Neomag’s biggest product release, other than the original Neomag, has been the ALIAS holster attachment system.

This ingenious holster belt clip alternative is disrupting the concealed carry holster industry.

The Neomag ALIAS provides a solution to damn near every desired way to conceal carry and secure your pistol.

Let’s get into what exactly Neomag ALIAS is and why you should be using it.

Neomag ALIAS Review
From IWB, to shorts with no belt, to a fanny pack, and to my truck ALL with the same holster and clip.

What Is The Neomag ALIAS

Due to the design and construction of the ALIAS clip and receivers, gone are the days of worrying about plastic holster clips failing.

Your pistol will stay attached to your body until you’re ready to present it and engage a threat.

The Neomag ALIAS has unparalleled concealment, strength, and modularity.

Check out this rad video that Neomag produced highlighting the ALIAS.

Neomag ALIAS System Components

What the Neomag ALIAS system offers that no other holster company does is modularity. With the right holster clip attached to your holster, you have endless options for securing your pistol.

With a single holster clip, you can seamlessly transition from your belt to your car or nightstand, to a tactical fanny pack for off-body carry, or to a pair of pants without a belt!

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How does Neomag accomplish this? With the following receivers:

The clip is securely attached to the holster and locks into the receiver. It can then be released with the click of a button.

Belt Receiver

The Belt Receiver attaches to most 1.5-inch concealed carry belts, giving you an incredibly secure and consistent holster attachment point.

Simply slide the belt receiver onto your belt and you’re ready to go!

Neomag ALIAS Review
The Neomag ALIAS belt attachment

Your holster will stay securely in place, giving you a faster and more consistent draw.

Hard Mount Receiver

The Hard Mount Receiver mounts to virtually any surface with 2 screws. Attach it to the side of your nightstand, home office desk, or inside your vehicle.

When you get home from a long day, simply unclip your holster from the belt receiver and clip it into the hard mount receiver.

Likewise, if you’re on a long road trip and don’t want to keep your pistol on your belt, you can secure it to the hard mount receiver under your dash or to the side of your vehicle’s center console.

Neomag ALIAS Review
Author using the hard mount to secure his pistol while driving longer distances. It’s a seamless transition from IWB to the truck and vise versa.

Hook & Loop Receiver

The Hook & Loop Receiver gives you the option of carrying off body in a tactical fanny pack.

Most tactical fanny packs designed for concealed carry offer a velcro-backed wall to attach accessories such as the Hook & Loop Receiver.

Again, it’s as easy as unclipping your pistol from any of the other receiver mounts and clipping it into the hook-and-loop receiver inside your fanny pack.

Two of our favorite tactical fanny packs for concealed carry are the Vertx SOCP Fanny Pack and the SOG Surrept Waistpack.

Beltless Receiver

To allow you to take the same holster that you use in your belt and use it beltless, Neomag came out with the ALIAS Beltless Receiver.

The alias system has always offered three things and brought those things to the beltless; modularity, strength, and concealment.

If you want to carry beltless, you need as much stability as possible. Using the Tegris material allows the beltless attachment to form to your body while offering a lot of stability.

Combined with the Tegris material, the Ulti Clips really round out the stability of this platform, giving you “belt-like” stability with your ALIAS clip-equipped holster.

Deep Concealment For Low Vis Work

For those working in a low-vis environment, such as undercover street cops, federal agents, or even some of our top-tier military units, being able to confidently carry a pistol without detection is critical.

Combining the Neomag ALIAS with the right holster will reduce the visual signature of your concealed carry pistol, all while providing increased retention of your holster on your belt and improved comfort.

Although the ALIAS system works with many holsters, these are two of our favorites.

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Best Holster For The Neomag ALIAS

Using the word ‘best’ is subjective and different for each person. The two concealed carry holsters that I’ve personally used that work really well with the ALIAS system are Tenicor and ANR Kydex Holsters.

Tenicor Velo

The Tenicor VELO enhances your ability to carry a gun every day, even in tailored or athletic-fit clothing. Slim with no excess, the VELO reduces the gun’s profile.

The belt runs across the raised trigger bar, creating a camming action that rotates the grip of the gun into the body. This is complemented by the multi-angled muzzle wedge, which raises the muzzle away from the lower abdomen, rotating the pistol grip into the body.

The wedge also has a 25-degree angle, which allows it to sit flat on the body and works together with the rotation of the trigger bar wedge.

The result is a comfortable and hidden gun.

ANR Minimalistic Appendix with Claw

Comfortably and safely carry and conceal your pistol with the minimalistic KYDEX Holster design from ANR Kydex Holsters.

The CNC cut Kydex, vacuum-formed Appendix Inside the Waistband holster provides you with full trigger guard protection and perfect retention.

Utilizing a concealment claw, this holster is designed with the highest level of concealment in mind. Combine that with the Neomag ALIAS, and you’ve got a tough-to-beat combo that will last a lifetime.

One nice feature of the ANR Minimalistic Appendix holster is the fact that you can order it with the ALIAS T-post top-mounted clip.

Wrapping It Up!

I’ve been using the ALIAS system since it was released and have nothing but great things to say about it.

The fact that I can move my concealed carry pistol from my belt to a fanny pack, and even to my nightstand at the end of the day, all with the same system, has been unheard of until now.

If you carry concealed and take the security of your life and your family’s lives seriously, I encourage you to take a look at the Neomag ALIAS.

You can’t put a price on being prepared to fight for your life, your family, and those around you.

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