What are Ranger Panties?

Ranger Panties are a pair of silky short shorts originally issued to Army Rangers.

Back in the day, the predecessor to the Ranger Panties, Silkies, whatever you want to call them, was arguably UDT shorts.

Everyone had some short shorts back then because they weren’t offended by kneecaps and thighs like we are now.

Back then men showed off those lightly bronzed hams and fought off women with a stick (By stick, we mean their junk.)

American Flag Ranger Panties
American Flag Ranger Panties (Photo: Amazon/Combat Iron Ranger Panties)

Frogmen proudly rocked UDT shorts, and no one said a thing because they were out slaying bodies and single-handedly impregnating any female that got within a 10-foot radius of them.

They were men, they wore short shorts and did it in style.

Nonetheless, these short shorts were a sense of pride for these pipe hitters, and they wore them with honor.

As the years progressed, the Family Readiness Group (mainly the annoying wives club of the military that causes more issues than chlamydia) grew stronger. Officer’s wives who saw men running through their neighborhoods, one-eyed snakes bouncing about, began to complain.

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The shorts were soon perceived as offensive, and the men were required to wear longer shorts that left them feeling like more of a eunuch than a hog-hanging, gun-toting, freedom-dispensing warrior.

As the years progressed only the beloved Marine Corps held onto the time honor tradition of displaying that blue-veined custard shooter when conducting physical fitness, but alas, they too caved into the unjust societal norms.

what are ranger panties
(Photo: Amazon/Combat Iron Ranger Panties)

While the mainstream military slowly phased out Ranger Panties, one small group of men held on to those great satin dick sheets and these were the men of Special Operations.

As wearing silkies became a trade, Rangers, Green Berets, MARSOC, and Navy SEALs saw it as a badge of honor and began to wear the shorts as a sign of rebellion.

Like teenagers acting out against their parents, SOF Operators fought the oppressive leadership and demanded their right to wear garments that make them feel like men.

They soon pushed the bounds, wearing silkies not only during PT but also out in public and even in combat.

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Today we carry on this time-honored tradition of wearing ranger panties, and we continually push the bounds while strutting our stuff, regardless of body size, shape, and figure.

While our girlfriends and or wives act disgusted at our choice of attire, they are attempting to suppress their mounting desire that floods their body in an overbearing fashion, leaving them unable to control themselves and their sexual lust.

Why You Should Wear Ranger Panties

You may be asking yourself  “Should I have a pair of ranger panties?” Well, that depends on:…

  1. Do you want to have a cloud wrapped around your waist?
  2. Do you want to have people slow clap for you when you enter a public place?
  3. Do you want to get more ass than a toilet seat?
  4. Do you ever want to be referred to as a sexual tyrannosaurus?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then yes, you should absolutely have a pair of ranger panties.

what are ranger panties
(Photo: Amazon/Combat Iron Ranger Panties)

Besides, why should our society somehow think to believe it is acceptable for some fat chick, whose turd cutter looks like two pigs fighting over a tootsie roll, to wear a pair of disgustingly tight yoga pants that seem to be hanging on for dear life?

And why is it not okay for us men to wear a pair of shorts that make most married women question their marital fidelity?

Want a pair of your own Ranger Panties?  We guarantee an increase in right swipes on Tinder by 150%. You can thank us later.

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