AimLock | Serving In The Shadows of The Defense Industry

AimLock is an innovative leader in advanced weapons technology, specializing in designing, developing, and manufacturing semi-autonomous precision targeting and engagement systems.

Established in 2009 as a research project and incorporated in 2013, AimLock has revolutionized targeting accuracy in weapon systems by integrating advanced technologies such as sensor management, artificial intelligence, computer vision, and sensor fusion with fire control and platform management.

This technological integration ensures exceptionally high hit rates in complex combat scenarios, enhancing the speed and accuracy of engagements from various platforms—air, ground, and unmanned systems.

AimLock’s advanced technologies contribute significantly to force multiplication by allowing small units to carry out impactful strikes against enemy targets, thereby enhancing overall combat effectiveness and maintaining operational superiority in diverse and challenging environments.

We’ve always sought to build technology aids for warfighters that will help them fulfill their mission while protecting them from harm. Speed of action, accuracy, and standoff remote control are some of the most effective ways we accomplish this,” said AimLock’s CEO, Bryan Bockmon.  While AimLock works quietly and professionally, a recent government reviewer noted that AimLock has likely developed the most sophisticated and mature modular autonomy systems for lethal engagements available to date.

Autonomy for Precision Targeting and Engagement | Core Targeting Module

AimLock specializes in advanced autonomy for precision targeting and engagement systems, merging AI/ML with traditional computer vision within their sophisticated fire-control frameworks. This innovation enables new levels of operational capabilities in remotely-operated weapons.

AimLock | Serving In The Shadows of The Defense Industry

Core Targeting Module (CTM) Overview

Central to AimLock’s tech, the CTM is a compact and efficient computing module with robust processing capabilities powered by a Xilinx Zynq Ultrascale+ MPSoC. It measures 4.25” x 4.25” x 2.25” and weighs 1.12 lbs in IP67-rated form, requiring minimal power (12-30 watts) for its operations.

Equipped with multiple digital interfaces, the CTM supports a wide array of applications from unmanned mission computing to guided weapons launch control and ISR automation. It’s foundational in systems that enhance targeting precision across ground, aerial, maritime, and fixed-site defenses, enabling autonomous target detection, tracking, and classification along with automatic ballistic solutions.

The CTM’s integration facilitates seamless operational transitions between platforms, like from vehicle-mounted weapons to individual systems on helicopters, enhancing battlefield coordination and precision targeting efficiency.

AimLock | Serving In The Shadows of The Defense Industry

AimLock’s CTM exemplifies its commitment to delivering combat technologies that maximize force effectiveness and situational awareness in challenging environments​​.

Integrating New Tech with Legacy Systems

Integrating new technologies into legacy systems is a strategic focus for AimLock, a pioneer in semi-autonomous precision targeting systems. AimLock has seamlessly blended advanced technologies, including AI, sensor fusion, and computer vision, into legacy military systems to enhance combat efficacy. Their innovations notably improve accuracy and decision speed across various platforms—whether air, ground, or unmanned systems.

AimLock’s Core Targeting Module (CTM) epitomizes this integration. Compact yet powerful, the CTM facilitates high-volume, precision fire by enabling autonomous target detection and ballistic calculations. It’s particularly influential in improving coordination and precision across different combat platforms, from vehicle-mounted systems to individual weapons on helicopters. The CTM’s versatile applications are foundational in modernizing defense capabilities, ensuring that legacy systems can leverage cutting-edge technology without a complete overhaul.

AimLock | Serving In The Shadows of The Defense Industry

Further, the integration of AimLock’s technology extends to enhancing existing weapons systems like medium-range rifles with the I-M1 and R-M1 systems. These systems are designed to minimize human error and maximize targeting precision, especially in dynamic, multi-platform environments.

By upgrading conventional weapons with intelligent targeting capabilities, AimLock not only extends their usability but also significantly boosts operational performance, making it a critical player in the modernization of military hardware.

AimLock Semi-Autonomous Weapon Systems


The I-M1 System by AimLock is a cutting-edge, lightweight, stabilized auto-targeting chassis that enhances the capabilities of existing medium-range rifles. Designed to operate seamlessly within challenging combat scenarios, the I-M1 boasts integrated day/night sensors and active stabilization features, which support autonomous target detection, tracking, and classification. Coupled with its automatic ballistic solutions, the system significantly outstrips traditional shooting methods in both speed and accuracy, especially notable when targeting from dynamic platforms such as helicopters.

AimLock Semi-Autonomous Weapon Systems

When integrated with a medium-range rifle, the I-M1 transforms the firearm into an intelligent gun package capable of actively correcting human error, thereby ensuring a high probability of hitting the target. This exoskeleton allows the firearm to function normally when powered off, but when the auto-targeting system is activated, it begins detecting and tracking designated targets immediately. It continuously adjusts its aim to maintain optimal shot placement, effectively handling the complexities of real-time targeting.


The AimLock R-M1 system is an ultra-portable, semi-autonomous remote weapon station that seamlessly integrates into various platforms, including tripods, buildings, ATVs, UTVs, ground vehicles, boats, and helicopters. This flexibility allows it to be deployed in diverse operational environments. The R-M1 enhances medium machine gun platforms with its advanced auto-targeting capabilities, which include precision targeting, integrated day/night sensors, laser range-finding, and active stabilization.

A semi-autonomous remote weapon station for medium machine gun platforms.
A semi-autonomous remote weapon station for medium machine gun platforms.

Utilizing AimLock’s innovative technology, the R-M1 provides autonomous target detection, classification, tracking, and automatic firing solutions. This increases speed and accuracy during engagements, even when targets are on the move. The system is designed to autonomously detect and engage small unmanned aerial systems and ground targets like enemy combatants and vehicles up to the maximum effective range of the host weapon system.

Each R-M1 unit includes a ruggedized computing and display module and a gamer-style controller. It is optimized for integration with existing stabilized remotely operated weapon stations (ROWS) and proven weapons from established manufacturers, ensuring reliability and effectiveness in field operations.


The AimLock R-S1 system is part of the innovative R-S Series, offering a range of miniature stabilized remote weapon stations. These systems are designed for versatility, capable of being mounted on tripods, small drones, unmanned helicopters, or robotic unmanned ground vehicles. Specifically, the R-S1 comes equipped with options such as a small caliber rifle or a single-shot grenade launcher, making it suitable for remote-controlled sniper overwatch or as a precision strike tool to engage enemy personnel.

AimLock | Serving In The Shadows of The Defense Industry
AimLock’s autonomous targeting weapon systems enable a whole new way to shape the battlefield in our favor from the ground, air, or sea.

With a weight ranging from 15 to 25 lbs, including the weapon and ammunition, the R-S1 maintains a compact and manageable profile while delivering substantial firepower. It incorporates AimLock’s CORE technology, which includes integrated day/night sensors, active stabilization, autonomous target detection, classification, tracking, and automatic ballistic solutions. This technology facilitates highly effective engagements in complex scenarios, such as air-to-air counter-drone missions, by ensuring precision even when both the target and platform are in motion. Additionally, the R-S1 system can scale up to larger payloads up to 40mm, accommodating larger unmanned platforms capable of supporting these heavier loads.

Remote Operated Launch System (ROLS)

The AimLock Remote Operated Launch System (ROLS) combines a Core Targeting Module (CTM) and a single launch tube for APKWS (Advanced Precision Kill Weapon System)  to make integration of that venerable weapon system into a variety of new unmanned aerial and ground delivery platforms. This system is part of AimLock’s suite of semi-autonomous precision auto-targeting systems that utilize their CORE technology stack. This technology comprises sensor fusion, advanced fire control, and artificial intelligence to detect, classify, track, and engage targets safely and efficiently.

AimLock | Serving In The Shadows of The Defense Industry
The AimLock Remote Operated Launch System (ROLS) combines a Core Targeting Module (CTM) and a single launch tube for ROLS to make integration of that venerable weapon system into a variety of new unmanned aerial and ground delivery platforms.

The ROLS is notably effective in engaging moving targets, which typically require high skill levels due to the involved variables. It can be deployed from various platforms, including rifles from helicopters, or remotely operated weapon stations on ground vehicles, boats, or aircraft. This system enables faster and more accurate shots, minimizing sources of error and speeding up engagements. AimLock ensures that all their systems, including ROLS, are interoperable and integrated through open standards on a networked battlefield, maximizing utility in joint operations. This approach facilitates a significant increase in effectiveness for military operations, making ROLS a critical asset in modern warfare.

Combat Applications For Semi-Autonomous Targeting Systems

AimLock specializes in semi-autonomous precision targeting systems that enhance force protection and operational effectiveness in combat scenarios. Their CORE technology leverages intelligent computing, sensor fusion, and advanced AI to enable rapid detection, tracking, and automated targeting solutions. These capabilities allow quicker, more accurate responses to threats, increasing safety and tactical superiority in various combat situations, from ground engagements to special reconnaissance missions.

AimLock | Serving In The Shadows of The Defense Industry
AimLock’s autonomous targeting weapon systems enable a whole new way to shape the battlefield in our favor from the ground, air, or sea.

The systems provide vital support across multiple domains, including fire support and integrated defense. They enhance sniper accuracy, direct fire support, and robust defense mechanisms by integrating advanced technologies for speed and precision. AimLock’s autonomous systems also facilitate seamless target handoffs, boosting situational awareness and threat neutralization, thereby supporting the mission to safeguard warfighters in hostile environments.

Specifically designed for strike and anti-armor operations, AimLock’s technologies enable rapid deployment and precise engagement with armored threats at safe distances. The systems ensure minimal exposure to enemy fire, enhance operator safety, and reduce the risk of counterattacks, aligning with AimLock’s goal of leading the global fight against threats and ensuring the safety and success of military operations.

Experience the Future of Defense Innovation

AimLock continues to lead in integrating cutting-edge technologies with legacy systems, enhancing the capabilities of semi-autonomous precision targeting across multiple platforms.

From the battlefield to defense support, our innovative solutions, such as the Core Targeting Module and the I-M1 system, ensure unmatched accuracy and speed in complex combat scenarios.

Discover how AimLock’s revolutionary systems can elevate your operational efficacy and survivability. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step toward transforming your precision targeting capabilities!