The role that was envisioned for the Maxim Defense PDX, I believe, serves better than the AR15, M4, and Mk18.

What is that role? A confined space carbine.

Interior structure CQB and vehicles present very real challenges to anyone using a long gun.

Space is at a premium.

5 Reasons Why The Maxim Defense PDX Beats an AR15

Rifles primarily get their terminal performance from muzzle velocity and the shorter we make a rifle to make it easier to handle in confined spaces the more velocity we give up.

The ‘window’ in which 5.56 rounds will have optimal terminal performance gets shorter as barrels do.

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Maxim Defense PDX vs AR15

The M4 gives up velocity from the AR15/M16. The Daniel Defense MK18 gives up even more velocity than the M4.

The Maxim Defense PDX in its short 18.75″ configuration is smaller than the MK18, about the length of an MP5k with the stock out, but is retaining velocities closer to that of an M4/AR15 platform.

Maxim Defense wanted to develop a compact AR15 platform that would work better in confined spaces than the M4 and Mk18 while maintaining AK-47 reliability and M4 terminal performance.

In 2019 Maxim Defense released the PDX which quickly proved that it was more reliable and accurate than M4 and Mk18 rifles in a close-quarters role.

Even with the added versatility of the MK 18, the fact that the 5.5″ barrel of the PDX can accurately engage targets at 200 yards is nothing short of revolutionary in the gun industry.

Having a modern AR15 carbine, using 20 or 30 round magazines, with a light and preferably an optic, and that you are familiar with operating, is enough. They can be made to work.

But I don’t like having a tool that can be made to work, I like having the tool that fits the job. The PDX is that tool for confined spaces.

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5 Reasons Why The PDX is Better Than an AR15

  1. The design has been refined and proven
  2. More compact than anything else out there in an AR15 platform including the venerable Mk18.
  3. Better terminal performance. 5.56 needs speed to fragment properly.
  4. Ambidextrous controls. Great for left-handed shooters.
  5. Great accuracy

5 Reasons Why The PDX is Better Than an AR15

Regardless of the short 5.5” barrel length, Maxim Defense has engineered the PDX barrel to be both reliable and accurate for its end users.

Very rarely will you ever find a rifle with a 5.5″ barrel and an overall length of 18.75″ that can fire heavier bullets accurately and consistently.

Maxim Defense PDX Effective Range

Using the NATO M855 62gr ball ammo with a 1:7 barrel twist rate results in a max effective range of 200 yards for the PDX platform.

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The Maxim Defense PDX dominates confined spaces and achieves maximum energy on target.

At just 18.75” in overall length, the PDX delivers groundbreaking power and performance in a sub-compact AR15 platform.

Head on over to Maxim Defense to check out the different variations of the PDX.

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