Glock 48 Review: Is It Glock Perfection? Our Honest Review

The Glock 48 has slowly become the most popular Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) on the planet with well over 100,000 people per month searching for information and places to buy it.

We’ve shot the Glock 48 enough over the past few years to give an honest and thorough review.

We’re convinced that there is no better CCW than the Glock 48.

Glock 48

Prices accurate at time of writing

Is The Glock 48 Glock Perfection?

We asked someone who has served within the special operations community and intelligence community for over 2 decades what they thought of the Glock 48. Here are their thoughts.

My go-to gun was always my G19. It was small enough to conceal but big enough to fight with. It had a larger sight radius than the G26, a longer barrel, more powder burn, and was just as thick.

The short grip on the G26 made it good for concealed carry, but it wasn’t the best for people with big hands like me, even with the baseplate finger extension.

Now, introduce the G43. That immediately attracted me due to its small size, full-power 9mm chambering, and the fact that it was a wee bit larger than the G42.

I bought both the G43X and the G48 at the same time.

I was already used to carrying the G19 on a day-to-day, extended-wear basis, so the slide length of the G48 was a no-brainer for me.

Adding the XS Express 24/7 Big Dot sights put me in my comfort zone. Old eyes make having the front sight post BIG and a wee bit farther away from me a game changer.

The G48 kept what I loved about the G19, but now it’s much thinner, making IWB carry more comfortable. OWB is also better due to it being thinner.

Adding the Shield Arms S15 magazines made my G19 all but obsolete.

There are arguments out there that there is no demonstrable difference between the muzzle velocities of the G43X and the G48, and the G43X makes for “faster draws" from concealed due to the shorter slide and barrel. However, that is a non-argument, in my opinion.

I prefer the G48 over the G43X, just out of personal preference.

Bottom line: Carry what is comfortable; carry what is trained; carry what you are familiar with.

Out of all of my Glocks, and I own a ton, my G48 is my favorite. IMO, the G48 is Glock perfection.

But my G43, my G43X, and my G19 still get carried.

When it comes to handguns, choose a well-established, tried, and tested brand.

Find something that fits your hand/s.

Find something that points naturally for you, and you can manipulate all the controls and point instinctively.

Then TRAIN with it. Train to the point of subconscious competency.

Look and Feel of the Glock 48

It depends on what you prefer, but I went with the stainless steel slide instead of the matching matte black slide due to the price difference. When I bought it a few months ago, I got a tremendous deal at Kentucky Gun Company for $420.00.

The black slide version sells for $448.00 at Kentucky Gun Company and I thought I could save $65 and if it was that big of a deal I could buy a new slide down the road.  It might not look as uniform as the black slide, but I love the contrast with the silver slide, even though there are some negatives to it.

Glock 48 Gen 5 9mm Stainless Pistol
Glock 48 Slimline with Stainless Steel Slide

The Glock 48 Slimline is built with the best of the Gen 5 features, such as the Glock Marksman’s Barrel (GMB), the shortened trigger distance, reversible mag release, and the enhanced beavertail to prevent slide bite.

Overall, the feel of the G48 is almost exactly like the Glock 43X except for its 1.16 lbs instead of 1.02 lbs (Without Mag). I know many people always want the lightest gun possible, but the added weight of the Glock 48 feels better to me.

Even though I can’t really feel much of a difference, the Glock 48 feels a little more sturdy in my hand than the Glock 43X. Similar to why so many shooters around the country love a heavy stainless steel 1911, the weight in your hand feels great.

Why Choose the Glock 48 Over the Glock 43X?

The Glock 48 provides a 0.78" line of sight advantage over the Glock 43X, which doesn’t sound like a lot but makes a huge difference for me.

With the two Glocks being the same in almost every aspect, the G48 separates itself with a longer barrel, heavier weight, and better line of sight.

The Glock 48 fits my hand perfectly with a standard 10-round magazine attached. As you can see from the picture below, my hand fits all the way on the pistol grip, once a magazine is added. The grip doesn’t feel like other low-profile pistols that sacrifice a thinner mag well for a tighter grip on the pistol.

Some critics might say, “well, isn’t the G43X the same grip as the G48?" I really couldn’t tell any difference in the grip of the 2 pistols, but the added weight and length of the barrel and slide, make the pistol feel more balanced in my hand.

Overall, the feel of the G48 in my hand feels better than the G43X.

Glock 48 Gen 5 9mm Stainless Pistol
Glock 48 Slimline with Stainless Steel Slide

First Range Experience

The Glock 48 reminds me a lot of the Glock 19 in the way it shoots, except I feel like I shot better with the G48 than the G19. The only thing I did before I shot the gun was take apart the slide, remove the barrel, spring, and apply oil to all moving parts.

Shooting a cold bore at 25 yards with a pistol that hasn’t been fired, my accuracy was good enough for me. I’m not a great pistol shooter, by any stretch of the imagination, but there is no doubt that I would kill an assailant at 25 yards.

Glock 48 target


Overall Length185 mm | 7.28 inch
Slide Length174 mm | 6.85 inch
Width (Overall)28 mm | 1.10 inch
Slide Width22 mm | 0.87 inch
Height incl.Mag.128 mm | 5.04 inch
Line of Sight (Polymer)152 mm | 5.98 inch
Line of Sight (Steel)151 mm | 5.94 inch
Line of Sight (GNS)150 mm | 5.91 inch
Trigger Distance67 mm | 2.64 inch
Trigger Pull Weight24 N/ 5.4 lbs. force
SafetySafe Action
Mag. Capacity10
Barrel Length106 mm | 4.17 inch
Weight without magazine
524 g | 18.48 oz | 1.16 lbs
Weight with empty magazine
588 g | 20.74 oz | 1.3 lbs
Weight with a loaded magazine
712 g | 25.12 oz | 1.57 lbs

Glock 48 Barrel Size

The Glock 48 Barrel is one of the major differences between the Glock 43X and Glock 48. As you can see, the barrel is just over 4" in length versus the 3.41" of the Glock 43X. The added length to the barrel improves range and accuracy over the G43X and features the GMB threading for optimal accuracy with every shot you take.

Make sure you oil the barrel inside and out before you shoot to get the best performance. Just like many other things in life, it performs better with a little lube, lol.

Glock 48 Gen 5 9mm Stainless barrel

Glock 48 Weight

With a 10-round loaded magazine, the Glock 48 only weighs 1.57 lbs. The Glock 19 slide length makes the G48 feel perfectly balanced and provides a long line of sight for quicker target acquisition.

As a CCW, I can’t think of a pistol with a better combination of weight, length, performance, and reliability than the Glock 48.

Glock 48 Gen 5 9mm Stainless Pistol


Pros of Glock 48

  • Incredibly smooth shooting pistol with a better line of sight and recoil control than the Glock 43X.
  • The reduced trigger distance from the Glock 19 to the Glock 48 makes a much bigger difference than I originally thought it would. I notoriously pull most shots to the right with CCWs and the light 5.4 lb trigger pull with the shortened trigger distance makes up for my inadequacy as a shooter.
  • No matter which Glock it is, the feel of a Glock is just better than any other pistol I’ve held that’s priced under $1,500.
  • I shot 200 total rounds of garage ammo on purpose to test the reliability of the Glock 48. It was 37°F outside and I didn’t have one misfeed, misfire, or jam during the entire range day.
  • The Glock 48 slide is the same width as the G43X (0.87") and will fit in any CCW holster imaginable.
  • This is the most versatile CCW that I’ve seen and couldn’t be happier with my purchase. The length of a G19 and the low profile of the G43X is a perfect combination for any level of shooter.
  • As a lefty, I’m happy to see it comes with an interchangeable mag release button that doesn’t require any gunsmithing tools.
  • A 10-round magazine capacity is standard with the Glock 48, but you can even get a Glock 48 drum with a 50-round capacity!
  • The thin slide allows me to pull faster than a Glock 19, especially with a high-end holster from either Safariland or We the People Holsters.
  • I’ve seen many people online criticize the GMB as not making a difference, but I’ve had better success with every Glock Gen 5 9mm pistol I’ve shot versus the Gen 3 & 4 Glocks.
  • You can get a Glock 48 really anywhere now for under $500 brand new and under $300 for a used Glock.
  • One major reason Glock is so impactful on the gun market is due to their endless accessories for their pistols. The Glock 48 is no different with dozens of opportunities to customize your Glock.

Cons of the Glock 48

  • I realize that I’m being incredibly picky at this point, but I don’t like the slide serrations as much as my Walther or Springfield 1911 Loaded. They work fine, but I like more aggressive slide serrations. The good news is you can buy aftermarket slides for the Glock 48 with more aggressive serrations (I’ll show you below).
  • The can’t of the grip with a Glock is perfect, however, I need a more aggressive grip texture to shoot my best. I prefer the Granulated Texture Talon Grip.

Glock 48 Accessories

There are dozens of Glock 48 Accessories to improve the functionality, capability, and aesthetics of your Glock 48, but for today, I want to focus on a few that actually make a difference.

XS Sights Big Dot

I have equipped my Glock 48 with XS Big Dot sights, which feature tritium inserts on both the front and rear for effective use in low-light conditions.

DXT2 Standard Dot Night Sights

at XS Sights
Prices accurate at time of writing

These sights are particularly effective for close-range engagements within 15 yards. By simply aligning the large front sight dot with the rear sight, you can accurately hit your target with proper grip and trigger control.

In fact, skilled shooters have been able to hit targets with accuracy up to 100 yards using the XS Big Dot sights.

Shield Arms 15-Round Magazine

While the Glock 48 is a solid choice for concealed carry, its ten-round capacity puts it at a disadvantage compared to other pistols in the same category.

Fortunately, Shield Arms has introduced a solution with their Gen2 15-round metal magazine, which is made of high-strength steel. This innovative magazine not only provides an additional five rounds of capacity, but it also doesn’t extend any further than the factory magazine.

Shield Arms S15 Gen 2 9mm Magazine for GLOCK 43x/48

at Shield Arms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Furthermore, it offers a better grip at the base of the magazine, which could prove useful in case you need to quickly remove the magazine from the gun.

Shield Arms Glock Magazine Release

If you want to improve your Glock 48 pistol, the Shield Arms Glock Magazine Release is a simple yet effective upgrade. Made from durable steel, this magazine release seamlessly blends in with the design and ergonomics of the Glock 48.

Not only does the Shield Arms Glock 48 Magazine Release function just like the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) release, but it also has a slightly extended profile with chamfered edges. This design feature ensures that your magazine is ejected smoothly every time you depress the mag release.

Shield Arms Magazine Release for Glock 43X/48

at Shield Arms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Upgrading to this steel Glock magazine release is recommended for a few reasons. Firstly, the OEM release is made from polymer material which may wear down over time, especially when used with Shield Arms’ 15-round metal magazine. This could lead to functionality issues. Secondly, the Shield Arms Glock Magazine Release is made from high-quality steel, ensuring long-lasting durability and reliability.

Faxon Match Series Glock 48 Barrel

Faxon Firearms offers premium Glock 48 barrels specifically designed to elevate your accuracy and overall shooting experience. Our G48 barrels come in various finishes and features to cater to your individual needs. Precision engineering and 416-R stainless steel are used to create our top-of-the-line barrels, which are sure to exceed your expectations.

Faxon Match Series Straight Fluted Barrel for G48

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Faxon’s Match Series pistol barrels for Glock 48 are machined 100% in-house from stress-relieved 416-R stainless steel. These barrels are then given a black Nitride or PVD coating to increase lubricity, barrel life, and resistance to surface wear.

These barrels are conventionally rifled to allow a wider range of ammunition to be used, including cast lead. The barrels drop into factory-spec slides with no gunsmithing required. Better-than-factory tolerances ensure a consistent, tighter lockup than OEM.

Whether you’re a recreational shooter or a competitive marksman, our G48 barrels will help you reach your full potential.

Final Words

When choosing your next pistol, use the same criteria as I did and you’ll most likely come to the same realization that the Glock 48 is the best overall CCW on the market. No other pistol provides durability, reliability, functionality, versatility, and performance like the Glock 48.

You can get the Glock 48 for anywhere from $450.00-$500.00 in most places but always look for deals that offer free shipping or discounts for the best deals. The only thing I’d probably change if I had to do it over, is to spend the extra $60 or so and get the matte black slide.

I really like the aesthetics of the silver stainless steel slide, but I can see it getting scratched up with more use. The best thing about Glock though is I can easily buy an aftermarket slide to customize the G48 in any way that I want, so I’m not worried if it does get scratched. Regardless, I highly recommend the Glock 48 for anyone looking for a CCW that is smaller than the Glock 19 and bigger than the Glock 43X. It’s like the three bears children’s story for me…it’s just right.

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Table of Contents

  • Is The Glock 48 Glock Perfection?
  • Look and Feel of the Glock 48
  • Why Choose the Glock 48 Over the Glock 43X?
  • First Range Experience
  • Specs
  • Glock 48 Barrel Size
  • Glock 48 Weight
  • Pros of Glock 48
  • Cons of the Glock 48
  • Glock 48 Accessories
  • XS Sights Big Dot
  • Shield Arms 15-Round Magazine
  • Shield Arms Glock Magazine Release
  • Faxon Match Series Glock 48 Barrel
  • Final Words

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