April 19

USAA Renters Insurance

USAA hasn’t always been who we know them as today, which is more than a bank, more than a car insurance provider, more than a financial advisor. Today USAA offers renters insurance, something almost everyone in the military will need at one point or another—even if you live in base […]

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April 16

USAA Student Loans

You might be sitting there right now, getting ready to read this particular post and you’re thinking to yourself, why would I need a student loan?  You served in the military, you had Tuition Assistance (TA), and after 3 years, was able to take advantage of the GI Bill. But […]

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April 8

3 Ways the VA can Improve your Financial Situation

Believe it or not, the VA does so much more than screw up your disability claim, help you qualify for a home loan, and give you the funds through your Post 9/11 GI Bill. In fact, depending on how you look at it, they’ll help improve your finances. Here are […]

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March 28

Top 5 Army Movies

Are you ready to spend your weekend binge-watching the top 5 army movies of all time? HOOAH! At least that’s what we’re imagining you’d say. Because the following are some of the best, at least that’s what we think—feel free to prove us wrong, but you’ll lose. Actually, there’s a […]

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March 21

Vivint vs ADT Home Security

Okay, home security has its ups and downs. Unfortunately, the same company can be great for one person and horrific for the next. All providers have negative reviews about contracts, customer service, equipment failure—yes, we know, unacceptable. We like to think of home security like a cell phone service; it […]

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March 18

VA vs FHA Loan

  We’ve been talking a lot lately about VA loans, and comparing them to other major home loans. Depending on what you’re looking for, how your finances are, what your credit score looks like, and simply where you’re at in life, some loans may be better than others. Another option, […]

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March 11

The Top 10 Tactical Hats (Reviewed)

Do you have your favorite hat? Of course, you do! But unfortunately, it’s either seen better days and you need a new one. Or you just want to add to the collection. Whatever the case may be, we know your wife won’t mind you throwing away that old dingy cap […]

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March 6

Top 5 Plate Carriers

Buyer’s Guide for the Best Plate Carriers of 2019 Guest Writer: Joshua Frederick There are a ton of plate carriers out there. When you’re looking to buy a new one, the sheer amount of options can be overwhelming. And that’s a real problem because plate carriers aren’t something you can afford […]

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March 4

VA Loan vs Conventional

When it comes to a VA loan, most of us know about the zero down payment and all that. For a majority, the zero down payments is the reason we are attracted to the loan. Because of this, it is typically easier to qualify, and more veterans are able to […]

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February 26

Male Sexual Discrimination, Men-Only Draft Declared Unconstitutional

You’ve probably already heard the news, but for those of you who haven’t, apparently, a federal judge ruled the current, men-only draft to be unconstitutional. The Fifth Amendment And where did all this come from, you ask? Well, apparently, a Men’s advocacy group in San Diego has been challenging this […]

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February 21

Department of State Travel Advisory for Mexico

Maybe you were thinking about sending your teenage son or daughter to Cancun for spring break—it is their senior year after all—or maybe you thought it would be a good idea to travel down to Cancun for spring break because you’ve just graduated from college—have to reward yourself somehow, right? […]

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February 18

RE Factor Tactical’s New Marketing Company

We are excited to announce or new marketing business called Clandestine Media Group, LLC.  After seeing some great success in our marketing we decided to create a business entirely devoted to marketing for third party clients. Clandestine Media Group offers a unique marketing angle on the tactical gear industry.  We […]

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February 18

Vivint Home Security Review

Determining which security system to sign a long-term contract with can be a bit intimidating. That’s why we’ve taken the liberty of reviewing some of the top security providers out there, one at a time—hopefully, making your choice a little easier. Keep reading for our Vivint Home Security Review. Vivint […]

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February 14

What is VGLI: Life Insurance after the Military

#vgli-table-mobile {display: none;} @media (max-width: 1023px) { #vgli-table-mobile {display: block;width: 100%;}#vgli-table-desktop {display: none;}} Transitioning from military to civilian life can be both an exciting and overwhelming feeling, especially if that’s all you’ve known your entire adult life.  Luckily, there are programs upon programs, educational resources, and much more, dedicated to […]

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February 12

Guardian Protection Home Security Review

Okay, we know what you’re thinking, “what makes Guardian Protection any different than the other home security companies out there?” Well, that’s what we’re here to try and uncover. There’s a lot of companies out there promising this and that when it comes to protecting you and your family, and […]

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