While we’ve come to know the man, many want to know more about the rifle he used.

In this article, we’ll get into the specifics of Chris Craighead’s rifle he used during the Nairobi incident.

Christian Craighead Rifle
Photo: christian_craighead IG (shared with permission)

If you want to build a rifle with the same parts and accessories that are found on the Christian Craighead rifle, then keep on reading!

Christian Craighead Rifle Build

The L119A2 British SOF Rifle, developed by Colt Canada was made available in two barrel lengths; 10 inches and 15.7 inches. Christian Craighead was using the 10” version.

The standout feature of the upgraded L119A2 was the LMT monolithic upper receiver. Additionally, The L119A2 also saw the inclusion of a Magpul CTR stock and Geissele triggers.

It wasn’t until around 2016 or 2017 that the L119A2 entered active service, gaining wider public attention following its use by Christian Craighead during the Nairobi DusitD2 complex attack in 2019.

L119A2 British SOF Rifle
Photo: BG Defense


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Let’s get into the parts and accessories that comprise this legendary build.

Magpul CTR Stock with LaRue Tactical RISR

The Magpul CTR Stock is the preferred choice of elite forces worldwide, including its standard presence on the legendary L119A2 British SOF Rifle famously wielded by Christian Craighead during his heroic mission in Nairobi.

Christian Craighead Rifle: Magpul CTR Stock

Designed for superior comfort and precision, the Magpul CTR Stock ensures rapid and accurate target acquisition, making it an ideal addition to any rifle platform.

Built to withstand the harshest conditions, the Magpul CTR Stock delivers unmatched ruggedness and dependability. Its quick-adjustment capabilities allow for seamless changes in the length of pull, while the reinforced construction ensures stability and consistency shot after shot.

Attached to the Magpul CTR Stock was a LaRue Tactical RISR. This would have given Christian Craighead a higher cheek weld for running the Sig Romeo 4T Optic.

Christian Craighead Rifle: Laru Tactical RISR

Original ERGO Grip

The Ergo Grip sets the gold standard for a secure hold and shooter comfort. Its smart design features finger grooves that fit your hand just right, and an extended rear upper part supports your hand’s web.

With its tough Rhino Hide texture, it gives you superior control over your weapon, and it’s built to withstand oils and solvents. Plus, it’s made with durable Overmolded SUREGRIP rubber for a reliable grip every time.

Christian Craighead Rifle: ERGO Grip

Frank Proctor Sling

The Frank Proctor Sling is a very strong yet lightweight, minimalist 2-point adjustable sling that comes with all mounting hardware necessary to attach to a variety of AR-15 rifles.

Additionally, it only weighs 2.3 ounces, there is no extra hardware to buy, and comes with everything you need to attach it to your rifle.

The sling is fully adjustable, and excess webbing stores on itself providing a super minimalist sling option for shooters.

For a CQB rifle setup, this choice of sling makes sense and we can see why Christian Craighead would have used it on his rifle.

Christian Craighead Rifle: Frank Proctor Sling

Magpul PMAG Gen 3

It’s no surprise that we see Christian Craighead feeding his L119A2 rifle with Magpul PMAG Gen 3 magazines.

Renowned for exceptional ruggedness and reliability, the PMAG Gen 3 has set the industry standard for robustness and performance. This magazine has been rigorously engineered to excel even in the harshest and most unforgiving environments, making it an ideal choice for a rifle that may be subjected to extreme conditions.

What truly sets the Gen 3 PMAG apart is its proven track record. Its reputation as the go-to magazine for the United States Marine Corps underscores its reliability and dependability in combat scenarios.

Christian Craighead Rifle: Magpul PMAG Gen 3


When a magazine is trusted by one of the world’s most elite fighting forces, it speaks volumes about its capability to withstand the rigors of battle and deliver consistent feeding and performance.

With the magazine comes the ammo. A question I see quite often in different forums is what type of ammo did Christian Craighead use in Nairobi? Well, the short answer is you’ll have to ask the man himself. We do know, however, that British Special Operations worked with BAE Systems to develop a new 62-grain 5.56 round known as the L31A1 Enhanced Performance Round, for use in their rifles. Whether he was using that, we don’t know, but it was probably something similar.

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Sig Romeo 4T Red Dot Sight

The Sig Sauer ROMEO4T red dot sight is renowned for its rugged durability, designed to withstand harsh conditions with a robust build.

The ROMEO4T makes target acquisition fast and easy, making it the ideal optic for close-quarters battle (CQB) scenarios where split-second accuracy can make all the difference.

This optic comes equipped with a solar backup panel, ensuring extended operational reliability even in challenging environments.

Christian Craighead Rifle: Sig Romeo4T

Additionally, users have the advantage of choosing from four different reticles, enhancing their adaptability to various shooting situations.

Surefire M620 Weapon Light

The Surefire M620 Scout Light, even though it’s no longer available, was a powerful and reliable weapon light.

The one Christian Craighead was running on his rifle appeared to have an IR filter or something similar, that made it adaptable to different tactical situations and lighting conditions.

Although you can’t get the M620 anymore, the M600U Scout Light is as close as you can get to an equal replacement.

Christian Craighead Rifle: Surefire M600U

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L3 Harris LA-5B/PEQ 15 Laser

The L-3Harris LA-5B/PEQ is the high-power variant of the standard issue AN/PEQ-15 (ATPIAL) Advanced Target/Pointer Illuminator Aiming Laser.  It is a compact, self-contained laser aiming system that features three functions. Visible Aiming Laser, Infrared Aiming Laser, and an Infrared Illuminator.

The main power differences in the LA-5B/PEQ compared to the ATPIAL PEQ-15 are found in the visible laser and infrared illuminator.  The higher-power visible laser provides much better performance under direct sunlight, which would have been a force multiplier for Christian Craighead.

Christian Craighead Rifle: LA-5B/PEQ

Due to the fact that Christian Craighead spent hours getting people to safety as well as clearing the hotel, and handing out freedom pills to the terrorists, doing CQB through his optic would have been mentally draining. My guess would be that he transitioned to the visible laser at times to give his eyes a breather from staring through an optic. But I could be entirely wrong.

Since the one Christian Craighead used is restricted to government purchases only, there is a civilian version available to you! The ATPIAL-C (Advanced Target Pointer/Illuminator Aiming Laser – Commercial).

Surefire FA556SA Suppressor

I can’t look at a suppressor and tell you the make and model like some dudes out there, so I’m relying on the information I found floating around online.

According to the Reptile House website, the rifle Christian used in Nairobi was a Surefire FA556SA and the muzzle device it was attached to was more than likely the Surefire 216A flash hider.

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Being that Christian Craighead was using a 10-inch barreled rifle for CQB within the confines of a hotel, the Surefire suppressor was probably a godsend to help tamp down the concussion and flash that commonly comes with short-barreled rifles.

SAS Motto: Who Dares Wins

Christian Craighead, the legend dubbed Obi Wan Nairobi, didn’t just uphold the SAS motto—he brought it to life with a vengeance.

Diving into the fight to back up local security forces, he dropped two of the five hostiles without breaking a sweat.

Decked out in a balaclava, Armani denim, and gripping his trusty Nairobi rifle, he was the reaper in casual wear, a one-man army pulling innocent civilians from the jaws of peril.


The story of former SAS Operator Christian Craighead and the Nairobi D2 Hotel attack stands as a testament to human resilience and determination.

On that fateful day, when five heavily armed Al-Shabaab terrorists launched a horrifying assault on the heart of Nairobi, it was a single individual’s bravery that turned the tide of this brutal confrontation. The result? All 5 terrorists dead….well done sir.

As he led civilians to safety and confronted the enemy with precision and savagery, his images gained widespread recognition.

Although I’m not planning on building an exact replica of the Christian Craighead rifle, I do plan on upgrading a few components of one of my AR-15s based on what we’ve identified above.

I do plan on trying the Magpul CTR stock, ERGO grip, and Frank Proctor sling. I’ve already got plenty of Magpul PMAGs to feed my rifle with.

To learn more about Christian Craighead and the Nairobi attack, check out the following interview Garand Thumb did!

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