Top 5 CCW Holsters for the Glock 43

The Glock 43 is one of my favorites as well because it’s more compact than the Glock 19 and handles better than the Glock 26, (IMO).

After you buy your Glock 43, the first thing you need besides bullets is a holster for you to keep your gun in.

There are many companies that sell holsters for the Glock 43, but these 5 are my favorite right now due to their comfort, capabilities, and durability.

1791 Gunleather IWB Holster

I’ve been a fan of 1791 Gunleather for a couple of years after stumbling upon the 1791 Fair Chase IWB holster at a gun show. The first thing I noticed was the unique feel of the leather, which turned out to be made of whitetail skin. I instantly appreciated the fact that a company is creative enough to repurpose a part of the animal that normally goes to waste. The leather felt soft, but rigid, and was very smooth. Since then, I’ve always respected 1791 Gunleather and how they do business. 

The Kydex® IWB holster doesn’t have the same feel as the Fair Chase holster, but it does have better durability due to the hard plastic used in construction (Kydex®). Even though the Fair Chase holsters the Glock 43 just as well, I prefer the versatility of the Kydex® in a concealed carry holster.

You can adjust the cant to whatever angle you prefer to draw from and adjust the retention level to your liking. This holster only fits right-handed shooters, but I have included left-handed models below for our lefty’s. Probably the best feature of this holster is its ability to accommodate optics and threaded barrels. 

1791 Fair Chase

at 1791 GunLeather
Prices accurate at time of writing


Viridian DeSantis Mini Scabbard OWB Holster

Viridian is not only a cool name for a company, but they make legit holsters and lasers that affordable and unique. I know it may seem like it can’t be a CCW if it’s outside the waistband, but Viridian does a really good job of ensuring the holster doesn’t print through a loose shirt or sweatshirt. A Glock 43 is designed to be used as a CCW and more than 200,000 Americans use it as advertised.

The DeSantis Mini Scabbard will fit battle belts up to 1.75" wide and features an adjustable tension device. I would use this to hone in the exact tension for a draw and holster.

The most unique feature is the compatibility this holster has with Viridian lasers, such as the Reactor R5 Gen Green Laser. If you use the Viridian holster with the laser, your laser will turn on instantly as the gun is drawn from the holster. This feature gives you even quicker target acquisition in a tense and stressful moment. 

DeSantis Mini Scabbard for Glock 43

at Viridian Weapon Technologies
Prices accurate at time of writing

1791 Tactical Kydex IWB Holster

The first question to answer is, what is the difference between the tactical and regular Kydex holsters? Both holsters are made to accommodate optics, raised iron sights, and threaded barrels. The Tactical Kydex holster separates itself with the added customization of the holster fitting the exact specifications of the Glock 43.

They call it the “true-fit" feel because the holster provides a much tighter grip on the gun without having a locking system in place. In a tactical environment, this could take away seconds from your pistol draw time. As anyone who has ever been in a gunfight knows, a fraction of a second could make all the difference. 

1791 Tactical Kydex IWB

at 1791 GunLeather
Prices accurate at time of writing

Model 575 IWB Holster

Every company that I’ve listed in this blog is worth your support and money, but if you’re going to ask me what my favorite holsters are, it’s Safariland® for sure. I think Safariland is able to distinguish itself from most of its competitors by the amount of versatility and features in each holster. I think the only gripe about Safariland® is the price of their holsters is much higher than most holster companies. There are 6 different locking systems that Safariland® uses based on 4 different levels of retention, which is dictated by the purpose of you carrying a firearm (LEO, CCW, etc…). 

The Model 575 uses the GLS™ (Grip Locking System) for more secure retention in areas where you might feel someone could grab your gun. The only way the gun is released from the holster is by placing a firm grip on the pistol grip and pressing your middle finger against the lever release. The best thing about this gun is the practicality of using it as a CCW holster.

The SafariSeven™  nylon is cut lower than OWB holsters to provide better concealment and ensures the gun and holster never cause abrasions or scratches on each other. The other reason I chose the Model 575 is it’s one of the more affordable Safariland® holsters available. The Model 575 also comes in both left and right-handed shooters, which is one of my favorite characteristics about Safariland® holsters.

Safariland MODEL 575 IWB Holster

at Safariland
Prices accurate at time of writing

Concealment Express Glock 43/43X Hybrid IWB Holster

Concealment Express is a company that everyone in the office has supported because they provide affordable holsters that are durable, secure, and comfortable. Concealment Express uses rigid and non-abrasive Kydex as the base and a flexible polymer backing to provide a more comfortable feel. This holster can be used with both left and right-handed shooters by simply flipping the backing over and placing the holster on the other side.

The carry height of the holster is adjustable to provide a deeper cut for easier concealment. I’ve heard people tell me they can provide holsters at this price because they’re made cheap. I can tell you that I’ve owned 2 holsters so far from Concealment Express and my colleagues have owned multiple holsters and have reported no issues with any of them.

Concealment Express Glock 43/43X Hybrid IWB Holster

at Concealment Express
Prices accurate at time of writing

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