In the world of firearms enthusiasts and professionals, Glock pistols have earned their reputation for reliability and performance.

Glock enthusiasts know the importance of having the right accessories to enhance their firearm’s capabilities, and one accessory that has been gaining significant attention is the GripForce EBP (Ergonomic Base Pad).

Designed to boost your Glock’s magazine capacity while ensuring quick and efficient reloads, the GripForce EBP has become the go-to choice for those in search of the best Glock magazine extension.

Best Glock magazine extension


GripForce EBP Glock Magazine Extension Review: A Game-Changer for Concealed Carry

As a seasoned firearms industry writer with a decade of experience, I’ve had the privilege of evaluating a wide range of firearm accessories and enhancements.

Recently, I had the opportunity to install the GripForce EBP (Ergonomic Base Pad) Glock magazine extension on two of my spare magazines, and I must say, it’s a game-changer in the world of concealed carry.

One of the standout features of the GripForce EBP is its remarkably easy installation process. Even for someone like me, who has experience with various firearm accessories, I was impressed by how straightforward and quick it was to install these magazine extensions. I had all three installed on my Glock 17 OEM mags within 5 minutes or so.

GripForce EBP: The Best Glock Magazine Extension
Glock 17 Magazines with the GripForce EBP.

The precision engineering and well-thought-out design ensure a hassle-free installation that won’t require professional gunsmithing or complex tools. It’s a simple, do-it-yourself upgrade that anyone can perform.

What sets the GripForce EBP apart from the competition is its exceptional ergonomics. The moment you pick up a magazine fitted with this extension, you’ll notice the difference. The extension provides a well-thought-out grip surface that feels natural in your hand, enhancing your overall shooting experience.

Whether you have large or small hands, you’ll appreciate the added control and comfort it offers. It’s a subtle yet significant improvement that makes a world of difference when it counts the most.

For those who carry concealed, the GripForce EBP magazine extension is a must-have accessory. The enhanced grip surface not only aids in quick and efficient magazine changes but also improves the overall handling of your Glock pistol.

GripForce EBP: The Best Glock Magazine Extension
Glock 17 Magazine (Top) Glock 17 Magazine with GripForce EBP (Bottom)

When it comes to concealed carry, every fraction of a second matters and the GripForce EBP helps shave valuable time off your reloads while maintaining a low-profile appearance.

Not only is the ergonomic design great for handling the magazine itself but the fact that it’s designed to fit the shape of your hand and not like a box, it doesn’t print nearly as badly as others on the market.

Having installed two GripForce EBP extensions on my spare Glock 17 magazines for concealed carry, I can attest to the immediate difference it makes. Not only are the ergonomics phenomenal for indexing reloads, but instead of 17 rounds in an OEM magazine, I now have 22 rounds per spare mag!

Not only are these great for my Glock 17, but I can pair them with my Maxim Defense MD9 and have 22 rounds ready to go there as well.

GripForce EBP: The Best Glock Magazine Extension
Glock 17 and Maxim Defense MD9 all sharing the same mags with the GripForce EBP. More rounds on target with faster reloads.

You may think that 22 rounds is excessive for a concealed spare mag, but if you look at what’s happening here and around the world, being able to answer violence with violence may be what stops a mass attack.

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Why Choose Glock Magazine Extensions?

Glock handguns are known for their exceptional design and durability, but sometimes, having a few extra rounds in your magazine can make all the difference.

Glock magazine extensions, like the GripForce EBP, provide several advantages:

  • Increased Magazine Capacity: The GripForce EBP increases your Glock magazine’s capacity by a remarkable 5 rounds, ensuring that you’re always ready for any situation that comes your way.
  • Improved Reload Speed: When every second counts, the GripForce EBP’s ergonomic design allows for swift and effortless magazine changes, helping you maintain a competitive edge on the range or in the field.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Glock magazine extensions can help prevent magazine-induced malfunctions by providing additional tension and ensuring consistent feeding, reducing the chances of jams and other malfunctions.

Why Choose The GripForce EBP?

Unlike conventional extended base pads, which typically feature square or rectangular shapes with flat or slightly angled surfaces on all sides and a flat bottom, the Grip Force EBP boasts an innovative ergonomic design.

best glock magazine extension

This unique design addresses the shortcomings of conventional base pads by providing superior surface contact and feedback to the shooter during the reload sequence.

best glock magazine extension

The GripForce EBP stands out as the best choice for Glock mag extensions for several reasons:

  • Precision Engineering: The GripForce EBP is meticulously crafted to fit seamlessly with Glock magazines, ensuring a snug and reliable fit without compromising the pistol’s overall aesthetics.
  • Ergonomic Design: The GripForce EBP stands out with its exceptional ergonomics, offering a well-designed grip surface that enhances control and comfort for shooters of all hand sizes, making a significant difference in critical moments. Enhancing surface contact with the shooter’s hand, the EBP facilitates faster reloads by assisting the shooter in indexing, gripping, and guiding the magazine into the pistol.

GripForce EBP: Best Glock Mag Extension

  • Capacity: The Grip Force EBP seamlessly boosts 9mm magazine capacity by an extra 5 rounds without any added bulk. It offers compatibility with all Glock pistol generations (1-5) and comes complete with an extended magazine spring. The Grip Force EBP is versatile, fitting both Standard (G17/G22) and Compact (G19/G23) sized magazines.
  • Durable Materials: Crafted from rugged engineer-grade polymer, the EBP features a non-reflective finish, making it ideal for MIL/LE duty applications.
  • Easy Installation: Installing the GripForce EBP is a breeze, requiring no special tools or gunsmithing skills. It can be quickly and easily added to your Glock magazine for immediate performance benefits.

GripForce EBP Testimonials

The way these fit my hands, they are fantastic. I traditionally use a competitive MBX mag, and they don’t fit my palm quite as well. Today, I actually got to use these for the first time, and I’m in love. I’m definitely gonna add these to my Glock carry guns, because every time I went for a reload, it was the same position every time. The way it naturally kind of fits the grooves of your palm. The ergonomics are far better.

Tim with Delta Strategic. I just wanted to take a moment to go over the GripForce EBP base pads with you all. We are here at Ohio Range today with Achilles Tactics. I had a chance all weekend to again run the EBPs. I’ve been running them for a little while now. I had a lot of opportunities to run them through some courses of fire this weekend and they performed flawlessly. I’ve dropped them on every kind of surface you could imagine. No fail out of them.

I’ve been running the grip force all weekend and I have to say hands down the engineering and the work that went into these things is phenomenal. I feel like my reloads have been faster. Everything just feels so much better.

Whether you’re a competitive shooter looking to gain an edge or a responsible firearm owner focused on personal defense, the GripForce EBP is the perfect addition to your Glock pistol. It not only increases your magazine capacity by 5 rounds but also guarantees speed and efficiency in your reloads and reduces the risk of magazine-induced malfunctions.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to enhancing your Glock’s performance. Choose the GripForce EBP and experience the difference for yourself.

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Glock Magazine Extension FAQ

Are mag extensions worth it?

Magazine extensions can be worth it, especially for concealed carry or competitive shooting. They offer added capacity, quicker reloads, and improved grip, with products like the GripForce EBP Glock mag extension excelling in ergonomics.

What makes the GripForce EBP an essential pistol upgrade?

The GripForce EBP is an essential pistol upgrade due to its exceptional ergonomics, providing a natural grip surface that enhances control and comfort. It’s a game-changer for concealed carry, making magazine changes faster and more efficient.

How many extra rounds can I expect with a Glock magazine extension?

The number of extra rounds you can expect with a Glock magazine extension varies depending on the model and manufacturer. For example, the GripForce EBP provides an additional five rounds while maintaining a compact profile.

best Glock magazine extension
Give your Glock mags more capacity and set yourself up for easier reloads with the EBP.

Can I install a Glock magazine extension myself or do I need a gunsmith?

Most Glock magazine extensions, including the GripForce EBP, are designed for easy installation without the need for a gunsmith. They typically come with clear instructions and require only basic tools.

Where can I purchase Glock magazine extensions, and what should I consider when buying one?

You can purchase Glock magazine extensions from reputable firearm accessory retailers and online stores. When buying one, consider factors such as compatibility with your Glock model, added capacity, ease of installation, and ergonomics. Products like the GripForce EBP are known for their user-friendly design and excellent ergonomics, making them a popular choice among Glock enthusiasts.

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The GripForce EBP Glock magazine extension is a standout product in the world of firearm accessories.

Its ease of installation, superior ergonomics, and concealed carry advantages set it apart from the competition.

Being in the industry for nearly a decade, I can confidently say that the GripForce EBP is a must-have upgrade for any Glock owner, particularly those who prioritize concealed carry.

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