CGS Helios: An End of the World Suppressor

The CGS Group Helios QD suppressor kit is designed specifically for 5.56 rifles but is capable of handling up to 300 Norma Magnum.

The CGS Suppressors have established a reputation for being the pinnacle of hard-use suppressors with features not found in competing brands.

Originally designed to suppress the M249 SAW (Squad Automatic Weapon), the CGS Helios is more than capable of being an end-of-the-world suppressor that can withstand heavy punishment for sustained periods of time.

CGS Helios QD Suppressor | An End of the World Suppressor
(Photo: CGS Suppressors/@cgsgroup)

CGS Suppressors Helios QD

Most suppressors of this type are smaller in diameter and utilize direct thread mounts. The CGS Helios comes as a kit for weapon adaptability and allows for gas flow out the front for shorter gassier 5.56 rifles.

The baffle design used in the CGS Helios QD is based on a shorter variant of CGS Hyperion suppressor. Originally the Helios QD was made for left-handed shooters to reduce gas blowback in the face depending on the host firearm, then the suppressor was adapted to and strengthened for use on the M249, MK46, and hard use SBRs.

Not only can the Helios hold up to a ludicrous rate of fire on short barrels, but it’s also extremely quiet compared to other options on the market. In some cases, it is quieter than other full-size rifle suppressors even though the Helios QD is only 7.2" in length in its default direct thread state.

Maxim Defense MD15

Prices accurate at time of writing

CGS Suppressors are the only suppressors that can completely change function simply by swapping out or removing the front cap.

The CGS HELIOS suppressor kit comes with two front caps; A solid low profile front cap commonly seen on most suppressors and a vented low profile front cap. The vented front cap maximizes at-the-ear suppression sound levels and reduces the blowback of gases.

One of the other things CGS Group did with the Helios QD is made it so you don’t need a proprietary tool for maintenance or simply removing the can. The front cap uses a 7/8" socket for tightening and removal. The rear of the suppressor is designed with wrench flats. In the event that the end cap and/or suppressor are seized on the gun, you can use a crescent wrench and socket to remove them.

Additionally, if you’re going to be running this suppressor hard for an extended period of time, it’s recommended that you secure the end cap with a socket wrench to ensure it doesn’t come loose.

The Helios QD is extremely durable and has undergone a significant amount of automatic and semi-automatic sustained fire testing by CGS on 5.56mm barrels as short as 5 inches and on belt-fed weapons with no apparent damage. The Helios QD has no barrel length restrictions or firing schedule restrictions." – PEW SCIENCE

CGS suppressors are a staple accessory for guys building purpose-built CQB Rifles. The dudes who run GBRS group all run CGS suppressors on their CQB rifle setups for good reason. As seen in the video below, Slade refers to just how badass CGS suppressors are.

There is not like any real competition out there“, “you’ll never outshoot this can“, and “your gun will break before this thing will

CGS Helios QD Suppressor Specs

  • Length: 7.2" in the direct thread configuration
  • Length Added to Bare Muzzle: 6.5"
  • Length Added to Muzzle Device: 4.9"
  • Weight: 20.7 ounces in the default direct thread configuration
  • Diameter: 1.5" at rear and 1.75" at front
  • Caliber Rating: Up to 300 Norma Magnum (although rated for 5.56, it has a bore aperture to allow .30 caliber usage)

Helios QD Suppressor Features

  • The only suppressor capable of functioning as a standard suppressor or a flow bypass suppressor by simply changing the front cap.
  • Modularity at both ends and the best sound reduction available for its size make it the most versatile and capable suppressor available.
  • Shallow taper joints are used at each threaded junction to maintain concentricity and provide superior retention.
  • Materials: 718 Inconel and 17-4ph Heat Treated Stainless Steel (in Lehmans terms it’s a 3D printed Inconel suppressor). The entire core and the tube are 100% 3D printed Inconel 718. The rear adapter mounts and front end caps are the only parts that are heat-treated stainless steel.
  • Coatings: The exterior of the tube is DLC. The internal baffle stack coating is S-Line (Boron Nitride). The proprietary coating prevents copper, carbon, and lead from building up within the baffle stacks.

What’s Included in the Helios QD Suppressor Kit?

  • CGS Helios QD Core
  • 1/2×28 direct thread adapter for 5.56
  • 5/8×24 direct thread adapter for .30 caliber hosts
  • Normal Front End Cap
  • Vented Front End Cap
  • QD adapter mount for 1.375×24 TPI pattern QD’s from other companies
  • Hard case

With these features and materials used come added weight. But if you want to withstand repeated abuse and have weapon system modularity, there will a price to pay.

At nearly 20 ounces overall weight and somewhere around the $1,500 price point, the CGS Helios QD is near the top of scale compared to some competing cans.

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But if you want one suppressor that will be with you for the long haul, there is no substitute. You get what you pay for. Spend once, cry once.

On 5 MAR 2020, Maxim Defense did two SOCOM firing tables back to back on their PDX chambered in 5.56 with a 5.5" barrel and the CGS Helios QD installed. The Helios QD didn’t have any issues and didn’t negatively impact the PDX in any way.

It was even in its direct thread configuration with the Solid front cap, not the Vented cap, and it didn’t back off the barrel, the direct thread shoulder joint to the silencer didn’t come loose, and the front cap joint to the silencer didn’t come loose either.

SOCOM Firing Table (all mags fired immediately back to back. The cycle was repeated a second time after allowing Helios QD to cool to ambient):

  • Mag 1 – 1 round per Second – 30rds
  • Mag 2 – 2 rounds per Second – 30rds
  • Mag 3 – 1 round per Second – 30rds
  • Mag 4 – 3-5 round Bursts – 30rds
  • Mag 5 – 1 round per Second – 30rds
  • Mag 6 – 2 rounds per Second – 30rds
  • Mag 7 – 1 round per Second – 30rds
  • Mag 8 – Full Auto Mag Dump – 30rds

Total Rounds Fired – 240 rounds – Since the test was done twice, that’s 480 rounds through the Maxim Defense PDX’s 5.5" barrel in a very short amount of time! 

Maxim Defense

From Maxim Defense

The CGS HELIOS QD is a short, quick attach rifle silencer designed specifically for 5.56mm rifles and carbines. The patented "Varying Core Diameter" technology unique to CGS Suppressors is unlike anything the firearms industry has ever seen before. This unique design allows for peak sound reduction for its size and elimination of the flash signature as well as consistent, minimal, and repeatable point of impact shift.

By using a tapered interface between the muzzle device and the signature suppressor, we ensure the muzzle device threads will not carbon lock.  The HELIOS QD utilizes a full DMLS (Direct Metal Laser Sintering) 718 Inconel design for maximum strength and extreme durability. 718 Inconel outperforms every other material available at extreme temperatures when properly heat treated.


at Maxim Defense
Prices accurate at time of writing

The HELIOS QD system was designed to be extremely versatile.  The generous .36 bore significantly reduces back pressure and muzzle flash while also allowing the suppressor to be used with multiple calibers.  The HELIOS QD comes with a 1/2×28 threaded rear cap, a 5/8×24 threaded rear cap, and an adapter ring threaded in 1.375×24 to accept a plethora of industry QD mounting solutions.

The interchangeable rear caps are complimented with interchangeable front caps as well.  A sealed front cap is provided for the maximum sound reduction possible.  A ported front cap is included to ensure blowback mitigation for left hand shooters or for use with calibers or weapon systems that may be prone to over-gassing.

CGS Helios QD Suppressor | An End of the World Suppressor
CGS Helios QD Suppressor Kit

The HELIOS QD is full-auto rated with no barrel length restriction and will handle up to and including 300 Norma Magnum.  The HELIOS QD has a lifetime warranty and due to the design of the suppressor the serial ring can be removed and welded to another core should the need ever arise.

Maxim Defense fully warranties the HELIOS QD on the MAXIM DEFENSE PDX and MDX line of firearms in any caliber, any barrel length, and in both semi and fully automatic firing modes.

Maxim Defence PDX 5.56

Prices accurate at time of writing

The CGS HELIOS QD is rated up to 300 Norma Magnum and everything in between to include 7.72×51, 6.5 Creedmoor, 300 Blackout, 7.62×39, 6.8 SPC, 277 SIG Fury, and 6 ARC.

At the time of this writing, CGS is the only company that warranties its suppressors on Maxim Defense firearms. TheCGS Helios QD is approved to run on the Maxim Defense PDX, MDX, or MD:15.


The CGS Helios QD suppressor is pretty much impossible to kill by any conventional or realistic method.

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