Why We Made The Tactical Tourniquet Holder

After spending years downrange and conducting countless missions the owners of REFT decided it was time to find a solution for carrying the Combat Tourniquet.  This came after a failure to find a product that allows the user to carry their tourniquet on a number of different platforms and access it using one hand.  After creating the prototype, the owner took the tourniquet holder downrange for testing and was initially disappointed with the results.  However, after an extensive redesign and another tested deployment REFT is proud to introduce the RE Factor Tactical Tourniquet Holder to the public.

What to pack in your E&E Bag

We designed the tourniquet holder to be as accessible as possible.  The tabs that hold the tourniquet in place are sewn together to allow for a one-handed release, something that is crucial when accessing a tourniquet in a life or death situation.  In addition, the tabs have an elastic base to help hold the tourniquet in place using slight retention and allows for the holder to fit most issued tourniquet to include the C-A-T and SOF Tactical Tourniquet.

The tourniquet holder can be mounted to kit either through a MOLLE weave, hook Velcro adhesion or by looping the tabs around a belt or webbing.

The tabs on the tourniquet holder are spaced to adapt to standard-issue MOLLE gear.

Natural Bag Enhancement: The Enhanced Kit Bag

The hook velcro on the back allows the tourniquet holder to be mounted to low vis velcro vests, inside a vehicle, on a medical bag or any other loop velcro surface.  This also allows the tourniquet to ripped off the platform and given to someone else in a medical situation.

The Tourniquet holder can also be mounted to a belt or similar platform.  This is perfect for low vis operations or police officers as it allows the user to carry the tourniquet on their persons and still reach it using both hands. All RE Factor Tactical Tourniquet Holders are Made in the USA and retail for $18.95.  For more information or to purchase visit http://www.refactortactical.com/product-p/reft-tourniquet-holder.htm   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNR2JF0o4ys

What’s In Your Go Bag?

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