February 22

Survival Gear: Kevlar Cord

The newest addition to the REFT survival gear product line is Kevlar Cord. Kevlar Cord is an excellent accessory that can be added to any load-out to improve functionality and survivability. Kevlar Cord can be used for an abundance of different tasks and is exceptionally durable and versatile. Kevlar Cord is […]

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February 13

Deployable SSE Backpack

  The Deployable SSE Backpack is designed to allow operators access to an easy to use, extra bag for SSE (Sensitive Site Exploitation). The Deployable SSE Backpack stows away in it’s integrated stuff-sack when not in use and can be deployed in seconds. Measuring 12 x 17 x 4 in. (13.3L), the 70D water-resistant […]

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February 9

What to pack in your E&E Bag

The E&E Bag, (AKA The Go To Shit Bag) is specifically used when shit hits the fan, and you can only carry essential items with you.  You may have to E&E (Escape and Evade) the enemy on foot alone or in a very small group so you will need to […]

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February 2

What do you really need in your IFAK?

  Let’s be honest; there are some ridiculous first aid kits out there with everything from a single piece of combat gauze to almost anything you might find in an operating room.  But what do you actually need in there?  There are a lot of pre-packed kits on the market […]

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February 1

What’s In Your Go Bag?

  The bag- This is the part that tends to change the most from person to person. Some like small bags, some like big bags,  but none the less you need a bag that is durable, portable, and compartmentalized. The pictured bag in this post is our ASO Bag. This is […]

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January 23

Build Up Drill: Eliminate Shot Anticipation

Build Up Drill Shooters having problems with shot anticipation will often miss the target by a significant margin even if they apply all other shooting fundamentals. Anticipation is precisely what it sounds like; a shooter is anticipating the recoil of the shot and attempting to brace for it instead of […]

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January 18

New Product: Detainee Pouch

RE Factor Tactical is excited to announce the release of our all new Detainee Pouch. The Detainee Pouch was designed to be used by U.S. and allied military and law enforcement members to maintain personal property, sensitive documents, and evidentiary items found at a crime scene or raid site and […]

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January 17

Pistol Drill: The Turret Drill

The Turret Drill Overview This pistol drill focuses on multiple aspects of shooting to include; draw speed/efficiency, trigger speed, proper trigger manipulation, recoil management, target identification, accuracy, and places a significant emphasis on target transitions. This pistol drill is for intermediate to advanced shooters and includes multiple target transitions. We […]

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January 12

Tips For Improving Your Ruck Marching

Disclosure: Rucking SUCKS! First off, there is absolutely no way to make rucking or ruck marching not suck. It hurts your shoulders, knees, and lower back and your pack will chafe you like crazy. But fear not, there are a few simple tips and tricks that you can use to […]

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January 9

The Modified El Presidente Drill

The El Presidente Drill  Overview Our version of this extremely popular pistol drill is intended to be completed on our Essentials or Kill Zone Targets. This pistol drill focuses on several different aspects of shooting to include; draw speed/efficiency, trigger speed, proper trigger manipulation, recoil management, target identification, accuracy, and […]

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January 4

Learn The Essentials Of Marksmanship

The Essential Shooting Guide is designed to identify a shooters weaknesses, and supply specific tips and shooting drills to improve upon them. The 91-page booklet is used in conjunction with our Essential Target and measures in at 4×6″ so that it can easily fit inside of a pocket or range […]

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January 2


RE Factor Tactical is proud to announce the release of our all new Trauma Tape™. Trauma Tape™ is a 10-yard roll of durable 2″ medical tape with an easy to use printed layout for recording patient vital signs and other critical information with a sharpie or marker.  This simple and […]

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December 21

Features of the VS-17 Marking Panel

The VS-17 Marking Panel measures 18 x 11″ VS-17 and is designed to aid troops in marking their location and increase visibility from the friendly troops.The panel is double-sided with one side being hi-vis orange and the other being hi-vis yellow which makes it perfect for signaling aircraft in a […]

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December 15

Rifle Drill: The Tabata

This rifle drill is named in honor of Sergeant Major Ernest “Ernie” K Tabata.  Ernie was a roll model, a war hero and a pathfinder for the Special Forces Regiment.  You can read more about Ernie below. The Tabata Rifle Drill is designed to push your target transitions.  This drill […]

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December 12

Pistol Drill: The Howard Drill

COL Robert L. Howard was a Medal of Honor winner during Vietnam.  Before his death he was the most decorated living Medal of Honor Recipient.  You can read more about COL Howard below. The Howard Drill is a great mixture of speed vs accuracy.  You can make this pistol drill […]

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