Battle belts are simply belts that designed to be worn in tactical situations, such as law enforcement, warfare, hunting, and shooting competitions. What separates battle belts from normal belts is normally the material they’re made of. Battle belts need to be more rugged, tighter on the waist, and strong enough to hold up a gun holster and gear without sagging. The battle belts on this list are all worthy of your patronage because they’re all durable, comfortable, and functional in the most hostile environments you’ll find yourself in.

1. FirstSpear Assaulters Gun Belt (AGB)

FirstSpear always impresses me because they’re always trying to find ways of innovating their products to make them better. The Assaulters Gun Belt is incredibly versatile with the option of adding the tactical suspenders and the gun belt sleeve for added comfort and capability. The AGB is equipped with a 2-point metallic buckle that is strong enough to hold together during the toughest situations. For example, if one of your teammates goes down in the line of duty, you can hook up to the AGB and drag them out without the buckle breaking. This belt can fit any sized holster with the 6/12 straps without having your belt sag on the side of your holster. Anyone who carries a pistol on their belt knows how uncomfortable this is and how unpractical it is during a mission.

Why Should I Buy The AGB?

The AGB is compatible with every other component in the First Spear product line, such as the suspenders, sleeve, 6/12 straps, and many of the pistol and rifle magazine pouches. The 6/9 and 6/12 technology allows the AGB to fit inside the AGB sleeve to add either more comfort or add a soft armor panel for added blast protection. The buckle is easily removed for installation and feeding through smaller MOLLE loops or 6/12 pouches. I would buy this belt and add the sleeve for optimal comfort and more opportunity to carry your loadout on your belt instead of your vest. The versatility that the AGB adds to your loadout is unquestionably advantageous to an operator who demands comfort, durability, and reliability.

What is FirstSpear 6/12 Technology?

6/12 Modular pockets/pouches were designed y FirstSpear to reduce the weight that comes with attachments and tactical gear. 6/12 technology has been shown to reduce the weight of modular pouches by up to 40% versus traditional MOLLE pouches. If you’re adding 6/12 rifle pouches that can carry 2 30-round mags loaded with 5.56mm NATO ammo, you’re talking about reducing your weight by a couple pounds. The 6/12 pouches not only reduce the weight on your back, but it also reduces the overall bulk of MOLLE pouches by removing the nylon webbing, metal snaps, and the reinforced polymer.

FirstSpear designed the 6/12 modular system to be completely compatible with the MOLLE pockets and improved the retention and fit with state-of-the-art technology. They 1st used a machine industrial laser to precisely cut the attachment points to specification. Then they used an adhesive for the backing of the pouches to ensure they’re as tight as possible to the vest. This whole process creates greater flexibility on unarmored platforms so the operator has increased maneuverability when it’s needed. 


2. Ferro Concepts-The Bison Belt

The Bison Belt from Ferro Concepts is lightweight, low-profile, incredibly strong, and is designed with advanced technology to make it versatile and practical. This belt has a price tag of $215.00, but the amount of time and money spent on making the belt ensures its worth. They used a single layer laser-cut thermoplastic frame to cut the plastic to absolute precision and to reduce weight (0.5 lbs). Not only does the thermoplastic reduce the weight and thickness of the belt, but it significantly increases the rigidity of the belt for more reliability in stressful situations. The belt is completely compatible with MOLLE pouches by attaching their patented Hook and Loop Velcro system to the MOLLE for a very quick and easy installation.

Why Should I Buy the Bison Belt?

The Bison Belt is made in America and Berry Complaint, along with all of their products. Not only does buying this belt support American workers, but it will give you a clear advantage over most other products on the market in durability and agility. The Bison Belt is equipped with the patented D-Ring Cobra buckle to offer an easy and strong buckle that fits the need for soldiers and police. The Hook Velcro system is lined on the inside of the belt for a rapid release and donning feature that is practical and functional in a combat situation.

What is Berry Compliance?

The Berry Amendment of 1941 is important for American Manufacturing because it protects American textile and clothing factories. The Amendment works by forcing the Department of Defense (DOD) to purchase all textiles from America, during a time of war.  Anytime a company is compliant with the Berry Amendment, it shows their regard for our nation and it’s workers. Any DOD sub-contractor (like Ferro Concepts) is required to purchase all of their products from American made sources during a time of war to ensure American companies are not undercut by foreign-made products. The list of products that are met by the Berry Amendment are listed below.

  • Natural fiber products, including cotton
  • Wool (yarn or fiber in materials; manufactured articles or fabrics)
  • Clothing, including its components and materials (i.e. underwear, outerwear, footwear, headwear, hosiery, and where, insignia, belts, and badges)
  • Woven silk
  • Woven silk blends
  • Spun silk yarn used in cartridge cloth
  • Coated synthetic fabric
  • All yarns in textile fibers used in coated synthetic fabrics
  • Any piece of equipment that contains or is used to manufacture the above-mentioned fibers, yarns, or materials made in the U.S.
  • Tents and their associated components, such as tarpaulins and covers

3. Tyr Tactical-Gunfighter Modular Assaulters Belt

The Tyr Tactical Gunfighter Modular Assaulters Belt is known for its simplicity, durability, and load carriage balance. The feature that stands out most for this belt is the compatibility with the TYR Tactical® Dual Point Rigger Belt. This attachment gives the operator or LEO a vertical load test weight of 8,000 lbs, which is more than enough to be hoisted up in a helicopter or repel down a cliff. The belt is built with the same Pluma Vires (PV) material that the PICO-DS is made from, which reduces the weight and increases the strength of the belt. The PV material is made from Kevlar and nylon to ensure the belt is as durable and strong as it possibly can be without reducing the maneuverability of the operator.

Why Should I Buy The Tyr Tactical Gunfighter Assaulters Belt?

I would buy this belt over the others on this list if I were going to be using it with a rigger’s set-up to be able to climb, repel, and be hoisted up by helicopter in a combat zone. This belt is compatible with MOLLE/PALS pockets and is easily combined with the rigger’s belt for more versatility. The Dual Point Rigger belt attaches to the GAB via the hook and loop straps for easy installation. Once the belts are placed through the hook and loop velcro, the belts are flush with each other and offer more rigidity than most other combination belts on the market.

4. S&S Precision- Belt Modular (BM)

S&S Precision has been one of my favorite tactical gear companies for many years so far due to their outstanding customer service and exemplary gear. The Belt-M (BM) is a great base belt that offers 2 options for inner belts. You can easily change and install the 2 belts (comfort or riggers belt) based on your mission requirements. For example, law enforcement officers should probably always go with the comfort inner belt because of the time spent sitting in a patrol car or walking around the community. Military soldiers can choose to go with the riggers belt if they need to handle weight loads more than their body weight without breaking (3,000 lb load rate). The BM features laser-cut MOLLE pockets for compatibility with any Modular Pocket attachment system.

Why Should I Buy The Belt Modular from S&S Precision?

The BM is made of hydrophobic composite, which repels water from the belt so you don’t add unwanted weight and mildew on your gear. The hard point can be used to tether to the inside of a helicopter for emergency repels and pick-ups. The versatility of the belt with the comfort inner attachment or the rigger belt is easy to use and completely interchangeable. The BM is designed to be form-fitting and low-profile so you don’t even know its there until you need to use it.

Belt-Modular™ (Belt-M)

5. High Speed Gear- Operator’s Belt (Cobra IDR 1.75″)

High Speed Gear’s (HSGI) Operator’s belt is designed to be used by Special Operations soldiers that need a belt with high tensile strength and the ability to be used as a riggers belt for excess loads. The HSGI Operator’s Belt is a low-profile riggers belt that is made with Type 13 nylon webbing, which is the new standard for nylon for Mil-Spec equipment. This belt is used and tested by Special Operations forces located in Ft. Bragg, NC for quality control. The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) has also tested this belt and praised it as being comfortable, rigid, and practical in combat operations.  All MOLLE and belt-mounted gear will attach easily to the HSGI Operator’s Belt and is equipped with MOLLE slots for attaching pouches and holsters.

Why Should I Buy The HSGI Operator’s Belt?

The Operator’s belt is one of the strongest rigger belts on the market that is somehow able to remain comfortable while being incredibly rigid. The combination of the Micro Grip Belt Panel and the HSGI Inner Belt provides a lot of versatility for those who need to meet a variety of mission requirements. The Cobra D-Ring buckle is an awesome feature that allows the operator to release the belt in a split-second if needed or secure the belt rapidly, depending on the situation. HSGI is not only a great company, but they’re also an American owned and operated company that provides dozens of jobs to North Carolina citizens.

What is the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)?

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is an organization made up of professional soldiers and law enforcement officers from various Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). The NTOA strives to improve the effectiveness of policing and tactics through education and training at their facilities across the country and through online education. The NTOA works with individual police departments and offers annual conferences across the country to actively recruit LEOs. The training is always lead by a certified trainer with years of tactical experience so everyone can be assured they’re receiving the best training possible. The NTOA also offers an Academy that teaches the students on leadership, tactical command, and ways to improve decision-making skills in the field.