Nothing is FREE they say…….Wrong!

Our Free Printable Shooting Targets are easily downloadable and can be printed on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper.

Each target features elements of our larger targets that are also available on our website.

Download and print out these free printable shooting targets and go unload your favorite gun on them.

FREE Printable Shooting Targets

The Kill Zone Target

This 8.5 x 11″ free downloadable target features the head of our Kill Zone Target.  The dimensions of this target are anatomically correct to a human head and it’s designed to give you an idea of how your shot placement would affect a human.

IQ Rifle

Our IQ Rifle Targets are 5″ shapes designed to give you multiple training options.  These are great for long range and CQB shooting.  These can be paired with our Deadman’s Hands shooting cards that offer 52 different rifle drills.

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IQ Pistol

Like our Rifle IQ targets, our Pistol IQ Targets are designed to create thinking shooters.  These are 3″ shapes rather than 5″ shapes and are better suited for close in pistol shooting. The targets can be used in an infinite number of configurations for maximum training opportunities.  We also created a deck of Pistol Deadman’s Hands that offers 52 drills that can be used in conjunction with the target.

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Essentials Target

Our Essentials Target is a great target that features a number of shapes designed to maximize your range time.  We also wrote an entire book of drills that can be used in conjunction with the Essentials Target.  This printable target features a few shapes from the target to include a 3 x 5″ box (represents common 3 x 5″ card drills), a 2″ circle and a 1″ square.

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