may not be a veteran, but he’s given decades of service to the government and his creativity and ingenuity really show up in these knives. Our leader at RE Factor is a retired Army Special Forces operator who asked me to write this blog to showcase how good they are. He’s told me that he’s used SOG knives for many years and trusts their blade as much as any other company he’s used in his career. I can’t think of a higher form of a compliment than someone with SF credentials saying they trust this product with their life.

How Do I Choose The Right Knife?

This is one of the hardest questions to answer because a knife is incredibly personal with the feel and confidence you have in wielding it. There are so many things to consider, such as length of the blade, grip material, double-sided blade, or single? Folding or fixed? The first thing you need to consider is why are you carrying a knife? As simple as this sounds, think really hard about the purpose of this knife; is it protection? Professional? Outdoor Use? or Hunting? I appreciate how easy finding the right fit is on the SOG website and recommend following their cues.


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Once you know your purpose, it’s time to go to and search under the 3 main areas; professional, outdoors, or daily carry knives for personal protection. Most people will be searching for these knives in the “Daily Carry" or “Outdoor" sections. Personally, I prefer to carry the Zoom S30V Carbon Fiber fold-up blade on my belt-loop or use my front pocket for quick access. I’ve always been a firm believer in a man/woman carrying a daily pocket knife because there are dozens of applications you can run across in your day that requires a knife. I wouldn’t be cutting fruit or opening boxes with my SOG knife, but you easily could without damaging the knife.

How Do I Choose The Right Multi-Tool?

A multi-tool is designed to embody versatility and convenience in one portable and modular tool. I find it kind of funny that the people I hang around all carry a multi-tool as every day carry. Personally, I carry the MacV Tool on my key ring if I leave the house for the day with friends visiting a brewery in Ft. Collins or hiking the Appalachian Trail. This multi-tool is capable of tightening or loosening a screw, opening a bottle, pull out staples, cut fishing line, and sharpen your EDC knife. I’ve used this tool for every one of those purposes and much more, including cutting 550 cord and tightening my scope after a rough hike up the mountains. I knew the MacV was right for me because of my lifestyle, but it might not be right for you. Figure out what you would need most when you’re out on your normal day and use the website to figure out which tool is best for you.

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How Do I Choose The Right SOG Bag?

I’ll admit that when I first thought of SOG, I never thought twice about the bags they created because the knives were so new and fun to handle. However, the moment my friend walked up to the airport with his new carry on, everyone knew he was winning. The Surrept/36 CS is expensive as hell, but it’s more than worth every penny when you consider the features of the bag. For me, every bag that I choose for a carry-on bag or my travel bag has to be water-proof,  water-resistant, and built with a durable outer shell. The Surrept/36 CS is built with 4200 deniers ripstop fabric to protect from minor drops, snags, on trees, or tumbles on a rocky hill.

The coolest feature by far for this bag is the hidden compartment to use as a concealed carry location. It will fit any modern CCW and holster without any issues at all for printing or discomfort. I use mine on day hikes and fishing trips without any issue and without ever feeling like my gun is going to fall out or go off if I set down my bag. Make sure you’re aware of your CCW laws in your state because you could easily get into a lot of trouble without the right permits.  Another great feature is how versatile and modular the bag is with the dedicated storage for shoulder straps. For example, if you need to store this bag, you can easily tuck your shoulder straps inside your bag to avoid them getting caught on other luggage or armrests.


SOG Knives and gear was created with the mission of providing the best possible tactical knives and practical gear for Americans to enjoy. I’ve yet to meet anyone who thinks they didn’t succeed at their mission and deserve to be highlighted in our blog. You’ll spend a lot with SOG knives, but the minute you hold their knives and tools, you know it’s worth the money spent. Whether you’re an operator fighting for our nation and need a knife that you bet your life on or a hunter who needs a great skinning knife, SOG Knives will make you feel better about your equipment and give you the confidence needed t o complete the job.





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