5 Reasons To Carry The Glock 43X For Concealed Carry

When the Glock 43x showed up on the concealed carry scene, it was rock-solid proof of how innovative the concealed carry market was becoming.

It’s difficult to know when one handgun can be called out as the ‘best’.

You might consider the Smith & Wesson J Frame revolvers and the Glock 26 and a few other similarly sized handguns as industry benchmarks.

Everyone is different though and preferences can vary widely.

For me, however, the Glock 43X has worked well for several years and still continues to impress. The fact that it can carry 10 rounds of 9mm in a single stack, have a great grip and accuracy, and of course, Glock’s perfection is more than enough for me.

5 Reasons To Carry The Glock 43X For Concealed Carry
Glock 43x with Safariland Scheme IWB holster, and OEM magazine.

I do carry other handguns for concealed carry, but I choose the Glock 43X more often than not. Here are 5 reasons why.


There is legendary reliability behind the Glock name. We’ve seen torture tests online and read reports of how well Glock handguns perform for law enforcement and the military.

My experience with the Glock 43X has been nothing short of flawless. And that has everything to do with the Glock perfection, not me.

I’ve put hundreds of rounds through my 43x; everything from cheap FMJ ammo to well-respected brands of self-defense ammunition.

The gun ate it all up without any issues. All the ammunition I’ve used has fed, fired, and extracted as it should.

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The Glock 43x does what many handguns do these days. It offers a double-action trigger with a smooth trigger pull and crisp reset.

No external safety to worry about. Pull the gun from the holster and press the trigger to the rear to fire a round. After the crisp reset, you’re ready to keep firing another 9 rounds.

The manual of arms for any Glock is simple and straightforward. It really doesn’t get any easier to operate and maintain a handgun than it does with the Glock 43x.

Glock 43x MOS

at Guns.com
Prices accurate at time of writing


Touting accuracy is difficult because so much depends on the shooter, the type of ammunition being used, the shooting conditions, and more.

Some handguns are just more consistent than others in putting rounds into a reasonably sized group and self-defense distances.

This can be due to the barrel length, type of barrel, sight radius, type of sights, and all the human input factors that come into play.

In my hands, the Glock 43x is amazingly accurate for it being a small sub-compact pistol. Not that I’m all that with this gun, but more so, because of how the handgun was designed and manufactured.

It’s not about putting shooting small groups at longer distances, but rather more about shooting well at self-defense distances.

We could stop here to make the case for the Glock 43x, but I would be remiss not to talk about the concealability of this handgun.

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To begin with, just because a gun is small, doesn’t necessarily mean it conceals easily. Sure, a shorter slide and barrel are helpful from a comfort level.

The truth is that true concealability comes down to the frame width and grip length. In addition to that, the weight of the gun plays a significant role.

The trick to optimizing a handgun’s concealability is to reduce the important parts to the smallest degree possible without compromising the overall quality of the firearm and the comfort of carrying it concealed. This is what the Glock 43x does masterfully.

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I like the Glock 43x for its capacity of 10+1. That in combination with the other four reasons seal the deal for me.

Although you can increase that magazine capacity to 15 with the Shielf Arms magazines, I prefer to run OEM when at all possible.

I always keep a spare mag topped off with 10 rounds as well, so for me and the threats I could potentially face in my area, 20 rounds is plenty.


The Glock 43X emerges as an exceptional choice for concealed carry due to several key factors.

Its compact and slim design offers optimal concealability without sacrificing capacity, making it suitable for both everyday carry and backup purposes.

The renowned reliability and durability of the Glock brand further instill confidence in its performance, ensuring peace of mind for the carrier. Additionally, the Glock 43X’s ergonomic grip and intuitive controls enhance handling and ease of use, making it suitable for shooters of all skill levels.

Furthermore, the wide availability of aftermarket accessories allows for customization and personalization to suit individual preferences. Finally, the Glock 43X’s compatibility with Glock 43 magazines provides versatility and an additional ammunition source.

Overall, the Glock 43X stands out as a dependable, compact, and customizable option that addresses the needs and demands of concealed carry enthusiasts, earning its place as a top choice for self-defense.

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