Best Glock Accessories [2022]

The Glock is an interesting beast.

Hailed as the best out-of-the-box creation by many, yet it has more accessories and aftermarket upgrades than Barbie and GI Joe combined.

With Black Friday sales approaching and Faxon’s “Glocktober" month-long sale event already here, it’s high time to take a look at some of the best upgrades to Gaston Glock’s polymer love child.

Summary of The Best Glock Upgrades

Zev TechFlat face trigger kit$155.99 @ Brownells
FaxonTiN PVD Stainless threaded barrel$209 @
FaxonEXOS-513 Compensator$85 @
TrijiconSuppressor height tritium night sights$106.99 @
FaxonMagazine modular extension +3 or +5$50 @
Lone Wolf Dist.Extended side release$12.14 @
FaxonHellfire RMR cut slide$399 @
FaxonFX-19 Patriot & Hellfire handguns$1049/$1189 @

Glock Trigger

The stock trigger on a Glock is very workmanlike.  It’s serviceable but won’t impress anyone.

Enter Zev Tech with their Pro Flat Face Drop In Trigger Kit.  Replacing the trigger shoe, trigger bar, and a few springs is a total overhaul.

This is an upgrade that gives you a much cleaner trigger break, leading to enhanced accuracy potential.

Zev Tech Flat Face Drop In Trigger Kit

Prices accurate at time of writing

Threaded Barrel

So you wanna run a suppressor or compensator on your Glock?  Time to get a threaded barrel.

Faxon’s TiN PVD coated Stainless Steel threaded barrels also feature conventional rifling and are tighter than OEM tolerances.

While subdued black options exist, sometimes you wanna add a touch of flair, as I did with Faxon’s gold-colored barrel.

Faxon TiN PVD Threaded Barrel

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing


Whether you’re running in professional competitions, or just wanna speed up your shot-to-shot split times on your home range, a compensator can definitely help.

Faxon’s EXOS-513 has a name straight out of a Halo game, and aesthetics to match.

Made from black anodized 6061 aluminum, the EXOS-513 diverts muzzle blast upward and outward, significantly reducing muzzle rise.

It’s hard to fathom just how much faster you can drop rounds on target with a quality compensator without actually using one.  Let’s just say there’s a good reason every professional competitor who can use a compensator, does use one.

EXOS-513 Compensator

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing


Running a suppressor on a handgun is like driving a muscle car with your foot to the floor, it feels like the way shooting was always intended.  Stock sights are usually too dwarven to stand high enough to be visible, so picking something that stands a little prouder makes sense.

Might as well add in night sight capability at the same time!

Trijicon has long been the forerunner in tritium-based night sights, making a number of night visible iron sight color variants for nearly every handgun available.  That’s not to mention their rifle optics and tritium lamps made for their competitors as well.

The suppressor height sights made by Trijicon are not just for use with cans, they’re also excellent if you want to co-witness with the increasingly popular dot sights mounted to pistol slides.

Trijicon has a few options on sale at Brownells for only $106.99 right now, down from the normal price of ~$121.

Trijicon Suppressor Height Night Sights

Prices accurate at time of writing

Magazine Extensions

You wanna know what’s better than shooting a full mag?  Shooting a fuller mag.

There are a few Glock mag extensions on the market, but few can match the durability and versatility of the GripForce EBP.

GripForce EBP: The Best Glock Magazine Extension

Constructed using durable engineer-grade polymer, the EBP boasts a matte, non-reflective finish, rendering it well-suited for demanding military and law enforcement duty applications.

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Extended Slide Stop Lever

One of the most common complaints among new Glock shooters is that the slide stop/release lever is a little too slim and smooth to active easily in either direction.  While this can be avoided by using the “slingshot" method of releasing the slide, some prefer a hardware fix.

Thankfully this problem is also one of the cheapest to remedy.  Lone Wolf Distributors makes an excellent extended slide release that costs only $12.14 at Brownells right now.

Installation is a couple-minute affair, after which you’re up and running faster and better than before.

Lone Wolf Dist. Extended Slide Release

Prices accurate at time of writing

Glock Slide

Maybe you’re not content with simply upgrading bits and pieces.  Perhaps you want your slide to be cut for an RMR mount, or to have more aggressive grip cuts in it.

The Faxon Hellfire slide for Glock 19 is the beast you seek.

No need to send your OEM slide off for milling and recoating.  Grab one of these babies and slide over the internals from your OG slide.  Strap on a Trijicon RMR or Holosun 507C  red dot sight and you’re off to the races.

Milled from 416 Stainless steel, Faxon’s Hellfire slides are DLC coated for an extreme level of corrosion resistance and some built-in lubricity to boot.

Hellfire FX-19 RMR Cut Slide

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Faxon FX-19 Patriot + Hellfire

Maybe you don’t want to upgrade your Glock piece by piece.  For many it’s faster and easier to buy a Glock that isn’t a Glock!

Faxon has two models of the FX-19, the Patriot and the Hellfire.  For an in-depth review of the differences and similarities of these two models, I really recommend Scott Witner’s review.  Here’s my version of the cliff notes.

FX19 Patriot

A concealed carry dream, the Patriot is what you’d end up with if you sent your Glock 19 into a hard labor prison camp for a few months.  Fiber optic sights, serrations all over the place, and the outstanding Overwatch Precision Trigger, give you a lot to work with.

Faxon’s match barrel slings tight groups, and the 1911-style grip angle means a more natural point-and-shoot profile.

FX-19 Patriot Compact Pistol

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

FX19 Hellfire

Easily the Patriot’s bigger, tougher cellmate, the Hellfire brings all the “Gucci Glock" quality that the Patriot does, with some more additions that make it less discreet.

Featuring the same trigger, extended mag release, RMR cut slide, PF940C frame, and grip angle as the Patriot, there’s a clear family resemblance.

With suppressor height night sights, a flared magwell, and a threaded Faxon barrel, the Hellfire is clearly meant to maximize the conflict resolution potential of the Glock 19-ish profile.

FX-19 Hellfire Compact Pistol

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

If you love Glock but want a Glock that shoots bull testosterone straight into it’s neck, check out Faxon’s FX-19 line.  The Patriot and Hellfire run $1,049 & $1,189 respectively.

These two pistols passed the US Army’s 15,000-round durability test, showing that Glock reliability is achievable even in loving-imitation form.  These aren’t knock-offs, these are knock-ups!


Stock Glocks rock.  If you want them to rock a little harder, there are many little bits n’ bobs you can install yourself to squeeze a little more performance from the polymer wonder.

If rock isn’t hard enough and you want some heavy metal, Faxon’s FX-19 lineup of the Patriot and Hellfire pistols are sure to satisfy.

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-Jens “Rex Nanorum" Hammer


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