Faxon Glock 48 Barrels: Are They Worth the Investment? Our Honest Review

Are you a Glock 48 owner looking to enhance the accuracy and performance of your firearm?

Look no further than Faxon’s precision barrels.

In this post, we’ll dive into the benefits of upgrading and explore whether the investment is truly worth it.

Overview of the Faxon Match Series Glock 48 Barrels

Faxon has designed and crafted the Match Series pistol barrels for Glock® G48.

These barrels are made using stress-relieved 416-R stainless steel and are machined entirely in-house. To enhance lubricity, barrel life, and surface wear resistance, they are coated with either black Nitride or PVD.

Faxon Glock 48 Barrels: Are They Worth the Investment?

The barrels are conventionally rifled, which allows for a wider variety of ammunition to be used, including cast lead. The barrels fit snugly into factory-spec slides, and there’s no need for a gunsmith to install them.

They provide a more consistent and tighter lockup than the OEM barrels, thanks to their better-than-factory tolerances.


  • Handgun Type: Glock® G48
  • Barrel Caliber: 9mm
  • Barrel Material: Stress Relieved 416-R Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Twist: 1:10
  • Muzzle Thread: 1/2X28
  • Crown: 11-degree Target Crown
  • Rifling Type: Conventional

Advantages of the Faxon Glock 48 Barrels

Improved Accuracy

The Faxon Match Series Glock 48 barrel is designed to offer superior accuracy compared to the stock Glock 48 barrel.

Its 1:10 traditional rifling ensures a smoother and more consistent bore, resulting in tighter groupings and better shot placement. Additionally, the barrel is manufactured with an 11-degree target crown.

What is a target crown? To safeguard the precision of the barrel, a target crown is created by machining the muzzle end. This helps in protecting the rifling, which is crucial for accuracy. A damaged or nicked edge of the bore at the muzzle can interfere with the bullet’s trajectory as it leaves the barrel.

Why 11-degrees? the claim is that an 11-degree crown provides a flatter surface area for gases to dissipate more quickly & evenly as they exit the muzzle so as not to disturb the flight of the bullet.

All that said, at 25 yards, groups will be anywhere from a ¼ inch to 2 inches tighter by using a match-grade barrel.

Faxon Firearms Barrels

Increased Reliability

The Faxon barrel’s optimized chamber helps ensure reliable feeding and extraction, minimizing the chances of a malfunction.

This is particularly important for those who rely on their Glock 48 for self-defense or other high-stress situations.

The following video talks about Faxon Glock barrels and what sets them apart from all the other manufacturers of Glock aftermarket barrels.

Recoil Management

The Faxon Match Series barrels, by design, help to reduce recoil, making follow-up shots faster and more accurate.

This can be beneficial for competitive shooters or those who want to improve their shooting speed and accuracy.

For self-defense and concealed carry, a match barrel can assist in keeping your follow-up shots on the threat, although the shooter needs to do their part and have a solid understanding of the fundamentals.

How long is the Glock 48 barrel? The Glock 48 has a shorter overall length of 7.28 inches but a longer barrel at 4.17 inches. The Glock 19, on the other hand, has a 4.02-inch barrel but an overall length of 7.36 inches. The slightly longer barrel length over the Glock 19 and Glock 43x does provide some recoil management.

Customizable Options

The Faxon Match Series Glock 48 barrel comes in a variety of finishes, lengths, and threading options, allowing for customization to fit individual preferences and needs.

Additionally, its threaded barrel option allows for the attachment of suppressors or compensators, further enhancing its versatility.

If you’re looking for a Glock 48 threaded barrel and compensator combo, Faxon has you covered with their EXOS compensator, designed to work seamlessly with their threaded barrels.

Glock 48 threaded barrel and compensator

Overall, the Faxon Glock 48 barrel offers several advantages over the stock Glock 48 barrel in terms of accuracy, reliability, and recoil management. Its customizable options make it a versatile option for those looking to tailor their Glock 48 to their specific needs and preferences.

Stock Glock 48 Barrel vs Faxon Match Series Glock 48 Barrel

The stock Glock 48 barrel is a reliable option that comes with the firearm straight out of the box. It is made of high-quality steel and has a polygonal rifling design that contributes to its accuracy. However, it may not always provide the level of performance that some shooters desire.

On the other hand, the Faxon Match Series Glock 48 barrel is a high-performance upgrade option that offers several advantages over the stock barrel. It is made from high-quality 416-R stainless steel and features a 1:10 twist rate that enhances accuracy.

The barrel’s traditional button rifling process results in a smoother, more consistent bore, and its optimized chamber ensures reliable feeding and extraction.

Additionally, the Faxon barrel’s improved design helps manage recoil and muzzle flip, making follow-up shots easier and more accurate. Its threaded barrel option also allows for the attachment of suppressors or compensators, adding to its versatility.

The barrel’s premium construction and customization options do come at a higher cost than the stock barrel, however.

In summary, while the stock Glock 48 barrel is a reliable option, the Faxon Match Series Glock 48 barrel offers superior performance in terms of accuracy, reliability, and recoil management.

If you’re looking to enhance your Glock 48’s performance, investing in a Faxon barrel may be worth considering. However, it’s important to do your research and consider the potential compatibility issues and installation requirements before making a purchase.


Faxon Glock 48 barrels offer several advantages over stock Glock barrels, including improved accuracy, increased reliability, better recoil management, and customizable options.

However, they come with one potential drawback, and that is a high cost.

So, are Faxon Glock 48 barrels worth the investment? The answer ultimately depends on your individual needs and preferences. If you’re a serious shooter looking to enhance your Glock 48’s performance and don’t mind spending a bit extra, Faxon barrels are definitely worth considering.

Overall, we highly recommend Faxon Glock 48 barrels for anyone who wants to improve their Glock’s performance. They are top-quality, reliable, and offer several advantages over stock barrels.

Ultimately, investing in a Faxon barrel could make a significant difference in your shooting experience.

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