Home security is a great option when a gun won't work.

What You Need To Know

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  • Home security can monitor fire and carbon monoxide
  • Smart security provides home automation
  • Select home security can provide video evidence

Home Security

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Okay, we know what you’re thinking, “what makes Guardian Protection any different than the other home security companies out there?” Well, that’s what we’re here to try and uncover. There’s a lot of companies out there promising this and that when it comes to protecting you and your family, and we want to help you make the right choice by reviewing a few of the top companies on the market. Today we’re looking at Guardian Protection home security.

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Guardian Protection

Guardian Protection approaches home security a little differently than some providers. While companies like Protect America and Link Interactive pride themselves on what they call easy DIY installation, Guardian Protection leans on the idea that self-installation isn’t on the top of your priority list. Because of this, it is a professionally installed system, taking the hassle out of trying to figure it out yourself. So, if you don’t like the idea of having a stranger come into your home, this probably isn’t the system for you. For everyone else, it will make your life a little easier, at least in the sense that it’s one less thing on your to-do list.


  • They recognize military members, if you PCS and can’t continue services, they’ll let you out of the contract, free of charge
  • They offer a variety of equipment options
  • They have a “best price guarantee” policy


  • They don’t list any prices online, you have to provide your information online or call if you want an idea of their prices
  • Their package options don’t include a lot of equipment, meaning you’re most likely going to add a lot of additions to the package or have to customize, which could cost you a lot more

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Guardian Protection Services

Guardian Protection offers a few different types of services, the main being residential home security. However, if you happen to be a company owner and you’re reading this post, they also offer business security—on both the small and large scale. Next to the basic home security you’re used to, they also offer a medical device. If you are or you have an elderly parent or anyone in your family who’s at risk for falling or who has medical issues but lives alone, they offer a watch that can be worn and pushed if a medical need arises. And if you’re worried about it accidentally being pushed or bumped, they claimed to have built it so that won’t happen. It’s called a medical pendant and it can be added to your package if so desired.

Besides a medical alert system, they also offer video surveillance, a fire alarm system, carbon monoxide detectors, heat detectors, burglar alarm systems, Guardian Edge Home Automation, and of course 24/7 professional monitoring. Unfortunately, most of these things come separate from the basic plan. In fact, everything but the 24/7 professional monitoring and smoke detector, come separately if you’re looking at installing the basic plan.

Guardian Protection Products

Guardian Protection actually offers a variety of products or equipment. Below is a list of what you can find through their services. However, keep in mind, while they offer a lot, it does not necessarily mean it is included in any package options. With that being said, there is the option to customize your security needs, in which case you can pick and choose from their inventory.

  • Guardian IQ2
  • Wireless Control Panel
  • Outdoor Security Camera with Night Vission
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Door and Window Sensor
  • Smart Sensor
  • Smoke Detector
  • Motion Sensor
  • Garage Door Control
  • Guardian Protection Customer Service
  • Video Doorbell Camera
  • Streaming Video Recorder
  • Indoor Security Camera with Night Vision
  • Glass Break Detector
  • Remote Key Fob
  • Medical Pendant
  • Low-Temperature Sensor
  • Image Sensor
  • Heat Detector
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Light Control Modules
  • Keyless Entry Door Lock

Guardian Protection Reviews

Guardian Protection reviews are about the same as any other security company’s. However, it appears that they may be better at resolving complaints. You can actually file a complaint through the Better Business Bureau—they’ll help file if you’re not sure how—and from what we’ve seen, Guardian Protection is pretty quick to resolve the issue and satisfy the customer. Recent complaints revolved around technicians installing and charging customers for items before giving them notice, not letting people out of their contract if they were moving to a non-service provided area, and equipment not being able to withstand the colder temperatures, and of course their lengthy 5-year contract.

Despite the 400 complaints filed through the BBB, they are still rated with an A+. Keep in mind, most of the complaints are both addressed and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction in a timely manner by Guardian Protection, which may help in their rating.

Before making a home security selection, check out our comprehensive review of Protect America Home Security.

Guardian Protection App

The Guardian Protection App comes with all plans. You don’t have to pay extra for it, which is nice since you have to pay extra for pretty much everything else. Through the app, you can arm and disarm your home, check your security system’s history, assign specific user codes, and receive notifications via text or email when any activity has been detected. 

If you’re planning to have security cameras, you can also view them live from the app. You have the option of turning lights on and off, adjusting your thermostat, locking or unlocking doors, and even opening and closing your garage doors. However, if you’re planning to go with a package deal, and you do not plan on paying for add-ons, you can only select one of those home automation options.

Also included in the app—if you have the supporting equipment—you have the ability to record videos and then access them later, a personalized online customer care dashboard, local weather alerts, and a display on control keypad.

Guardian Protection Packages

Guardian Protection has three standard packages. In our opinion, the packages aren’t really that great compared to other companies—keep an eye out for our comparison article in the near future—especially since you can only pick one home automation device in two of the three plans. Also, they just don’t offer a lot of equipment in general with any of their plans.

However, they do offer price comparison, so if you’re looking for cheap—not always the best idea, but only you know your needs and finances—but you want Guardian Protection, it might be something worth looking into if you can get a good comparison quote.

Standard Security Package

  • 1 Color, touchscreen control keypad
  • 3 Door/window sensors
  • 1 Motion sensor
  • 1 Smoke Detector
  • Yard sign and window decals 

Essential Security Package

  • 1 Color, touchscreen control keypad
  • 3 Door/window sensors
  • 1 Motion sensor
  • 1 Smoke Detector
  • Yard sign and window decals

You can only choose one home automation device:

  • 1 Door lock
  • 1 Thermostat
  • 1 Light modules
  • 1 Garage door switch
  • 1 HD Video Doorbell

Premium Security Package 

  • 1 Color, touchscreen control keypad
  • 3 Door/window sensors
  • 1 Motion sensor
  • 1 Smoke Detector
  • Yard sign and window decals

You can only choose one home automation device:

  • 1 Door lock
  • 1 Thermostat
  • 1 Light modules
  • 1 Garage door switch

You can only choose one video surveillance device:

  • 1 HD Video Doorbell
  • 1 Indoor Camera
  • 1 Outdoor Camera

Guardian Edge™ Smart Home Security System

Guardian Edge Smart Home Security System is Guardian Protection’s version of home automation. If you’re willing to pay extra, you can take advantage of all that their home automation options. All you need is a smartphone and the right package/add-ons.

Home Automation consists of:

  • Door Locks
  • Thermostats
  • Light Modules
  • Garage Door Switch

If you select a package deal and don’t choose the add-ons, you’ll only get to select from one of the above, and you’ll only get one of those devices. So, if you were thinking, well I have two doors coming into my home—well you’ll only get a lock for one of those doors unless you’re willing to pay more.

Customer Support

Guardian Protection has a pretty good customer support base on their website. If you’re a person who likes to figure things out on your own, or you just simply hate the idea of physically speaking to a person in customer service, then you can look to their online resources. There you will find video tutorials on the equipment, resources for cybersecurity, information on invasion and fire protection, and even resources for your child’s safety.

Besides customer support, Guardian Protection also offers Equipment Upgrade options. However, be aware, some customers reported that an upgrade will start your contract over, which is 5-years. They also offer incentives for referring a friend who uses their services.

How to Cancel Guardian Protection Services

Before we get too deep into this section. Be advised, there are a lot of negative reviews about canceling your contract with Guardian Protection. Complaints ranging from those who simply did not read their contract and want out to those who are moving and can’t get service at the new location. There are also complaints from people who say they requested to cancel their services and were continuing to be charged. With this in mind, BBB does offer services to help you file a complaint, to which most were resolved and customers who legitimately should have been let out of their contracts were, and without a fee.

The good news, to get out of your contract, as of this publication, it will cost you $750. This might be considerably lower than most major security companies when you consider the fact that most require you to pay out the remainder of your contract.

Let’s do a little math: We’re going to pretend that your monthly security cost is $25/month You’ve been paying for these services for 10 months. To make things even, we will say that you have a contract with your company for 5-years. Month 11, you decide you don’t want the services anymore. To pay yourself out of 4-years and 1-month of your contract, you’d have to pay $1,225, making $750/month, while high, still less than paying $1,225.

Now the bad news, let’s say that you wanted to end your contract 12 months early, that’s $300 you’d have to pay with most security companies and $750 you’d have to pay to get out of your contract with Guardian Protection. So, when you’re thinking about canceling or comparing companies, make sure you look at the cost of cancellation.

Guardian Home Security Transfer

If you enjoy your services provided through Guardian Protection and you don’t want to cancel, but you’re moving they do offer a security transfer option. However, keep in mind, they do not provide security everywhere, so talk to a representative about your needs and any potential moves you’ll be making.

If you want to learn more about Guardian Protection’s top competitors, check out our review here.


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