Best Gunsmith Tool Kit For Mobile Gunsmithing

Have you been gunsmithing for years and just need to upgrade your gunsmith tool kit? Maybe you’re just into the occasional repairing and reconditioning of used firearms and want a simple go-to kit. Or you’re a beginner and looking for some basic tools to get started.

Recently I’ve been kicking around the concept of a mobile gunsmith tool kit. Just like you can call up your local locksmith or home repair contractors, wouldn’t it be cool to be able to make money offering your gunsmithing skills in the form of a mobile service?

For that, you’re going to need a mobile gunsmith tool kit. Something that is easily transported, yet comprehensive enough to cover the bases of what you’re working on. More to come on that later in the article.

Whatever your passion is, one thing is for sure. It’s essential to have the right tools. By having access to these tools, you’ll not only get the job done right the first time, but you’ll also eliminate a lot of unnecessary frustration.

Building The Best Gunsmith Tool Kit
You’re going on day 3 alone in your shop. You’ve been surviving off of frozen dinners & caffeine. You also just got the 397th text from your spouse wondering when you’ll come back inside. But none of that matters as you finally stare in awe at your latest masterpiece.


How To Choose The Best Gunsmith Tool Kit

When choosing the right gunsmith tool kit for your needs, you’ll want to first consider what type of firearms you’ll be working on.

Many screwdriver sets and punch sets can be used across a wide range of firearms, but there are firearm-specific tools you’ll need depending on what you’re servicing.

After that, you’ll also want to consider where you’ll be working on the firearms and the amount of space you’ll have available to you. It’s one thing if you have a dedicated workbench area at home, but if you’re going to be a traveling gunsmith, that requires FFL licensing and a different type of gear setup.

Building The Best Gunsmith Tool Kit
Check out this cowboy doing some last-minute adjustments on his model 1897 pump shotgun before competing in the New York Cowboy Action Shooting State Championships. Looks like that 89 piece set is treating him well!

Wheeler Tools has amassed an impressive array of gunsmithing tools for everyone from beginners to seasoned gunsmiths.

We’re going to cover the tools themselves first, then go into the best options for transporting those tools if you choose to go in that direction.

What Tools Do I Need For a Gunsmith Tool Kit?

Gunsmith Vise

A gun vise is an absolute must-have tool for gunsmiths of all experience levels. Considered one of the backbone tools for working with guns, this is crucial in order to be able to work on individual parts as well as securing the firearm firmly in order to keep both of your hands-free to do whatever is necessary to get the work done safely and efficiently.

The Tipton Compact Range Vise offers a completely new level of performance, securely holding the widest array of guns possible while collapsing to fit inside your mobile gunsmith tool kit.

Compact Range Vise

at Tipton
Prices accurate at time of writing

Bench Block

A good bench block is perfect for helping to keep the smaller parts secure while also providing the right holes in it to allow you to properly line up things perfectly before you either drive your pin in or out. This should definitely be one of your first tools to use as a new gunsmith.

Universal Bench Block

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

Brass Hammer

Pulling a hammer from your home repair toolbox is NOT a good idea. Using a standard hammer to remove and install pins will end up damaging parts and the surface coating of the firearm. You need the right tools for the right job. You want small and specifically designed brass hammers that are built for gunsmithing.

Wheeler Hammer and Punch Set

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

Pin Punch Set

Pin punches are often sold individually, in small kits, and are often included with gunsmithing kits. It’s good practice to have multiple pin punches if you’re servicing multiple firearms.

Roll Pin Starter Set

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

Gunsmith Screwdriver Set

Regular screwdrivers don’t get the job done when it comes to working on firearms. While having one flat head screwdriver and one Phillip’s head screwdriver is great life advice for a new homeowner (along with a hammer, pliers, a plunger, and duck tape), special screws are used in putting together firearms. That means using a specialty gunsmith screwdriver that are designed for gunsmithing.

89 Piece Gunsmithing Screwdriver Set

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

Gunsmith File Set

The Wheeler Engineering Professional Gunsmith File Set is perfect for many different gunsmithing tasks. This gunsmith file set comes with a wide grade of files from a rough rasp all the way down to a super extra-fine diamond plate. Whether you’re reshaping a wood stock or smoothing out an action, this file set is perfect for you.

Gunsmith File Set

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

AR Tool and Torque Wrench

Cover most of your AR-15 gunsmithing needs with a single tool. An innovative steel construction design makes the Delta Series Combo Tool the most durable and functional AR tool available. The addition of a bit driver and bit holder with six common bits adds to the versatility of this combo. Additionally, the included Torque wrench makes this a complete set for many AR-15 maintenance and modification needs.

AR Combo Tool with Torque Wrench

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

A Gunsmith Tool Box to Keep it All In

What do you get the gun guy who has it all? A box to put it all in, of course! If you have the room, get your hands on a rolling toolbox. The Black & Decker Mobile Storage System is a great option at a reasonable price.

Black & Decker Stackable Storage System

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing

The above tools should cover most of what you’re going to run into. If you’re looking for more of a one-stop-shop complete kit, then the following pre-built kits should be of value to you.

Best Gunsmith Tool Kit

Wheeler AR Armorer’s Ultra Tool Kit

Anybody who has a passion for gunsmithing will appreciate the Wheeler Ultra Gunsmithing Kit. When you purchase this kit, you’ll receive enough tools to perform firearms cleanings, repairing, and rebuilding tasks.

Each tool included is specifically crafted to make working on your firearms a much quicker and less frustrating job. Every tool has its own use, and together they’ll all make your life a whole lot easier. With this kit, you’ll be equipped for almost any gunsmithing problem that may arise.

Another aspect that makes this a great investment is the build quality of the tools. Every tool is made from top-quality materials and built to last. You’ll never have to worry about breaking or ruining them with regular use.

You’ll also receive a convenient carrying case to keep the entire kit in. You’ll be able to take your new gunsmith tool kit on vacation, camping trips, and even gun shows.

AR Armorer’s Tool Kit

at Wheeler
Prices accurate at time of writing

Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit

Aspiring gunsmiths looking for a very comprehensive set of gunsmithing tools should take a look at the Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit. This 88-piece kit comes with a durable steel punch set crafted to fit an array of different-sized pins.

In addition to the pin punches, you also get an adjustable brass hammer, a variety of different-sized screwdriver heads, and a few other essential components to go with it.

The well-designed case that comes with this collection keeps all of these tools conveniently organized. Trying to find a screwdriver or other tools when you really need it can become a little frustrating. The design of the hard case also prevents the included tools from developing rust from moisture.

Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing

Lyman 68 Piece Master Gunsmith Tool Kit

It doesn’t matter whether you’re repairing, rebuilding, or customizing your firearm, this kit contains every kind of bit you could possibly need to get the job done.

Everything you need is in this kit, and that versatility allows you to get the most common gunsmithing tasks done.

This Lyman collection includes Phillips screws, slotted screws, hex screws, and 6-lobe screws. You’ll also receive a Weaver scope ring bit, a Glock front sight bit, and 3 different sized pin punchers, 0.062," 0.093," and 0.118."

Every collection comes in a durable hard case with easy-to-snap latches. The case is designed to not only protect your tools from a variety of damaging elements but also to make transporting them hassle-free.

Lyman Master Gunsmith Tool Kit

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing


Finding the best gunsmith tool kit for mobile gunsmithing is crucial for any firearms enthusiast on the go.

With our comprehensive guide, you can now make an informed decision and equip yourself with a portable arsenal of high-quality tools. Remember, a well-prepared gunsmith is a successful one.

So, invest in the right tool kit and embark on your mobile gunsmithing adventures with confidence and precision.

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  • Bench Block
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  • Pin Punch Set
  • Gunsmith Screwdriver Set
  • Gunsmith File Set
  • AR Tool and Torque Wrench
  • A Gunsmith Tool Box to Keep it All In
  • Best Gunsmith Tool Kit
  • Wheeler AR Armorer’s Ultra Tool Kit
  • Weaver Deluxe Gunsmith Tool Kit
  • Lyman 68 Piece Master Gunsmith Tool Kit
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