Best 300 Win Mag Rifles for Hunting and Sniping

The .300 Win Mag’s versatility extends beyond hunting, finding favor among competitive shooters, and even in military applications, as evidenced by its adoption in the rechambering of Remington M-24 sniper rifles by the US military.

This upgrade significantly extended the effective range of these weapons, underscoring the cartridge’s capability in various shooting scenarios.

Best 300 Win Mag Rifles for Hunting and Sniping
Steyr SSG 08 .300 Win.Mag (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Hunters across diverse terrains, from the flat expanses of the American Midwest to the rugged Rockies, have relied on the .300 Win Mag for its effectiveness in hunting big game like deer, elk, moose, and black bear.

The cartridge’s growing popularity is a testament to its performance, with a maximum effective range of around 1200 yards, making it a trusted choice for hunters and competitive shooters worldwide.

Whether you’re targeting moose in Canada, elk in Colorado, or engaging in long-range shooting competitions, this article aims to provide valuable insights into selecting the best .300 Win Mag rifle for your needs.

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What is the best 300 Win Mag Rifle?

Ruger Precision Rifle

The Ruger Precision Rifle is one of the best all-around rifles in the world for accuracy, durability, reliability, and ergonomics.

The recoil is significantly reduced due to the buttstock absorbing the force, directly through the receiver instead of the traditional recoil pad and bedding system. Ruger has always been known for having a great trigger and the Ruger Marksman Adjustable trigger in this rifle is phenomenal.


Prices accurate at time of writing

You can adjust the strength of the trigger pull with an Allen wrench from anywhere between 2.5-5 lbs of force, to fit your specific comfort level. Personally, I’d adjust mine to the lowest setting (2.2 lbs) because I find myself to be much more accurate with a trigger pull less than 3 lbs. As you adjust the trigger, you can adjust the length of the pull and comb height for optimal comfort and customization.

This rifle is chambered in a .300 Win Mag, giving it more power than a standard 30-06 and better accuracy at ranges exceeding 700 yards. This is incredibly expensive, but there is no doubt that it’s worth every penny if you’re a big game hunter (Elk, Moose, Bear, Big Horn Sheep, Mule Deer).


  • Customizable trigger, comb height, and stock
  • 1:9" twist rate allows for heavier grain bullets, which will spin them faster and further while maintaining accuracy
  • AR-15 tactical grip and folding stock provides better ergonomics than most other rifles on the market
  • Ambidextrous manual safety lever for better security
  • 6 round capacity is better than most other hunting rifles


  • After you put a scope on this rifle, you’re looking at well over $2,000 (Still worth every penny to me)
  • A very heavy rifle that would make it difficult to carry in rugged terrain


  • 30 MOA Picatinny rail secured with # 8-40 screws for increased long-range elevation capabilities.
  • 18" aluminum free-float handguard is black hard-coat anodized aluminum and features Magpul® M-LOK® slots on all four sides for improved scope clearance for long-range scopes and easy mounting of M-LOK-compatible rails and accessories.
  • Ambidextrous manual safety
  • “Lower" magazine well halves are precision machined from aerospace-grade 7075-T6 aluminum and are Type III hard-coat anodized for maximum durability.
  • Handguard includes integral QD sling attachment points to eliminate the need for additional adaptors
  • Cold hammer-forged, chrome-moly steel barrel with 5R Rifling at minimum bore and groove dimensions, minimum headspace, and centralized chamber.

Tikka T3 Lite 300 Win Mag

The Tikka T3 Lite is the lightest of all the rifles on this list (6.3 lbs) built with a cold-hammer-forged 24.5" barrel and interchangeable grips.


Prices accurate at time of writing

The Tikka T3 has an adjustable trigger to drop the pull weight to as low as 2 lbs. Fortunately, all Tikkas are equipped with a manual safety lever to prevent a fire from catching the trigger on a tree branch. Even with more force from the Magnum round, this Tikka presents almost no recoil and guaranteed sub MOA at 100 yards.

Tikka barrels have always been incredibly advanced, but now they’ve tried some newer technology into their stocks. Tikka used a polymer to reinforce the strength of the fiberglass stock, making it more sturdy, and durable, and improving the felt recoil from a synthetic stock.


  • Very light (more than 50% lighter than the Ruger)
  • Affordable for Tikka
  • Interchangeable grips allow for better customization with the ergonomics
  • Tikkas are like Oakely of guns, you know it’s going to cost more, but the quality and ingenuity is always ahead of the competition
  • Incredibly accurate at sub 1 MOA at 100 yards (guaranteed)
  • Durable enough to take anywhere in the world and stand up against the elements and the wear and tear of hiking up and down mountain tops
  • Powerful enough to take any big game you’d ever want to hunt

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  • As with all Tikka rifles, the only thing I don’t like as much is the synthetic stock. It’s kinda crazy to think that a rifle so masterfully made is fitted with a stock that feels like they ran out of creativity when it came to the stock.


  • Cold-hammer forged barrel
  • Detachable Single Row Synthetic (T3 Short Magazine)
  • Single Stage, Adjustable Pull (2-4 lbs.)

Remington 700 XCR Tactical

The Remington 700 Xtreme Conditions Rifle (XCR) Tactical is built for the most extreme climates you could face while hunting.

Their patented TriNyte Corrosion Control System is very expensive but extends the life of your rifle by decades. Most hunting seasons are in the late fall to early winter and picking back up when all the snow melts in the Spring.

REMARMS 700 XCR Tactical Stainless 300 WM

at Kentucky Gun Co
Prices accurate at time of writing

This makes for uncomfortable weather to be in, such as snow, rain, sleet, hail, high winds, and anywhere from -20 to 100 degrees Farenhight. The TriNyte added to the entire rifle creates an incredible layer of hardness to prevent anything from soaking into the metal.

Also added to the XCR is the X-Mark trigger, which replaces the trigger in the 700 models, which was one of the only knocks on this gun. This trigger allows you to adjust the trigger pull weight and length of pull to optimize your own comfort level and preferences.


  • X-Mark Pro Adjustable allows for better customization with your trigger pull
  • Black TriNyte PVD Corrosion Control System will extend the life of this rifle by years, even in places with heavy rain like Washington or Oregon
  • Fluted barrel cuts down on the weight while maintaining efficiency and accuracy of the rifle
  • As with all Remington Rifles, this 700 is very similar to the M14 Sniper Rifle used by U.S. Army snipers


  • People have reported accidental firing with this gun being nudged or dropped, even on safety. I haven’t seen these issues because I try to always maintain muzzle and trigger discipline at all times.
  • Very Expensive for a Remington


  • Tactical Bell & Carlson stock in OD Green w/black webbing
  • Black TriNyte Corrosion Control System over 416 stainless steel for uncompromised strength and corrosion/abrasion resistance
  • 26" varmint-contour 416 stainless steel barreled action with dish-style target crown, drilled and tapped for scope mounts
  • X-Mark Pro adjustable trigger, hinged floorplate magazine, dual front swivel studs, and rear stud
  • Free-floating barrel with LTR-style fluting

Bergara B-14 Hunter

Bergara may be known more for their barrels, but all of their rifles from stock to muzzle are made with incredible care and precision.

This is the starter-level B-14 Series Hunting rifle that is specifically designed to be the lightest of all the Bergara rifles. At $782, I would consider this rifle over the Remington because I have never liked the comb on the Remington stocks.


Prices accurate at time of writing

I always have to add either duck tape or find an aftermarket stock with a raised comb for Remington rifles. This Bergara has a better line of sight and the company guarantees sub MOA right out of the box. With a lower twist rate, the barrel can handle heavier ammo for long-range shooting in the mountains or in large valleys.

The Woodsman has an incredibly easy trigger pull that breaks at 3 lbs of force and resets with the crispness of fall air.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • guaranteed sub MOA accuracy
  • Aesthetically beautiful with the real Walnut stock
  • The max distance for this rifle is well over 1,000 yards
  • Most Affordable Bergara rifle
  • Composite stock prevents it from ever corroding


  • None


  • Drilled & Tapped for Rem 700 Bases
  • Sub MOA
  • Bergara Curved Trigger
  • Hinged Floorplate
  • American Style Walnut Stock

Winchester Model 70 Super Grade

The Winchester Model 70 Super Grade stands as a quintessential choice for hunters who value a harmonious blend of elegance and practicality in a 300 Win Mag rifle. This model, with its classic walnut stock and blued steel barrel and action, offers a visually appealing alternative to the more utilitarian design of synthetic stock rifles with cerakote finishes.


Prices accurate at time of writing

Celebrated for its historical association with Jack O’Connor, a renowned advocate of the original Model 70, this rifle by the Winchester Repeating Arms Company encapsulates the features and characteristics cherished by seasoned hunters. Its pre-64 style controlled round feed with a claw extractor ensures maximum reliability in cartridge feeding and extraction, a critical factor when hunting dangerous game like brown or grizzly bears, where swift reloading and follow-up shots can be crucial.

The Model 70 Super Grade distinguishes itself with a fixed magazine using a hinged floorplate, differing from the detachable box magazines found in some rifles. This design choice underscores its traditional hunting rifle ethos. Additionally, the inclusion of a Pachmayr Decelerator Recoil Pad significantly mitigates perceived recoil, enhancing the shooting experience.

Weighing in at 8.5 pounds unloaded, the Model 70 Super Grade strikes a balance between heft and manageability. While it may not be the lightest option for mountain hunting, its slightly heavier build does not detract from its effectiveness in various hunting scenarios. This rifle is particularly well-suited for hunting a wide range of game, from mule deer and pronghorn to larger species like black bear, elk, and moose.

With an overall length of 46.75 inches, a barrel length of 26 inches, and a length of pull of 13.75 inches, the rifle offers a comfortable fit for most shooters. The rifling twist rate of 1:10" is optimized for the 300 Win Mag caliber, although it does not feature a threaded barrel. The magazine capacity is 3 rounds, and while there is no formal accuracy guarantee or left-handed model available, the rifle’s build and design speak to its quality. Priced at an MSRP of $1,589, the Winchester Model 70 Super Grade is an exemplary choice for hunters who desire a rifle that combines style, tradition, and versatility in a single, well-crafted package.

Savage 110 Apex Hunter XP

The Savage Arms 110 Apex Hunter XP emerges as a highly competitive option in the 300 Winchester Magnum rifle category, offering a blend of affordability, reliability, and precision. Once known for a mixed reputation, Savage Arms has significantly improved its standing, with many of its rifles, including the 110 Apex Hunter XP, being praised for their tack-driving accuracy and successful use by hunters.


Prices accurate at time of writing

This rifle features a 3-round detachable box magazine and a black synthetic stock adjustable for length of pull, catering to a variety of shooters. The user-adjustable AccuTrigger, with a pull range of approximately 2.5 to 6 pounds, allows for a personalized shooting experience. A notable inclusion is the factory-mounted Vortex Crossfire II scope on the rail system, enhancing the rifle’s readiness for immediate use.

The 24-inch barrel of the Apex Hunter XP strikes a perfect balance, offering optimal performance with the 300 Win Mag cartridge while maintaining a compact and manageable size. This design choice results in a slight reduction in muzzle velocity compared to a 26-inch barrel, a tradeoff that many hunters find acceptable for the added maneuverability.

Savage Arms also caters to left-handed shooters with an identical version of this rifle, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a left-handed 300 Win Mag option. While the 110 Apex Hunter XP may not boast the high-end features of more expensive custom rifles, it stands out as a functional and well-rounded hunting rifle, especially for those with budget constraints.

The rifle’s overall length is 44.875 inches, with a barrel length of 24 inches and a length of pull of 13.75 inches. Weighing 8lbs 1oz and featuring a rifling twist rate of 1:10", it offers a solid performance without being overly heavy. Despite lacking a threaded barrel and an accuracy guarantee, its practicality is unquestionable.

Priced at an MSRP of $709, the Savage 110 Apex Hunter XP is a testament to Savage’s commitment to producing accurate, well-made rifles with a range of factory options. The AccuTrigger is a standout feature, offering a premium feel typically associated with aftermarket triggers. However, it’s worth noting that Savage rifles have a known weakness with their extractors, which may require attention over time, especially under heavy use. Fortunately, this issue is relatively easy to address, ensuring the rifle’s longevity and reliability for most hunting scenarios.

Things to Keep In Mind When Shopping For a 300 Win Mag Rifle

We’ve put together this list of specs with hunters in mind, as the .300 Win Mag cartridge is particularly suited to their needs.

Barrel Length

In general, a barrel length of around 24 inches is recommended for most rifles that use the .300 Win Mag cartridge. This is not because a shorter barrel will necessarily perform poorly, but rather because if you’re using a magnum cartridge, you want to maximize your muzzle velocity as much as possible.

Some people even opt for a 26-inch barrel with their .300 Win Mag rifle, which can give you an additional boost in velocity. However, it’s important to keep in mind that if you add a brake or suppressor to a rifle with a longer barrel, it can become quite cumbersome and unwieldy.

Overall Length

The length of the rifle when it comes to .300 Win Mag isn’t a big deal. Sure, a longer rifle can make stalking more difficult, but one of the advantages of this cartridge is the increased range it provides. Although it may be harder to move around with a longer rifle, you’ll have to do less of it if you’re able to shoot accurately from a greater distance.


When it comes to hunting, weight can often be seen as the enemy. However, with a powerful caliber like the .300 Win Mag, having a little extra weight can actually be a good thing.

This is because weight can help absorb recoil, resulting in a more pleasant experience at the range. Less recoil also means less flinching, better tracking after you pull the trigger, and more effective training.

Of course, it’s important to find the right balance of weight. Too much weight can make hiking a real pain, so it’s up to you to decide what works best for you.

If you do opt for a lightweight rifle, I strongly recommend ensuring that the barrel is threaded or comes with a brake. Adding a big brake or the right suppressor can make a huge difference in terms of recoil management.

Threaded Barrels

When I’m buying a rifle, I always look for certain features, and a muzzle brake is definitely one of them. In the case of a magnum cartridge like the .300 Win Mag, I would say a good muzzle brake is an absolute must-have. Personally, I’m a big fan of muzzle brakes in any rifle, and the .300 Win Mag really benefits from having one.

Even if you don’t plan on using a brake while hunting, I highly recommend using one during range days. It makes shooting much more comfortable and allows you to shoot for longer periods without feeling fatigued or uncomfortable.

Now that we know what to look for, it’s time to take a look at a few rifles.

In this article, we share with you our top picks for the best rifles to hunt big game like elk, moose, deer, pronghorn, black bear, and more using the 300 Win Mag caliber. We’ll also give you the lowdown on the advantages and disadvantages of each rifle.

The rifle is only part of the equation. Once you’ve selected the rifle and got it setup the way you want, you need to select the best 300 Win Mag ammo for your needs.

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Best 300 win mag ammo

The 300 Winchester Magnum is renowned for its outstanding precision, consistent trajectory, and substantial kinetic impact, making it one of the most adaptable cartridges for hunting large game in the 30-caliber category.

When it comes to the finest 300 Win Mag ammunition, the Federal Premium 180 gr TSX stands out. This ammunition is known for its superior terminal ballistic capabilities, remarkable consistency, and versatility, making it ideal for hunting a wide range of game, from whitetail deer to elk, and even larger animals.

FEDERAL Barnes .300 Win Mag 180Gr TSX 20rd Box Ammo

at Gritr Sports
Prices accurate at time of writing

Federal Ammunition has established a reputation for producing ammunition of unwavering consistency, a crucial factor for achieving accuracy, particularly in long-range shooting. Their Gold Medal Match series is recognized as the benchmark for match-grade ammunition in the industry.

A key component of this ammunition is the Barnes TSX 180 grain bullet. Its 100% monolithic copper construction addresses concerns regarding the use of lead in ammunition, adhering to various state and local regulations. The bullet’s grooved-shank design ensures almost complete weight retention upon impact, leading to deep penetration and powerful impact. This design also reduces barrel fouling and enhances accuracy.

Federal Premium is committed to offering their high-quality ammunition at a competitive price. Their pricing typically falls within the mid-range compared to other manufacturers, striking an optimal balance between cost and performance.

Ballistically, the Federal 180 gr TSX factory load is capable of effectively bringing down an elk at distances up to 500 yards. It is also suitable for hunting deer, pronghorn, and antelope at even greater ranges.

Overall, the Federal Premium 180 gr TSX is our top recommendation for 300 Win Mag ammunition. It provides an excellent value for money, balancing the needs of both hunting and target shooting enthusiasts.


Choosing the perfect 300 Win Mag rifle for hunting big game is no easy feat.

With so many choices out there, it can be difficult to determine which one is the right fit for you. However, there are certain factors that you should consider, such as accuracy, recoil, weight, and price. By doing your research and looking into the top options available, you can make an informed decision and find a rifle that will help you achieve success on your next hunting trip.

Keep in mind that the best rifle for you is the one that feels comfortable to hold, is easy to use, and matches your hunting style and needs.

We hope this guide has helped narrow down your choices, and we wish you the best of luck in finding the ideal 300 Win Mag rifle for your next hunting adventure!

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  • What is the best 300 Win Mag Rifle?
  • Ruger Precision Rifle
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Features
  • Tikka T3 Lite 300 Win Mag
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Features
  • Remington 700 XCR Tactical
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Features
  • Bergara B-14 Hunter
  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Features
  • Winchester Model 70 Super Grade
  • Savage 110 Apex Hunter XP
  • Things to Keep In Mind When Shopping For a 300 Win Mag Rifle
  • Barrel Length
  • Overall Length
  • Weight
  • Threaded Barrels
  • Best 300 win mag ammo
  • Conclusion

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