variety of styles designed for different purposes and mission requirements. For the purpose of this blog, we will discuss the best pistol magazines that made to be either single or double-stacked for an increased ammo load. The pistol magazine pouches/holders that I review today are all great and will work effectively and increase your advantage on the battlefield. From much research, I’ve discovered that companies such as FirstSpear, Blue Force Gear, Ferro Concepts, S&S Precision, and High Speed Gear are all great American companies that deserve praise.

FirstSpear SSV™, In-the-Belt Pistol Magazine Pocket, Single

FirstSpear is more than just one of the most expensive tactical gear companies in the country, it’s one of the most versatile, durable, and dependable companies, as well. The FirstSpear SSV is completely ambidextrous to accommodate both left and right-handed shooters. It holds a single pistol magazine from any caliber handgun magazine and is designed in conjunction with (ICW) in-the-belt-holsters. The Molded J-Hook is accompanied by the backup dummy cord to ensure the mag pouch stays put when you have to quickly grab the magazine from the pouch. As you can see in the picture below, the mag pouch is equipped with beveled down corners on each side of the mag pouch in order to provide a better grip on the magazine without grabbing the pouch too. These features ensure the FirstSpear pistol mag pouch is as versatile, functional, practical, and ergonomic as possible. The rounded corners of the mag pouch and the hydrophobic composite material ensure the product is comfortable when you sit down and don’t poke you or get weighed down with water or sweat.

Why Should I Buy the FirstSpear SSV In-the-Belt Pistol Magazine Pocket?

I would buy this mag pouch for many reasons, but to start, I love the concealable nature of this mag pouch and how FirstSpear has made it comfortable to wear even as it’s close to the skin. The rounded corners seem like a minor adjustment, but how many times have you been poked by the sharp corners of a magazine pouch as you sit down or bend over? The beveled corners provide a much better grip and instill confidence that you’ll never grab the fabric and magazine at the same time. The SSV Magazine Pocket is perfect for law enforcement, competition shooters in the 3-Gun Competition, and made for soldiers who need every second to save their lives.



Tyr Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch – Combat Adjustable Happy Mag®

The Tyr Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch is the most affordable, versatile, and functional magazine pouch on the market. This pouch combines the 2 most sought after features for a tactical mag pouch; the Adjustable Happy Mag and the CLPA. The CLPA is specifically designed to conform to either single-stack or double-stack magazines, which is controlled by the tension adjustment on the bottom of the pouch. The Happy Mag clip and contact-grip material secure the magazine to ensure you will NEVER lose a magazine unless it’s actively pulled out by you. To ensure the utmost security of the magazine, you just need to use the retention strap to ensure that there is no way your magazine will be able to be removed without some catastrophic accident.

Why Should I Buy The Tyr Tactical Combat Adjustable Happy Mag?

I love the comfort and the level of retention in this magazine pouch more than any other retention system because of the simplicity and ease of use. Many companies work so hard to create the most unique and technologically advanced system that they tend to forget the basics sometimes. Tyr Tactical starts from the basics of practicality and works in the technology after the solid base is formed. The pouch is even available in fire retardant material to avoid catching fire if you’re unfortunate enough to be in a vehicle hit by an IED or RPG. For $40.00 there is no other mag pouch that would I want.

How Do I Attach The Tyr Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch?

  1. As you can see in the video below, place the CLPA attachment inside the Happy Mag
  2. Adjust the retention cord to fit your magazine(s)
  3. Place the retention strap over the magazine to completely secure the magazine in the pouch (optional)
  4. Flip the pouch upside down to test the retention



Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Single Magazine Pouch

The Blue Force Ten-Speed Single Mag pouch is designed to fit every pistol caliber magazine up to an HK 45. The pouch will need at least a 2×1 MOLLE strap to fit properly and securely. The reason I chose the Ten-Speed Mag Pouch is because of the Helium Whisper Attachment System, which is compatible with all MOLLE platforms and built with incredibly strong laminate. This laminate reduces the weight of the mag pouch by at least 60% and maintains its rigidity and overall strength. One of the great features is the elastic material that securely holds the magazine in place, even if it’s shaken or flipped upside down.

Why Should I Buy Blue Force Ten-Speed Single magazine Pouch?

This magazine has great versatility with the ability to securely hold a single or double-tack pistol magazine, a tactical light, multitool, knives, and OC spray. I would argue this is the most technologically advanced pistol mag under $30 you’ll ever find. It’s less than 0.031 lbs in overall weight, which is literally not even heavy enough to throw without the wind taking it. It’s elastic is durable, long-lasting, and makes it easy for rapid release or securement.




Ferro Concepts Turnover Double Pistol Magazine Pouch

The Ferro Concepts Turnover Magazine pouch is specifically designed with the Slickster Plate Carrier Platform. The Slickster plate carrier is the best selling and comfortable plate carriers on the market. The Turnover Magazine Pouch is made with a high-strength elastic and velcro on the front and back for added versatility. The Turnover is a double pistol mag capable of securely holding 2 pistol magazines of any caliber up to an HK 45. As with every Ferro Concepts products, this mag pouch is Berry Compliant and made in America with precision and excellence.

Why Should I Buy the Ferro Concepts Double Magazine Pouch?

Ferro Concepts takes pride in producing great American made products based on practicality and simplicity. The reason I like their products so much is they’re much more affordable than any other company on this list. This double mag pouch will cost you $18.00 and give you similar versatility and save you at least $40.00-100.00 depending if you buy from FirstSpear or Tyr Tactical. It might not offer the same advanced technology, but it works perfectly with the ever-popular Slicker plate carrier and comes with a great limited lifetime warranty.

High Speed Gear Pistol Taco LT-Belt Mount

HSGI’s product list is as impressive as most other companies and their TACO LT-Belt Mount pistol magazines are no different. It’s incredibly versatile with the capability of holding any non-extended pistol magazine, tactical light, multitool, or knife. With the attachment strap designed for your battle belt, the mag pouch allows you to conceal it with ease. The attachment for the HSGI pistol mag pouch is developed with a much sturdier fabric that most traditional mag pouches. They use a strip of nylon that is reinforced by a heavy-duty nylon laminate and then secured with a snap closure system for better security.

Why Should I Buy the HSGI Taco LT belt Mount?

The HSGI Taco pistol mag is priced at $31.00 and offers a lot of versatility for a variety of loadouts and mission requirements.  The Taco LT-Belt Mount is easy to conceal if you’re using a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW). I would buy this product if I already had HSGI gear because all of their products work best when used in conjunction with each other. The retention strap secures almost any magazine to give you the confidence you’ll need to be comfortable with your loadout.