The Glock 29 is chambered for a 10mm bullet that is comparable in force to a .357 Magnum, but we’ll get into that later. The Glock 29 offers more range and more power than the Glock 30 and the Glock 22. With the option of equipping a 15-round extended magazine, Glock 29 offers more than enough chances to hit your target without compromising the weight or balance of the pistol. This is the most unique because of the larger chamber and the increased power the 29 offers. With easy customization and the ability to conceal this pistol, the Glock 29 should be considered for your gun collection.


Glock 29
Weight  1.52 lbs
Weight w/unloaded mag 1.68 lbs
Weight w/loaded mag 2.04 lbs
Height 4.53″
Barrel Length 3.78″
Overall Length 6.97″
Slide Length 6.77″
Caliber 10mm Auto
Magazine Capacity 10/15
Trigger Pull Weight 28 N/ 6.29 lbs of force
Overall Width 1.38″
Slide Width 1.12″
Trigger Distance 2.85″
Line of Sight (Polymer) 5.91″
Line of Sight (steel) 5.87″
Line of Sight (GNC) 5.83″
Safety Safe Action
MSRP  $580.00




Versatile with the Modular backstrap System 10 mm bullets can be expensive vs 9mm
Great stopping power with Magnum force No manual safety (preference)
Affordable, especially if bought used
Customizable for any shooting preference or style
Very light for such a powerful gun
Great recoil reduction with the added dual recoil spring


  • subcompact model makes it very easy to control and conceal
  • Rough Textured Grip (RTF)– The RTF added to the Gen 4 enhances the grip traction for inclement weather, such as rain, snow, humidity, cold, etc.
  • Dual Recoil Spring Assembly- The dual recoil spring is designed to reduce the felt recoil from the operation and increase the lifespan of the gun
  • Enlarged Reversible Mag Catch- Since this is a subcompact model, it can be difficult for owners with larger hands to grip the catch, so Glock made the magazine catch bigger to easily grip and change mags when time is of necessity. You can also switch sides for lefty’s
  • Interchangeable Backstrap System- The small backstrap is the stock size shipped to you. However, if you feel the grip is too small you can add the medium backstrap to add 8/100 of an inch from the back of the grip to the trigger. For those who have hands like an NFL QB, you can add the large, which gives you 16/100 of an inch.

* If you’re wanting to learn more about Gen 4 and Gen 5 Glock features, read our Glock 19 Review blog. 

Why Should I Buy The Glock 29?

The Glock 29 is one of the best compact semi-auto pistols in the world because it has the greatest stopping power of any round, besides the .50 cal. I believe this is a great pistol for home defense as well because nobody is walking through a 10 mm bullet with the force of a .357 Magnum hitting them.  This bullet is able to penetrate light armor, drywall, and even car doors with ease. The Glock 29 offers more range than any of the previous Glocks we’ve reviewed, as well.

Where Can I Buy The Glock 29?

The Glock 29 can be purchased from most of the main retailers around the world, but I suggest buying from either Palmetto State Armory or RK Guns. You can always buy used and go with places like Gun Broker, Armslist, or Utah Gun Exchange, as well. Buying from Palmetto State will give you a discount enough to pay no taxes or shipping for Veterans and police officers. RK Guns is a great option if you live in a rural area that doesn’t have many options around besides department stores and mom and pop shops who have to upcharge to compete.

Glock 29 Gen 4 10mm Pistol, Black PG2950201


Glock 29 Accessories

The Glock 29 (the majority of 10mm pistols) has the versatility to be used as a hunting handgun, home-defense, and law enforcement capacities. With this in mind, I want to focus on the accessories that are going to help you improve the accuracy and versatility of your Glock. For me, this means buying the best possible optics and lights that can be used in either low light or in the middle of the day with the sun beaming down on you.


Ade Advanced Optics Bertrillium RD3-013 Red Dot Reflex Sight for Glock

The Ade red dot sight replaces the rear sight for your Glock with a clean and bright red dot for rapid target acquisition. This reflex optic has 2 brightness settings that will provide 2,000 hours of continuous light for the brightest setting and up to 30,000 hours in the lowest setting. Ade offers a 4 MOA that holds up and doesn’t need to be constantly adjusted to keep the zero of the pistol. With a 4 MOA, I suggest always aim for the biggest part of your target if you’re at any distance longer than 30 yards to ensure a hit. The red dot is invisible to the human eye when looking at it, so you’re not going to flag yourself by having it turned on in the lowest setting at night.




Truglo TG8100B Red-Dot Sight, Micro, Tru-Tec

Any optic from Truglo is going to be made with the best possible technology and frame for longevity and precision. The TG8100B is no exception with it’s 3 MOA red-dot reticle for incredibly quick target acquisition. This optic has 10 different brightness settings that can be used in either low light or daylight without any other modifications to the optic. The Sealed O-Ring makes the Truglo Micro shock-resistant, water-resistant, and fog-resistant for use in bad weather. However, if you’re in a torrential downpour, I’d keep this optic away from the water as much as possible. Water-resistant doesn’t always mean water-proof so if your optic is exposed long enough to a high volume of water, it will have problems. My favorite aspect of this optic is the unlimited eye relief it offers with the wide window and ability to keep both eyes open.


10mm Ammo

10mm ammo is a very unique and rare caliber that offers more power and range than a 9mm and 45 ACP bullet. The 10mm has more muzzle velocity than a .357 Magnum, which allows the Glock 29 to be used in hunting situations and home-defense. However, due to the power of the 10mm, many people argue that it’s too much gun for a home-defense situation. I believe that any gun that is reliable, dependable, accurate, and has a quick target acquisition should be used as a home-defense gun. Yes, you’ll blow a hole in an intruder that is much bigger than a .45 ACP and 9mm, but at the end of the day, what does it matter if the security of your family is at stake? The Glock 29 is a great gun to use and has the versatility to be used in multiple situations (hunting, defense, competition shooting).


The Civil Defense from Liberty Ammunition fires at 2,400 feet per second and has less felt recoil than the majority of .45 ACP bullets on the market. At 60gr, this bullet is built to travel further than 50 yards with accuracy. The light Civil Defense ammo from Liberty allows the Glock 29 to shed unnecessary weight compared the Glock 30 and Glock 22. Overall, Liberty has earned a solid reputation for its ammunition and I trust them with my life when it comes down to it.


Liberty 10mm 60gr HP Civil Defense Ammunition 20rds - LA-CD-10-032


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Hornady is one of the most well-known names in ammunition and their reputation has always been positive from the dozens of shooters that I know. I chose this round because it’s a polar opposite of the Liberty Civil Defense. At a 175gr, this Hornady is a much lighter bullet with incredible attention to detail and technology with the Flexlock design. The Flextip bullet design provides consistent expansion every time and the InterLock system ensures the core and jacket remain together until the bullet makes an impact.  These revolutionary designs ensure that each round is fed through the chamber properly to avoid misdeeds, misfires, and multiple feeds.

Hornady 10mm Auto 175gr FlexLock Critical Duty Ammunition, 20 Round Box – 91256



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With more muzzle velocity than a .357 Magnum, the Federal 10mm Auto Trophy Bonded JSP is meant for the avid hunter. This round is capable of hunting everything from deer, boar, bear, coyote, and elk. This bullet is specifically designed for consistent expansion and enough force to blast through bone like dynamite through rock. Anyone interested in hunting with a pistol will be able to use this ammo with their Glock 29. Personally, I don’t have any interest in hunting with a pistol, but I do love the idea of having a concealed carry pistol with enough power to defend my family if a bear or mountain lion charges me.

Federal 10mm Auto 180gr Trophy Bonded JSP Ammuntion 20rds - P10T1


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The Glock 29 is chambered in the 10mm Auto to give this concealed carry Glock more power than a .45 ACP and .357 Magnum in a smaller package for the ultimate versatility. The Glock 29 is less than 7″ long and weighs only 2 lbs fully loaded with a 15-round magazine. With applications in hunting, self-defense, primary canceled carry, and secondary pistol for police officers, the Glock 29 is sure to be one of your favorite pistols in your collection. If you’re trying to hunt, I’d recommend the Federal Premium ammo, while the Liberty Civil Defense is going to give you more than enough power to stop an intruder or assailant you will come across. I trust the Hornady FlexLock ammo more than almost any brand out there for its consistency and dependability as a primary carry ammo. No matter what you decide on, going with a Glock 29 is going to give you the power you desire with the dependability of the Glock name.