If you’ve shot suppressed long enough it’s almost a guarantee that you have accidentally grabbed a piping hot Can and burned yourself.

We’ve all done it no matter how high speed we all think we are.

Now, if you are shooting slowly and methodically, you are usually ok to inspect or adjust the suppressor with your bare hand.

But what happens when you do a few quick iterations of rapid-fire shooting – you guessed it, that barrel and suppressor get pretty dang hot.

Liberty's Defense Suppressor Covers

We have had the pleasure of testing dozens of suppressor covers across countless platforms including long guns and belt-fed machine guns.  Undoubtedly, all of these have proven to be of exceptional quality.

However, as with most things in life, there is no one undisputed champion… Until now. While some may be lighter, less expensive, and better at reducing mirage, they typically suffer regarding durability.

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On the other hand, the heavier-duty silencer covers can be bulkier, heavier, and more expensive but able to withstand heavier rates of fire.

So what’s the answer in the middle? Well look no further, Liberty’s Defense has delivered the solution.

The Liberty’s Defense straight Jacket Thermal Attenuator (Patent Pending) utilizes four separate layers of absolute flameproof high-temperature fabrics which provide direct and continuous contact with suppressor extreme operating temperatures up to 2,000°F and a flash short excursions rating of 3,000°F. The fabrics are stitched together with stainless-steel thread to ensure the integrity of the cover’s absolute heat resistance. The adjustable retention system consists of a marine grade stainless-steel cable which is coiled with constricting pressure across the full length of the suppressor and is overlapped on the barrel end of the suppressor. The cable is locked into a marine-grade stainless steel snap shackle that is attached to a Mil-Spec Kevlar webbing and steel slide which allows tension adjustments. The simplicity of the cable and snap shackle design affords the shooter ease in the ability to install or remove the straightJacket in only a few seconds.”

Liberty's Defense Suppressor Covers

To truly appreciate the effectiveness of the Liberty’s Defense Straight Jacket we must break down the purposes of a suppressor cover.

What Does a Suppressor Cover Do?

Most people would assume a suppressor cover is purely for burn protection, but the bigger purpose for us is Mirage Control. Why?

Because we’re super high-speed expert shooters that need to be able to put 20 rounds on target at 500m within 10 seconds… Just Kidding.

Most of us, even with Special Operations on our resumes, are just weekend shooters now who want to mitigate any variables that may cause “flyers.”

Imagine this, you are engaging multiple close-range targets at a high rate of speed then you transition to a long-range target at 400m and the reticle on your LVPO or Magnified Red Dot is waving like a carwash tube streamer. You probably aren’t going to put rounds on target.

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One of our favorite parts about Liberty’s Defense is each suppressor cover is still handmade here in the USA by its owner, a former SWAT operator, and Sniper. Because of this, they can produce covers for virtually every suppressor model available.

Simply visit their website, navigate to the straightjacket suppressor cover, and type in your suppressor manufacturer and/or specs then checkout. There is no suppressor they can’t fit!

Liberty's Defense Suppressor Covers

Now I know we have primarily focused on suppressors for the bulk of this blog but I’d be doing a disservice to all of you if I didn’t also talk about the rail covers.

The obvious counterpart to heat mitigating suppressor covers, a rail cover ensures that you barehanded shooters don’t toast your hand when things start speeding up.

Acting like a built-in glove, the straightjacket rail cover ensures that the heat radiating off the barrel that then superheats the rail stays neutralized and away from your flesh. The bonus here is both options just look damn cool.

Liberty's Defense Suppressor Covers

In Conclusion

if you are looking for a better way to protect that thousand dollar Can, reduce heat mirage, and reduce the risk of burning your hand, Liberty’s Defense is your best bet.

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