ZeroTech Vengeance 1-6X LPVO Scope [REVIEW]

The Low Powered Variable Optic or LPVO, as we commonly refer to it, is a relatively new development in terms of optics.

I have wondered about them and how they stack up to traditional optics and red dots on short-barreled rifles.

Well, fortunately for us our friends at ZeroTech Optics were kind enough to send us their new Vengeance 1-6 X LPVO to test & evaluate.

Why ZeroTech?

Before we get into the specs of the Vengeance LPVO, let’s talk about its manufacturer. ZeroTech Optics was founded in 2018 in Australia and since that time has been in the field all over the Southern Hemisphere and Africa.

Providing sportsmen and women with quality glass. The company stands behind its gear with a great lifetime warranty with the simple motto "Any Owner, Any Problem, Always Covered".  If you read the company’s entire origin story you’ll see that they were a subsidiary of a company that was founded in Australia by an American WWII Veteran James Watkins. (ZT Story – ZeroTech Optics USA).

The Vengeance Reticle: A Quick Breakdown

The main attribute of any optic should be the reticle and how easy is it to acquire and use. Does the reticle meet the needs of the shooters? When looking at the reticle of the ZeroTech Vengeance there is a lot going on (Picture Below) but it’s easily manageable, especially to a shooter who may not be overly familiar with terms like BDC or MOA (Minute of Angle). The ZeroTech Vengeance illuminated RAR reticle can be easily explained like this.

In the middle of the reticle pattern is an illuminated .75 MOA dot that can be made red with an easy turn of the illumination control knob. This dot is surrounded by a segmented 12 MOA circle. Which is illuminated at the same time as the center dot. The distance from the center of the .75 MOA dot to the first vertical hash mark is 2 MOA. And the spread from hash mark to hash mark is 4 MOA.

ZeroTech Vengeance LPVO Scope Reticle

In simple terms, putting the large 12 MOA circle at the center mass of a target for quick shots is very simple. And if you need a more timed and accurate shot, either the .75 MOA or the 4 MOA center spread will do nicely. This has been our experience so far on our test rifle using a 12.5" barrel out to 100 yards.

ZeroTech Optics Vengeance 1-6×24 LPVO Scope

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Prices accurate at time of writing

Vengeance 1-6×24 Specifications and Features

  • Model: Vengeance SFP RAR MOA
  • Magnification: 1-6X
  • Focal Plane: 2nd Focal Plane
  • Reticle: ZeroTech RAR
  • Illumination: Yes, 6 Settings
  • Battery Type: One CR2032
  • Tube Diameter: 30mm
  • Objective Lens Diameter: 24 mm
  • Diopter Adjustment: 12/ +2
  • Turret Index Value: 0.5 MOA per click
  • Weight: 1.29 lbs. (588 grams)
  • MSRP: $499.00

ZeroTech Vengeance LPVO Scope Measurements

Testing Notes

In our field testing, I decided to spare no expense in this build. We nestled the Vengeance 1-6X24 in an American Defense Recon-M mount. And affixed it to our newest SBR build featuring a 12.5" barrel. This particular build features a ton of goodies from Rosco Manufacturing, Aero Precision, and Cloud Defensive to name a few. Let me say it took a while to build this rifle and the Vengeance is the first optic it has seen. So far with our range sessions, it feels right at home, which honestly is a wonderful feeling.

Testing on 1 X

After a very quick dialing in, we set off to begin testing at the 1X setting and work our way up from there. We began using a supply of 55 Grain PMC X-Tac that I had in the ammo cabinet. The PMC runs around 3270 FPS at the muzzle and 2898 at 100 Yards. My experiences with it have always been positive, especially in my older 10.5" SBR which can be ammo sensitive. With a 12.5" barrel, I didn’t figure there would be a problem.

We started at the 25-yard range so I could get used to the new rifle and reticle. Plus, I had the range all to myself so I didn’t feel rushed at all which was nice for once. It gave me plenty of time to shoot my target. And tag pieces of orange clay pigeon that were laying against a dirt backstop. Beginning with the illumination off, we just went through the motions of acquiring the target and placing nicely timed center mass shots. The black etched reticle was easy to pick up and I really began to see why so many people fell in lust for Low Powered Variable Optics.

ZeroTech Vengeance LPVO Scope
Easy to grab magnification controls. Photo:Rick Dembroski

Dialing the Magnification Up

When it was time to move through the range of magnification, we found the scope slid through the entire range with zero hangups. It wasn’t sloppy or loose. Actually, it was boringly consistent and quietly moved from 1X to 6X and back over and over. The control is oversized and easy to grasp with or without gloves. There is only one minor note on the handle and the controls. When the shooter has the optic set at 3X the lever is directly at the 12 O’clock position which is to be expected. It is, however, noticeable when you are handling the rifle. This isn’t a real issue, just something I wanted to note.

Tuning and Adjustments

The Zerotech Optics Vengeance uses a 2nd focal plane setup. Which in simple terms means the reticle stays the same size through the entire range of magnification. While the target gets larger. There is a huge matter of debate about which is better. But honestly, that’s not something I’m qualified to debate. For me, a 2nd focal plane setup seems to work much better. But like all things in shooting sports, individual preference rules the day.

Adjusting the optic during our set-up was extremely easy. Since Zerotech was thoughtful enough to put instructions on the faces of the control knobs. Nice white letters with 0.5 MOA Impact and a directional arrow make setup so easy, it’s nearly impossible to mess up. The adjustments were solid and firm but not extremely audible, you could hear them, but not a loud snap or anything out of the normal. You defiantly knew you were making adjustments while dialing in the Vengeance.

ZeroTech Vengeance LPVO Scope
Controls so simple they are almost impossible to mess up. Photo:Rick Dembroski

One part of the optic that many people won’t notice at first is the locking diopter feature. You simply turn the knurled section of the optics rear barrel to loosen it. And rotate the barrel left or right as needed to fine-tune for your eye relief. Once the desired fine-tuning is accomplished, simply rotate the knurled ring and lock it in place. I found this helpful because, with the diopter locked in place, it’s virtually impossible to bump or accidentally twist the fine-tuning adjustment of your optic.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the Zerotech Optics Vengeance 1-6 LPVO scope is a great optic. And as my first foray into LPVO scopes, I found it very well made, easy to use, and easy to adjust. To be honest, I had some hesitation about learning to stretch my shooting out with an LPVO. As I mostly shoot irons or red dots. That concern was misplaced and getting behind a piece of glass like this makes shooting a much more relaxing and fun experience.

There are a few things I learned regarding shooting an LPVO concerning setup and mount selection, which was 100% my fault and not the company’s. Once I had that figured out the rest of our sessions were a breeze. Well-built with a great reticle and an amazing lifetime warranty, it’s hard to pass up this optic in my opinion. The entire series of ZeroTech’s that I’ve tested will give any of the big companies a run for their money. And it’s no different on this one.

I will say, be sure to pair this and all optics to a quality mount. We selected the American Defense Manufacturing Recon -M for this test after having issues with setting up an inferior mount. And a quality mounting system makes life a lot easier behind any gun.

**Originally published on The Gear Bunker

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