Vertx Dead Letter Sling [Review]

Introduced in 2019, the Vertx Dead Letter Sling took the place of the Vertx Courier in the product lineup.

While a backpack provides better weight distribution on the shoulders for enhanced comfort and easier mobility, a sling bag offers distinct advantages in situations where space is limited, quick access to contents is required, and security is paramount in crowds.

Vertx Dead Letter Sling review

The Dead Letter Sling is thoughtfully designed to be adaptable in various carrying configurations.

It can be worn as a conventional messenger bag or transformed into one of Vertx’s traditional sling bags by switching the clip. left-handed individuals will appreciate that it is the first genuinely ambidextrous Vertx sling bag.

No matter how you arrange it, the bag maintains the correct upright orientation. Simply switch out the Rapid Access Pull tab, and you’re good to go. The reconfiguration process can be completed in just a few seconds.

The bar tacks on the back of the bag are color-coded to indicate the appropriate sling position for right or left-handed individuals. Red signifies a right-handed draw, while blue indicates a left-handed draw.

The subtle color coding simplifies the process of switching between right and left carry configurations.

Vertx Dead Letter Sling review

The Dead Letter Sling showcases sophisticated messenger bag aesthetics that seamlessly blend into any professional or business setting. Its appearance exudes professionalism rather than a tactical vibe.

It complements a business suit beautifully while still incorporating all the essential features for everyday carry purposes. With a moderate size of 12 liters, it measures 19" in height, 13.5" in width, and 5" in depth. The sling pack weighs 3.2 pounds.


The design, craftsmanship, and choice of materials employed in the Dead Letter Sling exemplify exceptional quality. Its body is skillfully constructed using weatherproof 500D CORDURA nylon, adorned with synthetic leather accents. The selection of 500D CORDURA ensures a perfect balance between strength and lightweight characteristics.

The use of bonded nylon thread is consistent throughout, with critical seams and attachment points reinforced through bar tacking to ensure heightened durability. The Vertx Dead Letter Sling features YKK self-repairing nylon coil zippers and Duraflex plastic hardware, maintaining consistency in superior quality.

Vertx Dead Letter Sling review

The zippers are thoughtfully equipped with quiet, positive-grip zipper pull tabs. Enhancing both airflow and comfort, the sling incorporates a 3-D molded high-density closed-cell foam back panel. Additionally, it includes a pass-through feature for conveniently attaching to rolling luggage handles. Notably, there are no visible logos, maintaining a sleek and understated aesthetic.


The Dead Letter Sling features an adjustable shoulder strap that offers exceptional comfort due to its thick padding and the inclusion of ventilating mesh on the bottom. The strap is equipped with quick-release buckles and multiple webbing attachment points, allowing for easy customization with accessories.

To ensure weight distribution and load management, the sling pack incorporates an adjustable waist/sternum strap. Additionally, the Dead Letter Sling is outfitted with a padded satchel/attaché-style carry handle, offering a variety of carrying options to suit individual preferences.

Vertx Dead Letter Sling review

The Dead Letter Sling incorporates a zippered front flap on its front side, which cleverly hides a loop-faced MOLLE/PALS webbing panel. For convenient access to items mounted on the panel, the front flap can be neatly stowed behind it. The top of the flap features a nylon webbing pull tab that is secured with hook and loop fasteners.

This design allows for swift unzipping of the flap while keeping the panel discreetly concealed. Additionally, a synthetic leather grab handle positioned above the panel assists with easy access. Snaps on the zipper pull serve to prevent accidental openings.

Vertx Dead Letter Sling review

To accommodate larger items such as helmets or jackets, two G-hooks enable the front flap to convert into a sling configuration. Furthermore, a loop-faced strip is situated at the bottom of the front panel, providing a designated space for attaching an ID patch.

The primary compartment of the Dead Letter Sling is accessible through a zippered opening and boasts dimensions of 17.5" in height, 13" in width, and 2" in depth, with a diagonal length of 19". This generous opening allows for easy access to various features, including a dedicated laptop sleeve capable of accommodating up to a 15" laptop.

Vertx Dead Letter Sling review

Inside the compartment, there is also a zippered pocket made of abrasion-resistant 100% nylon mesh, equipped with a key lanyard for secure storage. Additionally, a large loop panel is available for attaching Tactigami and other hook and loop-compatible accessories, along with two gear slots for further organization.

Both the main compartment and the concealed carry compartment feature a light-colored interior, which enhances visibility within the bag.

Concealed Carry Compartment

The Vertx Dead Letter Sling features a zippered concealed carry compartment located at the rear, designed to accommodate compact PDWs or SMGs. The dimensions of this compartment are 19" in height, 12.5" in width, and 2" in depth, with a diagonal length of 20".

Vertx Dead Letter Sling review

The compartment is equipped with loop lining, allowing for the attachment of Tactigami and other hook and loop-compatible accessories. It also includes a sling attachment point and a Rapid Access Pull tab, providing quick access to the user’s firearm during emergency situations.

Notably, the Dead Letter Sling offers one of the fastest draws available, with a firearm deployable from the compartment in three seconds or less. Furthermore, if the concealed carry platform is not utilized for a firearm, it serves as an additional compartment for carrying other items.

Vertx Dead Letter Sling

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Within the concealed carry compartment, two retention G-hooks are in place to prevent the flap from fully opening. This feature enables the user to maintain a compact and controlled working area within the compartment, minimizing the risk of unintended opening while accessing gear.

Furthermore, it helps to keep the contents discreetly concealed when the compartment is unzipped, ensuring an added layer of privacy and security.

Ballistic Panel Pockets

The concealed carry platform of the Dead Letter Sling is designed to accommodate ballistic panels, which can be inserted into pockets located on the front and back of the compartment. These pockets are securely closed with a hook and loop flap.

When the compartment is fully opened, the two ballistic panels can effectively provide coverage for the torso and abdomen. To ensure structural stability, a plastic insert is included in the front ballistic panel pocket.

This insert enhances rigidity and maintains the shape of the panel for optimal performance.


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Vertx Dead Letter Sling Accessories

Vertx bags and packs are integral components of a versatile and customizable system. With this in mind, Vertx provides a range of accessories (not included) that can greatly enhance its storage capabilities.

These accessories include the innovative Vertx S.O.C.P. Rigid Insert Panel, Tacticgami accessories for enhanced organization, the newly introduced Dolos Mag Pouches for convenient magazine storage, and zippered Overflow Mesh Pouches for additional compartmentalization.

These accessories offer users the opportunity to tailor their Vertx bags and packs to meet their specific needs and preferences.

SOCP Rigid Insert Panel

The Vertx S.O.C.P. Rigid Insert Panel was created by Greg Thompson, the founder of the Special Operations Combatives Program (SOCP) taught to US military Special Operations Forces (SOF) personnel.

S.O.C.P. Deployable Insert Panel

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This innovative panel serves as an organizational platform, specifically designed to facilitate the discreet movement of gear in low-visibility scenarios.

Vertx Tactigami

The range of Vertx Tactigami accessories encompasses various offerings, such as the MPH (Multi-Purpose Holster) accessory holsters, MAP (MOLLE Adapter Panel System), and MAK (MAGs and Kit) accessory system. These patented systems are skillfully constructed using VELCRO Brand ONE-WRAP, providing reliable and secure attachment capabilities.

Vertx MAK Standard Pouch

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In addition to these accessories, Vertx provides a Tactigami Mini Organizational Pouch and a Tech & Multi-Tool Pouch, further expanding organizational options for users.

Vertx Dolos Mag Pouches

The Vertx Dolos Mag Pouches showcase an innovative multi-purpose attachment system that provides versatile carry options for magazines and other items, whether on-body or off-body. Constructed from a durable and flexible elastic material, the Dolos Mag Pouches offer removable shock cord retention for secure storage.

Vertx Single Pistol Dolos Mag Pouch

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Currently, the Dolos lineup includes the Dolos Single Pistol Mag Pouch and Dolos Triple AR Mag Pouch, catering to different user preferences and needs.

Vertx Overflow Mesh Pockets

The Vertx Overflow Mesh pouches are specifically crafted to be attached to the interior of any Vertx bag or a surface that is compatible with hook and loop attachments. These pouches are constructed from durable, abrasion-resistant 100% nylon mesh material, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Vertx Dead Letter Sling review

Equipped with a YKK zipper and a convenient zipper pull tab, accessing the contents of the pouches is made effortless. Available in Medium and Large sizes, these mesh pouches offer flexibility to accommodate varying storage needs.

In Conclusion

The Vertx Dead Letter Sling stands out as a remarkable mid-size sling pack, boasting an impressive array of features and capabilities that distinguish it in its class.

With its exceptional design, it excels in both low-key overt close protection operations and covert operations, particularly in high-threat urban environments. Its ability to seamlessly blend in with clients while providing instant and discreet weapon accessibility proves crucial.

Moreover, it serves as an excellent EDC bag for any prepared professional. Its versatility and functionality have made it my go-to EDC bag of choice.

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