October 22

VA Construction Loan

VA Construction Loans are another great benefit to serving in the military. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know about this side of the VA. Fortunately for you, we do. So, keep reading to learn more about the VA Construction Loan. New Home Construction New home construction can seem like […]

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October 19

Small Business Loans for Veterans

If you’re looking to get a small business loan, you’ve probably discovered how hard it is qualifying for one. Fortunately, if you’ve ever served in the military, there are a lot of resources out there to help you get started. Continue reading to find out about veterans’ small business loan […]

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October 17

LifeShield Home Security Review

When it comes time to invest in any type of home security, make sure you read the fine print. Read all the reviews. Look at Better Business Bureau. Look at what real people are saying, who’ve had personal experiences with the systems. Look at why negative reviews are negative and […]

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October 16

What is a VA Funding Fee Exemption

Ah, the VA. Just like any government entity, you can always find some type of waiver or exemption to get you through the gate. Which can cause a lot of headaches, if you don’t know about them upfront, especially dealing with any department within the Great. Almighty. VA. There’s so […]

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October 15

RE Factor Tactical Marketing Services

In 2015, RE Factor Tactical began offering marketing to third party companies within the tactical gear/gun industry.  Our entire marketing team comes from a Special Operations background, giving us a unique ability to offer a marketing service that is authentic, engaging and organic.  We pride ourselves in creating a marketing […]

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October 15

The Best Silhouette Targets

Targets come in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most recognized may be the human silhouette. Silhouettes also come with an array of intended purposes; therefore not all silhouettes are created equal. Here’s a list of the best silhouette targets you might consider using on your next […]

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October 11

ADT Home Security Review

ADT has been around for a long time, almost 150 years long. It’s no surprise they’re so well known. In fact, they’re the leading company in security nationwide. If you’ve ever considered using ADT, make sure you read the following first for our home security review. What does ADT Stand […]

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October 10

The Best Rifle Targets for Your Next Range Day

You’re gearing up for range day! You have your rifle, ammo, cleaning kit, safety accessories and probably a bunch of other crap you don’t actually need—which is fine, it’s probably better to be safe than sorry. But, did you truly consider the type of targets you’ll be using? If not, […]

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October 9

North American Savings Bank (NASB) VA Loan Review

NASB – A Leading National Mortgage Lender North American Savings Bank, F.S.B. (NASB) was founded in 1923 and is based in Grandview, Missouri.  It is the 10th largest bank in Missouri and, as of its most recent ranking,  it is the 415th largest bank in the country. Today, North American Savings Bank […]

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October 8

How to apply for a VA Home Improvement Loan

If you’ve ever worked with the VA on anything, you know, there always seems to be a lot of hoops to jump through. Either to get what you want or find the information to get there. Applying for a VA Home Improvement Loan is no different. If you own a […]

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October 4

What are VA Loan Limits?

What is a VA Loan Limit? The VA can be a tricky thing, and sometimes the Internet leaves you with more questions than answers after spending way too much time trying to weed your way through all the technical details that hide within the big scary walls of VA Home […]

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October 3

Top 7 Pistol Targets

We know you’ve been dying to find out what some of the best pistol targets on the market are, okay maybe not dying, but let’s face it, no matter what product you’re using on the range, you want it to do its job, and if some added perks come with […]

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September 20

How Long Does it Take to Learn a Language?

In general, the time it takes to learn a language will vary from person to person.  A lot of factors go into determining how quickly you can learn a language to include how much time you spend on it every day, the quality of your training and your personal ability […]

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September 17

Veterans United VA Loan Review

Veterans United – A Leader in the VA Loan Industry Veterans United was founded in 2002 by two brothers from Columbia, Missouri – Brock and Brant Bukowsky who are still actively involved in the business today. Initially employing just four people, the company currently employs 2400 associates and has grown […]

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September 14

Quicken Loans VA Loan Review

Quicken Loans Inc. is the nation’s largest home mortgage lender. Between the years of 2013 – 2017, the company closed more than $400 billion of mortgage volume across all 50 states. Quicken Loans moved its headquarters to downtown Detroit in 2010 and currently, the company and its subsidiaries employ more […]

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