Crimson Trace RIG (Rapid Illumination Grip) Weapon Light

Finding a low-profile weapon light for shorter more compact AR-15 platforms can be a process.

Yes, there are some great options out there, but they either interfere with front sight, red dot sights or just don’t feel natural in the way they mount.

Most of us have some type of angled foregrip on our ARs and pistols, so why not take advantage of that hand placement you already have to actuate a weapon light that at the same time retains a low profile? This angled foregrip IS legal on AR pistols and carbines as well.

The new Crimson Trace RIG (Rapid Illumination Grip) is an angled forward grip for M-LOK and Picatinny rails with a brightness-adjustable, 500-lumen max flashlight upfront.

Crimson Trace RIG Details

Completely ambidextrous, the RIG is compatible with M-LOK or Picatinny rails and includes an optional, ambidextrous remote switch.

The lumen output can be manually adjusted with ambidextrous controls as well.

The primary switch naturally sits at the resting point of the end user’s index finger for seamless and effortless activation. Constructed from a mixture of polymer and aircraft-grade aluminum, the RIG™ undergoes rigorous simulated and live-fire testing to withstand the most extreme conditions.

Each Crimson Trace RIG comes with two batteries so you can always have a full battery in the light and a spare in your kit

Additionally, the user can swap batteries without removing the grip from their rifle. With a 1-hour runtime on the highest lumen setting, the RIG stays in the fight when it matters most.

There’s nothing worse than having your light die when you need it, for example, clearing your home at 2am when you hear that ‘bump in the night’.

NEW Crimson Trace RIG Weapon Light

From Crimson Trace

The RIG combines the ergonomic advantage of an angled foregrip with a 500-peak-lumen weapon light into one sleek, effective device. It is completely ambidextrous and can be mounted to M-LOK or Picatinny rails. The RIG comes with two rechargeable batteries that each last for 1 hour at peak lumen output, and output can be adjusted with left- and right-side buttons.

The RIG also includes an optional remote switch. Especially ideal for the popular AR pistol platform, the RIG also provides a tactical advantage to rifles, carbines, and even AK-style firearms. Finally, the RIG is backed by the Crimson Trace Crimson Protect Lifetime Warranty.

Crimson Trace RIG (Rapid Illumination Grip) Specs

RIG – Rapid Illumination Grip

at Crimson Trace
Prices accurate at time of writing


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