CGS Suppressors Micro Signature Suppressor for SBR Rifles

Raw metal becomes a precision piece of hardware.

The deafening noise is reduced to a whisper.  From chaos, CGS group finds order.

CGS Group and Maxim Defense teamed up to develop a compact suppressor capable of handling the pressures of a short-barreled rifle.

Taking what CGS Group knows about suppressors and what Maxim Defense knows about short-barreled firearms, the Maxim Defense CGS Micro Signature Suppressor was born.


at Maxim Defense
Prices accurate at time of writing

CGS Suppressors Rugged Design

The Maxim Defense CGS MICRO series of signature suppressors are explicitly made with short barrels in mind, ensuring a compact overall length. The Direct Metal Laser Sintered (DMLS – 3D printed) additive manufacturing process we use creates parts with even higher strength and hardness than billet and forgings, with zero points of failure such as welds. The DMLS process can create fully dense parts, with better material density than a billet or cast product.

On top of that, there are no welds to break and no welds to cause warping and concentricity issues because there are no welds in the Maxim Defense CGS MICRO. There’s a lot that can go wrong with a faulty weld, and the DMLS manufacturing process eliminates those issues and their byproducts entirely. Faulty welds can and do very easily slip through the QC cracks until it’s in the hands of the end-user.

Every batch of DMLS suppressors is inspected in a lab to ensure they meet/exceed standards for material properties. The suppressor is internally coated with a proprietary Hexagonal Boron Nitride layer known as S-Line which is applied via a DCD (Dynamic Compound Deposition) process. The internal S-Line coating prevents the build-up of fouling from copper, lead, carbon, etc, eliminating the need for cleaning. However, it‘s still possible to clean if ever actually needed.

Simplicity Brings Order to the Chaos

Simplicity in design eliminates small, complex cavities that can clog with fouling, and the suppressor design itself deals with heat and pressure much better than traditional designs, further increasing the abuse they can handle.

CGS Group is the only manufacturer offering suppressors that can be easily converted from a "traditional" type suppressor to a "flow bypass" type suppressor simply by changing out the front end cap with a wrench, making its suppressors adjustable by the end-user across the spectrum of sound/flash/gas reduction, not just one permanent setting.

CGS suppressors use a larger than normal bore diameter to help achieve lower decibel levels at the ear and also reduce toxic gases blowing back into the shooter’s face and in the event of an unstable projectile, the wider bore limits the potential for baffle strikes. 718 Inconel can endure the abuse of full auto short barrel use as well as the increased pressures that short-barreled firearms, such as the Maxim Defense PDX, produce.

Maxim Defense PDX – 7.62×39

Prices accurate at time of writing

This suppressor design reduces blowback and toxic gases blown back at the shooter. This allows the system to be much stronger than other suppressors by immediately venting the blast chamber and reintroducing the gases further forward in the baffle stack thereby reducing pressure and heat and more evenly distributing the gas, heat, and pressure to prevent hot spots.

Additionally, it will eliminate, or on super short barrels will significantly reduce particle erosion compared to other traditional suppressor designs currently available, leading to a far longer service life than any other suppressor on the market.

Maxim Defense CGS Micro Signature Suppressor

The Maxim Defense CGS MICRO suppressor design also helps limit thermal signature by keeping the silencer cooler than traditional designs.

CGS Suppressors Micro Signature Suppressor

at Maxim Defense
Prices accurate at time of writing

The Maxim Defense CGS MICRO core’s dual functionality allows the user to change the function of the silencer completely simply by swapping out the front cap for a different one. For example, the Solid Front Cap that comes with it will allow the silencer to act as a traditional silencer, and the Vented Front Cap will allow the silencer to act as a "flow bypass" type suppressor.

Maxim Defense X CGS Suppressors Micro Specs

  • 4.6" Added Length to host firearm
  • Overall Length of  5.23" from the rear surface to front hex feature
  • Weight: 15.7oz.
  • Diameter: 1.68"
  • Materials: 718 Inconel
  • Barrel Length Rating: Rated for 8.5" barrels or longer
  • Caliber Rating: .30 caliber (7.62mm/308)
  • Thread Pitch: 5/8 x 24

The CGS/Maxim Micro suppressor is primarily a .30 caliber suppressor, but it is rated down to a 8.5" barrel with 5.56.  Maxim Defense did a SOCOM table with it on a PDX chambered in 5.56 and it survived with no issues.  The threads on the back of the suppressor are 5/8-24, so the user will have to use a thread adapter if wanting to suppress a 5.56.

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