Glock 43x Threaded Barrel and Compensator Combo

Welcome to our review of the Glock 43X threaded barrel and compensator combo from Faxon Firearms!

This is a highly sought-after accessory for the popular Glock 43X pistol, known for its compact size and reliable performance.

The threaded barrel and compensator work together to enhance the accuracy and stability of the Glock 43X, making it an excellent choice for both recreational shooting and self-defense situations.

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the features and benefits of this combo, as well as any potential drawbacks to consider.

Glock 43x Threaded Barrel and Compensator Combo

Whether you’re a seasoned gun enthusiast or new to the world of firearms, we hope this review helps you make an informed decision on whether the Glock 43X threaded barrel and compensator combo is right for you.

Can you put a compensator on a Glock 43x?

Yes, it is possible to install a compensator on a Glock 43x. A compensator is designed to redirect the gases that are expelled from the barrel during firing, which can help to reduce recoil and muzzle rise.

This can make the Glock 43x easier to control and shoot accurately, especially when firing multiple shots in rapid succession.

To install a compensator on a Glock 43x, you will need to purchase a threaded barrel that is compatible with the compensator of your choice.

Most aftermarket threaded barrels are drop-in ready and require no gunsmithing. Once the new barrel is installed, you can then attach the compensator to the threaded portion of the barrel.

Best Glock 43x Compensator

There are a few compensators on the market available for the Glock 43X, and the best one for you will depend on your individual needs and preferences.

Today, we’re going to be focusing on the Faxon EXOS compensator for the Glock 43x.

Faxon EXOS-533 Comp for Glock 43X/48

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

The EXOS compensator is installed utilizing a combination of thread locker and proper timing of the compensator in relation to the Glock 43X/48 slide.

Additionally, the EXOS compensator for the Glock 43/43X/48 utilizes an angled front port single chamber design, enabling the compensator to improve shot-to-shot accuracy by reducing muzzle climb and recoil.

This specially designed port design allows gas to deflect upwards as opposed to only deflecting to the sides, reducing the up-and-down muzzle movement and allowing your sights to reset on target much faster.

The EXOS is designed to work with most factory-loaded ammunition and will yield a roughly 13-27% reduction in muzzle climb with 115gr ammo!

  • G43: 73% muzzle flip compared to bare muzzle, or a 27% reduction in muzzle flip
  • G43x and G48: 87% muzzle flip compared to the compensator average, or a 13% reduction over the competition.

In the past, some have claimed that shooting with a comp has affected the reliability of their slide cycling correctly. To ‘compensate’ for that (no pun intended) some have upgraded the recoil springs in their pistol.

What’s the best way to ensure the reliable cycling of a compensated without replacing recoil springs?

Run hotter ammo than your standard low-power range ammo. This will help your compensator run more effectively and ensure there’s plenty of power left to overcome the energy required to function and maintain consistent cycling reliability.

Most single- and dual-port compensators meant for duty/carry guns tend to run very reliably on medium-grain-weight loads.

We’ve tested 115-grain, 124-grain, and 147-grain ammo with the Faxon EXOS compensator. What was the result? A great place to start is 124gr NATO FMJ loads for range/practice ammo, as these rounds are loaded to about the equivalent of +P gas pressure while still being relatively inexpensive to buy in bulk.

9mm 124gr. FMJ

at HOP Munitions
Prices accurate at time of writing

For self-defense ammo, take your pick of the many 124-grain JHP loads available on the market today. We recommend HOP Munitions. They make FMJ training rounds and hollow point rounds loaded with 124-grain bullets.

I have noticed while shooting my 43x with the Faxon barrel & compensator combo, that it does significantly reduce the snappiness of the gun.

I’ve had other shooters try it as well and they agreed that there is a significant reduction in felt recoil. Additionally, some have claimed that it seemed to reduce the sound a bit.

Typically with compensators and brakes, you’ll get a louder sound due to the gases being dispersed, but with the Faxon EXOS that doesn’t seem to be the case. We’ll continue to test and see if this is repeatable and measurable.

The Faxon EXOS Pistol Compensator is designed to fit flush with the slide and has been optimized for Faxon threaded barrels. For all other threaded pistol barrels, the barrel should protrude .600" or less for a flush fit.

Glock 43x Threaded Barrel and Compensator Combo
Faxon threaded TiN Barrel with the Faxon EXOS compensator.

Best Glock 43x Threaded Barrel

When it comes to choosing the best Glock 43x threaded barrel, there are a few key factors to consider.

Some of the things you might want to look for in a threaded barrel for your Glock 43x include:

  • Compatibility: Make sure the threaded barrel is compatible with your Glock 43x and any other accessories you plan to use with it, such as a compensator or suppressor. The Faxon barrels drop into factory-spec slides with no gunsmithing required.
  • Materials & Finish: Being Made of stress-relieved 416-R stainless steel and finished in black Nitride or PVD coating; the Glock 43x threaded barrels from Faxon are tough enough to hold up under the harshest conditions.
  • Thread pattern: Be sure to choose a barrel with the correct thread pattern for your intended accessories. Faxon threaded barrels come with a 1/2×28 muzzle thread.
  • Accuracy: Look for a barrel that is known for its accuracy and consistency. The Faxon threaded barrels for the 43x are manufactured with tighter tolerances, made with 1/10 twist conventional rifling, and an 11-degree target crown.

Faxon Match Series Threaded TiN Barrel for G43/43X

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

The Glock 43x threaded barrel from Faxon Firearms has performed flawlessly with and without a compensator.

Drawbacks to using the EXOS Compensator

The only drawback we’ve identified is when it comes to finding a holster that will accommodate a threaded barrel with a compensator.

Concealed carry holsters are often not too forgiving when it comes to pistol compensators. The EXOS Comp addresses these issues with its low-profile design that mimics the profile of the pistol’s slide.

The EXOS will work with any open-ended holster designed for your pistol. Even IWB holsters can work comfortably with this threaded barrel and compensator combo.

Glock 43x threaded barrel and compensator combo in an ANR holster.
Glock 43x fitted with the Faxon threaded barrel and EXOS compensator inside an ANR kydex holster.

The two holsters we’ve identified that do work are Tenicor and ANR. I’m sure there are others, but those two we are 100% sure of.


Overall, the Glock 43x threaded barrel and compensator combo from Faxon Firearms is a great choice for shooters who are looking to upgrade their handgun and improve its performance.

It’s a reliable and accurate setup that can help you shoot more accurately and comfortably, whether you’re using it for self-defense, target shooting, or competition.

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