G-Tech Military Grade Heated Hand Warmer Pouch

Anyone in the military that has been through cold weather/arctic training and has operated in those climates, knows the value of quality cold-weather gear and clothing, and that includes a reliable heating source for your hands.

Extremities such as your hands and feet will get colder faster than other parts of your body such as your core.

Trying to manipulate a weapon, operate a radio, or do any other type of task that requires dexterity with numb fingers is a chore that many prefer not to experience.

G-Tech Military Grade Heated Hand Warmer Pouch

In my personal experience, during Marine Corps Cold-Weather Training and working in cold environments, I always preferred a mid-weight glove coupled with some type of a hand warmer pouch. I never relied on those disposable hand warmers.

This leads us to the meat of this article. Are heated hand warmer pouches worth the investment, or should you just roll with the disposable hand warmers?

Multicam Heated Hand Warmer

Prices accurate at time of writing

Pros and Cons of a Heated Hand Warmer Pouch vs Disposable Hand Warmers

To extend the shelf life of the disposable hand warmers, the material used in packaging is specifically used to ensure that the least amount of oxygen gets to the hand warmer since that’s what activates most of them when removed from the packaging. Plastic Polyethylene is a common material used in the packaging of these hand warmers for that reason.

The main difference between the more common disposable hand warmers and the reusable ones are the chemicals used to create the reaction which produces the heat.

Either way, you’re having to deal with chemicals and even if you’re using the reusable hand warmers that can be boiled to restore the chemical properties, they aren’t going to last all that long. The oxygen-activated hand warmers are a one-and-done deal. Neither option is suitable for longer-term use. For a longer-term solution, you need to start looking at heated hand warmer pouches. Let’s take a closer look at each.

Heated Hand Warmer Pouch

Pros: The heated hand warmer pouch is reusable and rechargeable delivering 12+ hours on consistent heat. The G Tech Hand Warmer Pouch, for instance, provides 3 different heat settings for your personalized comfort depending on how cold it is and if you want to stretch the battery life. One lithium battery can be recharged roughly 300 to 500 times, able to be replaced with a brand new battery for years of use.

The G Tech heated hand warmer pouch is designed with premium 600D water-resistant material to keep your hands protected from the elements. They are also machine washable.

These heated hand warmer pouches come in three different styles to match the needs of the end-user; Sport, Realtree for hunters, and Military Grade for our service members.

REALTREE Heated Hand Warmer Pouch

Prices accurate at time of writing

Cons: The heated hand warmer pouch comes with a higher initial cost than traditional hand warmers, but over time you earn your return on investment. The one other con is that they need to be recharged once the battery runs out, or have a secondary battery to use in that situation.

Disposable Hand Warmers

Pros: Disposable hand warmers are a quick and cheap solution to warming your hands out in the cold. The heat that is generated by these hand warmers is activated by an exothermic reaction from exposure to oxygen. They create roughly 100 degrees of heat for a few hours.

Disposable hand warmers can be easily slipped into a pocket, put inside your gloves, or simply held in your hand. These are ideal for short excursions outside and can be found for around $14 for a pack of 10.

Cons: Disposable hand warmers do not evenly distribute the heat through the entirety of your fingers and hands. Once you’ve opened the package and exposed the hand warmer to the air, you began a countdown timer that will expire in 1 to 3 hours.

Additionally, disposable hand warmers must be held in your hands or kept inside your gloves to keep your hands warm, which limits the use of your hands either way.

G Tech Hand Warmer Pouch

G-Tech is proud to announce our new Product Line. The G-Tech Heated Hand Warmer Pouch Stealth x Military Grade has been upgraded with a 3M polyfill heat capture material, a waterproof zipper as well as an upgraded battery and charger.

The Military Grade Hand Warmer was designed specifically for the armed forces to replace gloves and disposable hand warmers. It was upgraded with a fourth layer of down material to increase durability and heat retention inside the pouch. A flap also disguises the LED heat indicator from the environment, hence the name "Stealth."

We currently offer three Military Grade fabrics: Black, Coyote Brown, and MultiCam. The pouches are made of a 500 Denier polyester outer shell fabric treated with a waterproof and water-repellant coating. Inside the pouch is a soft fleece lining that helps capture the heat while battling the harshest conditions. Used by the US Military and other Government agencies as well as those customers looking for a premium Heated Pouch.

Military Grade Heated Hand Warmer Pouch

at G-Tech
Prices accurate at time of writing

G Tech Hand Warmer Pouch Features

  • Patented “G-TECH HEAT" Hand Warming Technology
  • 7.4v Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • 3M Polyfill Heated Capture Material
  • Waterproof 600D Polyester
  • Waterproof Zipper
  • Adjustable Waist Strap
  • Up to 12+ hours of consistent heat
  • Fabric: 600D Polyester

What’s Included with the G Tech Hand Warmer Pouch

  • (1) Heated Hand Warmer
  • (1) Heated Pouch User Manual
  • (1) 7.4v Rechargeable Lithium Battery
  • (1) Dual Head Wall Charger

About G-Tech

Founded in 2014, G-Tech Apparel is a high-tech apparel company that specializes in heated clothing. The technology G-Tech uses in its products defeats the cold and creates comfort. G-Tech is helping others to overcome the challenges of the climate that our company was born in.

G Tech Heated Hand Warmer Pouch

Wrapping It Up

While heated hand warmer pouches cost more upfront, rechargeable lithium batteries lead to significant cost savings by reducing the cost per use when compared to disposable hand warmers.

Disposable hand warmers are quick in a pinch heating solution but must be thrown away after a single-use, making them less eco-friendly than heated hand warmer pouches. While heated hand warmer pouches provide heat over the entire hand, disposable hand warmers only provide heat in one central location, leaving your hands more vulnerable to the cold weather.

Between their efficiency of lithium batteries and the ability to replace batteries, heated hand warmer pouches will last much longer and deliver more consistent heat to your hands when you need it.

Lastly, the G Tech heated hand warmer pouches come in three different styles for more specific uses in the cold. All in all, heated hand warmer pouches are a better investment for individuals spending more time outside in the cold and for military units operating in cold climates.

The patented "G-Tech Heat" technology delivers the fastest, hottest, and most concentrated heat directly to your hands, which increases blood flow and core body temperature.

The cool thing about heating the hands is it does actually warm up the entire core body temperature!

G-Tech has everything you need to stay warm in cold harsh conditions and variable weather climates. Shop their large selection of industry-leading heated apparel today and discover the difference G-Tech can make in the way you work, play, and operate in the cold.

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