Mystery Ranch Blitz 35 Review

A backpack like the Blitz 35 from Mystery Ranch offers users the ability to pack and arrange their gear for various adventures due to its spacious capacity.

When it comes to everyday carry (EDC), the Blitz 35 offers users the flexibility to handle and pack additional equipment during unexpected situations.

For individuals who are frequently on the move, the Blitz 35 serves as an ideal backpack for short trips.

"Your go-to bag for your daily missions." ~

Mystery Ranch Blitz 35 Overview

The Blitz 35 features a front section adorned with five PALS webbing panels, offering users the flexibility to attach extra pouches. On both sides of the backpack, Mystery Ranch thoughtfully incorporated three PALS webbing panels. Moreover, each side boasts a convenient pocket with a drainage hole, ideal for securely carrying water bottles or a neatly rolled-up rain jacket, ensuring easy accessibility.

To maintain a compact form when the backpack is not fully packed, Mystery Ranch thoughtfully integrated upper and lower compression straps. These compression straps are equipped with built-in web keepers, allowing for the tidy storage of loose straps and minimizing the risk of entanglement with branches or vehicle doors.

Mystery Ranch Blitz 35 Review

The Blitz 35 also has three external pockets, the A, B, and C pocket system, with water-resistant zippers.

The A pocket is at the Blitz 35’s base. This pocket is designed to hold an assortment of small items such as pens, flashlights, small notebooks, or first aid items. The B pocket is big enough for various tech items, such as charging cables and a battery pack.

The B pocket also has a built-in lanyard to secure keys. Behind the A and B pockets, there is a slim middle pocket to carry a book for easy access while traveling in a plane.

The C pocket is a smaller admin pocket that can hold several pens or cold-weather gloves for easy access. On top of the C pocket is a loop tape panel for call sign patches or morale patches.

Mystery Ranch Blitz 35 Review

"Whether work or school, the loop-lined laptop sleeve, internal bottle pockets, and attached admin lid offer rich, daily-use features, yet the hydro-ported body panel is ready for off-road adventures." ~

Located at the rear of the Blitz 35, you’ll find a telescoping yoke system and a detachable waist belt. Positioned at the top of the yoke system, there is a webbed carry handle along with two load lifter straps. Additionally, the sternum strap incorporates built-in bungee cords, ensuring the secure placement of a hydration hose in close proximity to the wearer.

The waist belt of the backpack features practical built-in pockets on both sides, offering convenient storage for smaller items like keys or a compact bag of snacks for on-the-go consumption.

The Mystery Ranch Blitz 35 provides two methods of accessing its interior. The first approach involves opening the shroud, which also includes two drawstrings to optimize the pack’s size according to its contents.

The second method entails utilizing the zipper that runs vertically along the front right side of the Blitz. This zipper grants access to the entirety of the backpack’s interior.

Mystery Ranch Blitz 35 Review

"Tactical and functional – the BLITZ 35 is ready for whatever mission your day brings on." ~

Within the Blitz 35, you’ll discover two internal pockets designed specifically for water bottles, capable of accommodating insulated options such as a Hydro Flask. Each of these pockets has the capacity to hold up to three 5.56 or .308 magazines.

The interior of the Blitz 35 also features a dedicated pocket suitable for storing files, a tablet, or a single notebook. Adjacent to this pocket, you’ll find a padded hanging compartment intended for securing a laptop or a hydration bladder. To ensure the hydration bladder remains in place, a hang tab is included, and Mystery Ranch has thoughtfully incorporated a quick-access zipper for convenient retrieval.

In addition to the four internal pockets, there is a loop tape panel within the backpack, serving as a storage solution for morale patches while on the move. The loop tape can also accommodate a compact admin pouch equipped with hook tape.

To facilitate internal organization and minimize bulk when the backpack is not fully loaded, Mystery Ranch has incorporated an internal compression strap at the top of the Blitz 35. This strap proves useful for compressing the contents internally and preventing the backpack from expanding outward when empty.

Blitz 35

at Mystery Ranch
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Mystery Ranch Blitz 35 Features & Specifications

  • Low-profile, removable pocketed waist belt
  • Padded, floating laptop sleeve that fits laptops up to 15"
  • Three main pockets and ample PALS webbing
  • Side and lower compression straps
  • Empty Weight: 4.4 lb
  • Volume: 2,185 cu-ins
  • Dimension: 21"x12.5"x14.5"
  • Harnessing Style: Framed
  • MSRP: $329.00

Final Thoughts

Throughout the past few weeks of using the Blitz 35, I have been truly impressed by Mystery Ranch’s remarkable creation.

The versatility of the Blitz makes it suitable for a wide range of purposes, whether it’s for extended day hikes or short-term journeys. I personally chose the Blitz 35 as my go-to backpack during a weeklong hunting expedition. It effortlessly accommodated two jackets, ammunition, a headlamp, batteries, water, and other essential hunting gear required while traversing through the woods.

During the walking segments of the hunting trip, I encountered no issues with the pack’s weight, thanks to the well-designed yoke system and waist belt of the Blitz. I am confident that the Blitz will continue to perform admirably for future overnight travels and the hiking adventures my wife and I have planned.


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