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Gun slings are one of the most overlooked products for newer hunters because of the excitement and suspense of owning a new shotgun. We’re 1 month and 2 days away from opening day for Spring Turkey season and you need to be planning now. For example, anytime I add a new piece of gear to my rifle, I try to spend a few days on the range before I take it into the field. Many people might not think slings are apart of that learning process, but they can be incredibly beneficial to you during a hunt. This blog will serve as a guide to choosing the right sling for your shotgun this hunting season. 

What to Look For Before You Buy A Sling?

When it comes to slings, there are a few things that I look for before I buy one. The first thing that I look for in a sling, is the material used to produce it, especially the connection points. I’ve noticed that every time a sling has failed me, it’s been because of the stitching at the connection points and the bearings used to attach the sling to the rifle don’t hold up. Another big concern is the wear and tear that your sling will go through could either fray the sling or just break it down enough to break the fabric and make it useless.

A big concern is always how comfortable it is and if it gets in the way when I’m trying to shoot. The practicality of the sling is very important because some slings are not meant to be used as support and some are great additions to your shooting platform. Finally, the cost should always be paid attention to because sometimes you’re paying for a name and not the best product for your money. 

1. Blue Force Gear Vickers 221 Sling 

Blue Force Gear is a company that many combat veterans and LEOs are familiar with due to their connections and sales inside our communities. One thing about Blue Force Gear is that they produce very high-quality gear with no shortcuts made in processing. I’ve owned multiple belts, slings, and ammo pouches that are still good after a year in Iraq with heavy use every day. Regardless of the product, Blue Force Gear is always a company I recommend using for your tactical needs. 

One of the biggest reasons I love the 221 Sling is the versatility that it brings to my gun collection. I can use this sling on any of my rifles and it does especially well with shorter barrel rifles, such as AR-style pistols and SBRs. My favorite feature of the Vickers 221 sling is the quick adjuster pull tabs. This may sound like a minuscule feature, but having the ability to adjust the tension on your sling in a split second is huge while hunting. You can easily go from the sling resting on your shoulder as you trek through the woods to an active shooting position with a quick pull on the adjuster tab. 

For those of you who don’t know, Larry Vickers is one of the most prominent and respected names in the military community with decades of experience as a Delta Force Operator. He’s trained thousands of soldiers in combat and has worked with Blue Force Gear to develop a tactical sling that works in any type of environment. The 221 sling fits with any weapon with 2 QD sling swivel sockets with the rear socket located at the end of the receiver. The 221 sling comes with a push-button swivel and the new Burnsed Socket is woven onto the rear for full adjustability with or without body armor. Personally, I recommend the wire loop push-button instead of the Burnsed Socket because it provides a much lower profile and doesn’t get in the way. 

Blue Force Gear Vickers 221 Sling

at Primary Arms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Why Should I Choose the Blue Force Gear 221 Vickers Sling?

The reason I like this sling so much is the versatility and durability of the fabric. I prefer to wear my slings with both connection points on the buttstock because I’m able to create a lot of tension with the sling without limiting my firing positions. The sling is just und $100 and comes with a limited warranty, which should ensure your sling lasts a few years with moderate to heavy wear. I use this sling on my AR15, Bergara Premier, and my Stoeger M3500 (must have the Molded Universal Wire Loop (UWL) for the Stoeger or gun without QD cups).

2. Troy Industries 2-Point Sling

If you haven’t heard of Troy Industries, they specialize in selling weapon accessories, such as back-up iron sights, magazines, slings, adaptors, and much more. I want to highlight their 2-point tactical sling that is designed for instant adjustments. You can either lengthen or shorten the sling with a slight pull on the TROY BioThane handle. At $39.99, this sling is really affordable and offers great versatility and practicality.

I really appreciate the padding in the sling that really takes away some of the pressure and tension on your shoulder. My shotgun weighs almost 8 lbs. if I load three 3.5" Magnum shells, so it does get heavy when I’m trucking through dense forest while going up and down hills and valleys. The padding really helps mitigate the pain you feel from your brachial nerve being pressed on for 6-8 hours. 

Troy Industries 2-Point Sling

at Primary Arms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Why Should I Choose the Troy Industries 2-Point Sling?

I chose this sling because it’s very easy to use and one of the more affordable choices online. I love the bungee in the sling because I can easily transition from transportation to shooting position without any noise or adjustments needed. If you do need to make an adjustment, the Troy BioThane handle provides a quick and easy adjustment for more or less length. One of my biggest pet peeves from a sling is the straps getting in the way of aiming or hand placement.

The Troy industries 2-point sling will ensure that the straps don’t get in the way to provide a clean and stale shot every time. Turkey’s are always paranoid because everything wants to eat them (who can blame coyotes, foxes, bears, and bobcats?) or fight them for the right to breed. Noise discipline is one of the most important characteristics of a successful hunter and this sling helps you with reducing the noise.

3. Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling Gen 2

I know it sounds weird to write this, but there is a lot of information about some companies that are true and untrue. I always recommend our readers to read our blogs and then read another on the same topic. The reason I point this out is that I’ve read some horrendous reviews about Magpul gear that I have known to be false. I wish I got paid by Magpul to write because I’ve bought well over $2,000 in weapon accessories from them. The MS4 QD sling is simply incredible with its practicality, durability, and price point. 

The first thing I like a lot is the versatility to use as a 1-point or 2-point connection configuration for either active transitioning or long haul transportation across many miles of mountain, forest, or water. The retention system Magpul uses is really awesome with an easy push-button to quickly connect or disconnect the swivel to your sling. To add even more versatility the MS4 is compatible with QD cup-equipped buttstocks, end plates, receivers, and handguards. You can find adaptors for guns without QD cups if your shotgun doesn’t have them. 

Why Should I Choose the Magpul MS4 QD Sling?

The MS4 is equipped with a heavy-duty slider that allows you to make adjustments in the length of the strap with one hand. I love the ability to use my thumb and index finger to adjust my sling. This allows me to keep my trigger hand on the gunstock at all times without having to take the sling off my shoulder and adjust it. If you’re worried about the slider moving around or not staying put, Magpul built in a positive locking mechanism to prevent the slider from continuing to slide as walk or move around. For those of you that use some sort of Magpul accessory, you know that the name means something. I believe they’ve carved out a good enough reputation to earn the benefit of the doubt, but do your own research and make the best choice for you.

Magpul MS4 QD Sling

at Primary Arms
Prices accurate at time of writing

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  • What to Look For Before You Buy A Sling?
  • 1. Blue Force Gear Vickers 221 Sling 
  • Why Should I Choose the Blue Force Gear 221 Vickers Sling?
  • 2. Troy Industries 2-Point Sling
  • Why Should I Choose the Troy Industries 2-Point Sling?
  • 3. Magpul MS4 Dual QD Sling Gen 2
  • Why Should I Choose the Magpul MS4 QD Sling?

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