5 Reasons to get Home Security

Home security is a great option when a gun won't work.

What You Need To Know

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  • Home security can monitor for fire and carbon monoxide
  • Smart security provides home automation
  • Select home security can provide video evidence

Home Security

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With everything going on in the world today, you may be more focused on security outside of the home than inside it. In this post, we’re going to cover five of the top reasons to get home security, and not just because you have an extra set of eyes watching over you. We understand, not everyone needs the traditional hardwired home security system. For some of us, a shotgun will do just fine. However, it’s when you aren’t at home, when a fire breaks out, or when you can’t get to a phone, that a security system might do you a little more good than you thought.  Below are our top 5 reasons to get home security, you know, for when a gun won’t work.

Why Purchase a Home Security System

Okay, so we all know the main reason for getting a home security unit, to have someone monitor your home when you aren’t available to do it yourself. You can sit there all day long and say you’ll shoot anyone who thinks he (or she) can come in on you unannounced. But, what happens when a thief breaks in while you’re gone? Yes, you can report your missing laptop to your insurance company, if you have personal property insurance. But, wouldn’t it be nice to identify the intruder? Or, if anything, stops them because an alarm goes off? Not only does an alarm work as a deterrent, but it might actually cause the thief to flee without ever taking a single item.

Of course, there’s also the benefit of video surveillance (if you elect to add that service). This will ensure you have proof of the intruder and might be able to help identify the thief (if you have it set-up to record), which you probably wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. And even if you were home, what you see can often be forgotten in the heat of the moment and the suspect goes from having brown hair to, “most definitely red.” But there’s still so much more a security system can provide, maybe even more than you might have intended on using it for.

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Fire and Carbon Monoxide

No, having home security doesn’t put some protective shield around your home so that your house can’t catch on fire. But, it does make it easy to notify the fire department when a fire breaks out and you’re not home to stop it from spreading. It’s also great for notifying the fire department for fires that get out of hand, even when you are home. It’s a lie to tell yourself that you can handle any fire that might break out in your home. Some cases are just too significant to handle on your own and will require a firehose. You might be able to put out a grease fire with the right fire extinguisher, but we doubt you want to attempt and put out a dryer vent fire that sparked while you were asleep and has grown to the point where it has engulfed the entire laundry room.

Need more convincing as to why you should consider a security system than fires? How about carbon monoxide? You hear about it, but probably not something you ever hear anyone becoming the victim of. That doesn’t mean carbon monoxide isn’t a threat to households. Yes, you could buy your own monitor, but what’s nice about the ones that come with home security systems is the notification function. What happens if carbon monoxide is present in your home? Will you be able to make the notification if a leak happened while you and the family were asleep? Luckily for all of us, most alarm companies also monitor carbon monoxide. However, it’s not always cheap, and it’s typically an additional service. Some add it to your plan at “no extra charge” (don’t believe that lie, you’ll pay for it somehow), others charge a small monthly fee or only just make you pay for the extra device.

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Remote Monitoring

Security systems have really advanced over the years. Today you can also have a doorbell installed to remotely monitor what happens on your front porch. Of course, if you just really hate answering the door, you can also see who’s there from the comfort of your own bed…yeah, I don’t think I want to talk to Mike today, I think I’ll pretend I’m out with the wife.  It’s also nice because it lets you see things such as when the delivery truck drops off a package. No more wondering if some hooligan kids came and took that Amazon stash you had waiting for you after work. Now you can watch whatever happens on your doorstep.

Some of the doorbell systems even let you speak to the individual at the front door, which is a pretty cool bonus if you’re too sick to answer the door.  “I love you Danny, but I think I might be dying in here, it’s best you stay outside.” You can also use remote monitoring to let the right people in your home while you’re gone. Let’s say you went on vacation and your BFF realized she left her purse on your kitchen counter after you’d already locked up and made it an hour down the road. You can see when your friend makes it to the door, and then you can use that fancy home automation from your phone to unlock the door for them, and then lock it behind them after they leave.

Save on Home Insurance

Maybe you didn’t think of this one, but having an alarm system can actually save you money on home insurance. Yes, you’ll pay more because home security isn’t free, but you’ll have peace of mind and you’ll save a few dollars on insurance. Some security companies even provide monitoring for apartments (if they don’t require you to drill holes in the floor or wall). Of course, every home or renters insurance company is different, so make sure you talk with them about the option to save money.  I know every time I’ve moved my insurance company asks if I have an alarm system.  I’ve only used a home security system once, but when I did, it saved me a few dollars on my insurance.

Keep in mind, it’s the type of security you have as well that’ll save you money. There’s a difference between an alarm system that notifies you and an alarm system that will notify emergency services immediately. It’s like having a fire alarm that does nothing but annoys you every time the thing needs a new battery and one that sends the fire department; which is more likely to prevent the insurance company from paying to build you an entirely new house? The one with the notification system, of course.  You’ll save more on your homeowner’s insurance with a fire alarm that notifies the fire department than you will by just having a standard alarm you got from Wal-Mart.

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Medical Assistance

No matter who you are, the idea of getting hurt and not being able to get up and call an ambulance or having someone to take you to the hospital is a scary image to have in your head. No, you don’t have to be older to the point where you need help because you’re fallen and can’t get up. Medical emergencies happen even to the youngest of us. When my back went out and I couldn’t get up, my phone was in the other room, and I don’t even consider myself old – yet I still had to wait for an hour until I was able to manage my way to a phone.

Or, what if you’re home doing some DIY project, you fall and break your leg and can’t get up? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get assistance? Of course, we know the chances of you getting one of those emergency assistance buttons and hanging it around your kneck at 31 are pretty slim, but it’s a nice addition to any home security, knowing you can press it and have medical in route to you.

Then there’s always the option of having medical assistance available to an elderly parent, alone at home, or a disabled family member who had a stroke, and while they can function, can’t drive. They might have a situation where they need immediate assistance and can’t remember or don’t know how to dial 911. They can press a button and get emergency transportation to the nearest emergency room. So, if anything it can give you peace of mind that the one you love has medical help available to them when you aren’t there.

Energy Consumption

This one might be new for some of us, but a home security system can also help you save energy. This is because most of today’s security companies also offer home automation. Home automation lets you control temperature and lights when you aren’t home to do it yourself. This way you can leave your house for the weekend, with the A/C off, but with the click of a button, have it turned back on an hour before you get back to the house. Some automation systems even let you start your washer or dryer, and even a dishwasher, so that’s being taken care of while you’re out of the house as well. Now we just need to have someone around to change the baby’s diapers, feed the dog (actually that can be automated too), and take out the trash.

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