Griffin Armament is no amateur when it comes to tubeless suppressor designs, developing the first commercially available tubeless suppressors in the US in 2010. Early Gate-Lok™ cans like the M4SD2 and M4SD as well as the first-generation Recce cans were tubeless designs.

Tubeless designs are relatively featureless compared to user-serviceable and modular suppressors; however, they can be made very lightweight due to not having a double-walled material thickness like traditional tubed silencers and baffles.  Deleting the outer tube helps reduce the weight of the system but also imposes other engineering hurdles that can be difficult to overcome.

Ten years after Griffin’s initial innovation into tubeless suppressors the company introduced a new tubeless series, the first generation EXPLORR® suppressors.  These suppressors sought to push the limits of what was capable. The goal was to create dedicated rifle suppressors that nearly matched the lightweight specifications common to full titanium suppressors.

Using new tubeless suppressor designs, the 30 caliber EXPLORR was only 12 ounces in a full 17-4 stainless steel design and utilized tig autogenous welding.

Shortly after this, however, laser welding became market viable and was incorporated into the build process, prompting the next generation EXPLORR® suppressors allowing even further reduced weights to the tubeless class.

Griffin Armament EXPLORR Gen 2 Tubeless Suppressor

Additionally, ECO-FLOW™ baffle technology was integrated into the EXPLORR® series further reducing gas blowback and allowing for the most optimal sound suppression balance at the ear and the muzzle.

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The Taper Mount -RI™ (Rapid index) system has been added to the new EXPLORR® generation allowing a faster install along with Griffin’s trademark low profile flash suppressor end cap to ensure total system performance.

Griffin Armament EXPLORR Specs

Overall Length6.5″
Length Added5.2″ when using EZ Brake | 4.2″ when using longer devices
Weight10 ounces
MaterialsHigh strength, high temperature, corrosion-resistant 17-4PH Stainless Steel
Attachment.30cal/7.62mm Taper Mount devices
Db Attenuation7.62mm (29DB)
FinishHigh Temp Cerakote
Full Auto RatedYes

Griffin Armament EXPLORR Gen 2 Tubeless Suppressor

The line has expanded to a total of 4 suppressors: two dedicated Taper Mount -RI™ versions and two 1.375×24 utility mount versions or HUB (hybrid universal base). The 1.375×24 HUB mount versions are extremely versatile allowing for Griffin Taper Mount interface, (they ship with Griffin’s PLAN-A adapter), A2 mount, 3 lug mount, and more.

Griffin Armament EXPLORR Gen 2 Tubeless Suppressor

Griffin Armament EXPLORR Features

  • 17-4 Stainless Steel Fully H900 Heat Treated
  • Laser Welded
  • Minimal and Repeatable POI shift
  • Low Profile Flash Suppressor
  • Wrench flats at both ends for no worries use
  • ECO-FLOW™ baffle system for improved performance
  • Taper Mount Compatible
  • Taper Mount EZ Brake™ 5/8×24 .30 cal Included
  • Cerakote finish
  • Perpetual™ Lifetime Warranty

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