Primary Arms SLX 3X MicroPrism [REVIEW]

In the crowded market of firearm optics, the Primary Arms SLX 3X Prism Scope is a serious contender, merging precision, durability, and versatility into a single package.

At first glance, the Primary Arms SLX 3X MicroPrism Scope immediately catches the eye with its sleek design and robust construction. The compact yet robust build is a testament to the optic’s durability, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of the field without compromising its performance.

Whether it’s a drastic change in climate, unforeseen accidents, or the wear and tear of constant use, the SLX 3X is designed to stand its ground, ensuring reliable performance when it matters most.

Simply put, it’s built to withstand chaos.

A Reticle for Adaptability

One of the standout features of the SLX 3X is its crisp and clear glass quality. The multi-coated lenses provide exceptional light transmission and clarity, allowing for precise target acquisition even at longer distances. The reticle, etched directly onto the prism, is illuminated with 11 brightness settings to accommodate different lighting environments. Whether shooting in bright daylight or low-light conditions, the reticle remains visible and sharp, ensuring quick and accurate aiming.

Crucial to the SLX 3X’s appeal as an end-of-the-world optic is its ACSS reticle – an ingenious blend of bullet drop compensation, wind holds, and moving target leads. In a scenario where resources are scarce and every shot counts, this reticle’s design simplifies aiming adjustments, reducing the need for constant tinkering and recalculations.

Raptor ACSS Reticle

Its adaptability to various shooting scenarios, such as competitive shooting, hunting, and especially those encountered in survival situations, is a hallmark of the optic’s versatility.

Installation and zeroing of the SLX 3X were hassle-free. The included mount secured the optic firmly to the rifle’s rail, and the turrets provided audible and tactile clicks for adjustments. I found the adjustments to be precise and consistent, ensuring that the optic held its zero even after hundreds of rounds and rough handling.

Primary Arms SLX 3X MicroPrism [REVIEW]

I opted for the 50/200 yard zero. I boresighted the optic for the 50/200 zero before going to the range. At the range, the optic was dead on all the way out to 200 yards without any further adjustments needed.

With a fixed 3X magnification, the SLX 3X strikes a balance between close-quarters engagements and medium-range precision shooting. The magnification level proved to be optimal for quick target acquisition at shorter distances while offering enough detail for accurate shots at extended ranges. This versatility is further enhanced by the wide field of view, which is crucial for maintaining situational awareness, especially in dynamic shooting scenarios.

Durability and Simplicity

The durability of the SLX 3X is not limited to its exterior build alone. The optic is shockproof, fog-resistant, and waterproof, making it a reliable companion in various environmental conditions. During my testing in adverse weather conditions, the scope remained clear and functional, demonstrating its resilience against the elements.

The optic’s uncomplicated design minimizes the potential for failure, while its robust construction ensures it can endure the harshest conditions.

A notable advantage of the Primary Arms SLX 3X MicroPrism Scope is its simplicity. The fixed magnification and straightforward reticle eliminate the complexity associated with variable magnification scopes and intricate reticle designs. This simplicity lends itself well to shooters who prefer a no-nonsense approach to aiming, without sacrificing accuracy and performance. This feature, coupled with a wide field of view, allows for quick target acquisition and maintained situational awareness.

Primary Arms SLX 3X MicroPrism [REVIEW]

In terms of value, the SLX 3X presents an attractive proposition. It offers premium features and performance that are often found in higher-priced optics, making it an excellent choice for those seeking quality without breaking the bank. The durability and versatility of the optic ensure that it can excel in a wide range of shooting applications, from recreational shooting to professional use.

While the Primary Arms SLX 3X MicroPrism Scope boasts numerous strengths, it’s important to note that it may not be the optimal choice for every shooting scenario. Shooters who require adjustable magnification options for long-range precision shooting might find the fixed 3X magnification limiting. Additionally, while the ACSS reticle simplifies aiming, it may take some time for users to fully grasp its intricacies, especially if they are accustomed to more traditional reticle designs.


The Primary Arms SLX 3X MicroPrism Scope is a remarkable addition to the world of firearm optics.

Its combination of durability, clarity, and simplicity make it an ideal choice for shooters of varying skill levels. The ACSS reticle’s innovative design streamlines the aiming process, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in various shooting scenarios.

Primary Arms SLX 3X MicroPrism [REVIEW]

Whether you’re a competitive shooter, a hunter, or just looking for end-of-the-world durability, the SLX 3X delivers on its promise of precision and versatility.

Primary Arms has truly redefined the expectations for an optic in its price range, setting a new standard for performance and value.

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