Merry Christmas, you filthy animal!

Holidays are right around the corner and yes, most of you are wondering what the hell do I want?

Well, look no further soldier. Here’s our annual list of gift ideas to give to your lady so you can continue the mission.

  1. Rapid deployment TQ holder/buttstock


A simple solution for adding a tourniquet to your arsenal. In the field of battle, you’ll need to make sure you keep your men alive!

2. Sticker pack


Need something to get you going in the morning? A set of stickers is paired great with a cup of rocket fuel.

3. Patches 

Raider Patch 1

Patches are a must with our Blasting Cap. How else will everyone know who you represent?

4. Armboard


Reach out and touch someone with our Armboard. It’s a great way to pull out those coordinates you need for a massive air strike.

5. Chemlight pocket

Chemlight Pocket Back 1

The Chemlight Pocket is designed to give you quick access to your chem lights by adhering a pocket to your traditional uniform arm pocket.

6. Ranger Panties


Every once in a while, you got to strut your stuff and what’s a better way to show off the tree trunks than a pair of Ranger Panties. If you need a little push, here’s why you should wear them.

Don’t see anything on here that piques your interest? Check out our best sellers.

Twas the Night Before Christmas, Remix