January 4

Veterans United Lighthouse Program

The American dream typically looks like this: buy a house, live happily ever after. Okay, maybe there’s more to it than that, but home buying is a pretty big deal to most of us. It’s a pretty standard dream to one day have your own place. If you’ve spent any […]

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December 30

Everything You Need To Know About SGLI (Service Member’s Life Insurance)

Service Members Life Insurance (SGLI/VGLI/TSGLI) If you’ve ever served in the military then you’ve probably heard of SGLI or Service Member’s Life Insurance.  Basically, this an optional life insurance policy offered by the US military to service members which will pay out in the event of death occurs.  However, there […]

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December 28

An In Depth Look at Geico’s Military Discount

Geico Military A little while back we did an in-depth look at USAA and their comprehensive insurance policy for Veterans and Service Members.  After some great user feedback, we decided to take another look at Geico’s military programs and discounts.   Geico Auto Insurance So before we go to into the […]

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December 27

5 Pistol Drills to try next time you’re at the Range

If you aren’t getting some good quality trigger time in at the range, then what are you doing with your life? Seriously though, what are you doing? If you’re looking to improve your range day, look at these five pistol drills to try next time you’re ready to send some […]

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December 25

Best Red Dot Sights | The 2019 Buyer’s Guide

With the market being flooded with Red Dot Optics it’s hard to know which ones are actually decent anymore.  We set out to try and find the best red dot sights on the market to help make your job a bit easier. So what makes a good red rot optic?  […]

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December 17

Is USAA Actually The Best Car Insurance for Veterans?

USAA Car Insurance Review So here’s the thing…. USAA has always been considered, in the military community at least, the best car insurance for Veterans.  However, we set out to see if USAA was in fact the best car insurance for veterans, service members and their families. The first thing […]

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December 11

The Beneficial Elements in Using Service Dogs to Treat PTSD

Purdue University, in conjunction with the National Institute of Health (NIH), Indiana University, and K9s For Warriors, recently collaborated on a study testing the performance of service dogs as a treatment for veterans who suffer from PTSD and TBI. Dr. Maggie O’Haire, Purdue’s asst. professor of human-animal interaction, teamed with 141 […]

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December 2

The Best Veteran Owned Coffee Company

Choosing the best veteran owned coffee company can be a difficult task and of course it’s extremely subjective.  However, we did some research to try and find the best Veteran Owned Coffee companies currently out today. Coffee is one of those things that just about everyone drinks.  This is a […]

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November 29

Top Shooting Range: Nashville

Shooting is definitely one of the best sports in the world—maybe we’re a little bias, but it is true—and what better way of practicing such an awesome sport than at one of our top shooting ranges in Nashville, TN. Don’t worry; if you don’t live there, maybe we’ll feature your […]

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November 28

RE Factor Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Finding a gift for the guy who loves tactical gear can be difficult, but here are some ideas of some presents that are sure to make them happy Christmas Morning.  These items were selected by our staff as some top picks.  We promise what we are selecting here are the […]

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November 28

The Second Shot: Tulsa Man Shoots and Kills Home Invader

If you’ve ever wondered why you should practice your shooting skills, maybe Mr. Charles Sweeny can give you a little insight. This man, out of Tulsa, OK had an individual break into his home. He told fox news he felt like his life was in danger. Well, apparently the only […]

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November 27

A Guide to VA Land Loans

Lately, we’ve been talking about VA home loans a lot, and that’s because we know you still have a lot of questions and it’s important. We’ll continue this conversation with details on buying land through a VA loan in our Guide to VA Land Loans. Keep reading to find out […]

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November 26

Top 5 Tactical Cyber Monday Deals

Everyone loves a good deal. But what’s better than a good deal, a good deal on tactical stuff. So, here’s our top 5 tactical Cyber Monday deals. Check them out while they last, they won’t be here tomorrow. RE Factor Tactical This Cyber Monday, RE Factor Tactical is pleased to offer […]

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November 21

Range Estimation

Whether you’re in the military, an avid hunter, or preparing for the zombie apocalypse, knowing and understanding range estimation is paramount. That’s why we’ve decided to put this handy-dandy article together just for you. Trust us, once you’re done, you’ll not only know what range estimation is, you’ll know how […]

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November 16

What is a Protected Veteran?

There was a time when veterans weren’t appreciated. Instead of coming home to a warm welcome and plenty of “thank you for your service” statements, they got spit on. There wasn’t a lot of people jumping at the chance to care for and hire veterans. Thankfully, a lot’s changed since […]

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