January 4

Learn The Essentials Of Marksmanship

The Essential Shooting Guide is designed to identify a shooter’s weaknesses, and supply specific tips and shooting drills to improve upon them. The 91-page booklet is used in conjunction with our Essential Target and measures in at 4×6″ so that it can easily fit inside of a pocket or range […]

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January 2


RE Factor Tactical is proud to announce the release of our all-new Trauma Tape™. Trauma Tape™ is a 10-yard roll of durable 2″ medical tape with an easy to use printed layout for recording patient vital signs and other critical information with a sharpie or marker.  This simple and effective […]

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December 21

Features of the VS-17 Marking Panel

The VS-17 Marking Panel measures 18 x 11″ VS-17 and is designed to aid troops in marking their location and increase visibility from the friendly troops.The panel is double-sided with one side being hi-vis orange and the other being hi-vis yellow which makes it perfect for signaling aircraft in a […]

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December 15

Rifle Drill: The Tabata

This rifle drill is named in honor of Sergeant Major Ernest “Ernie” K Tabata.  Ernie was a roll model, a war hero and a pathfinder for the Special Forces Regiment.  You can read more about Ernie below. The Tabata Rifle Drill is designed to push your target transitions.  This drill […]

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December 12

Pistol Drill: The Howard Drill

COL Robert L. Howard was a Medal of Honor winner during Vietnam.  Before his death, he was the most decorated living Medal of Honor Recipient.  You can read more about COL Howard below. The Howard Drill is a great mixture of speed vs accuracy.  You can make this pistol drill […]

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December 9

Rifle Drill: The Benavidez

MSG Roy Benavidez was a member of Special Forces and MACVSOG during Vietnam.  He is a medal of honor recipient.  You can read more about his heroic actions below. The Benavidez Drill tests your rifle marksmanship in a CQB setting.  This is a complex rifle drill that will force you […]

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December 8

Pistol Drill: The Beikirch

Sgt. Gary B. Beikirch of 1st Special Forces Group (A) is a Vietnam Medal of Honor Recipient.   You can read more about his heroic actions below. The Beikirch is a difficult pistol drill that helps train your transition capabilities.  You can make this drill more difficult by adding reloads or […]

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December 7

What’s the Deal With the Combat Fitness Deck?

The Combat Fitness Deck™ was designed to give forward deployed military service members the ability to easily maintain their fitness levels regardless of location or gym availability.  The Combat Fitness Deck™ includes 52 different high-intensity workouts that can be performed with minimal equipment. As you progress through the deck, the […]

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December 6

Rifle Drill: The FML Run-Down

The FML Run-Down came from some of the guys constantly saying “f*&^ my life” after trying this rifle drill over and over.  The rifle drill is a great combination of precision, dynamic movement, reloads, fast target acquisition and rapid fire techniques. Setup Set up one of any of our Human […]

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December 2

How Facebook is Destroying Small Business

Over the past few months and years, we have seen first hand how Facebook, the necessity of Social Media, has slowly crushed small business in return for profits to shareholders and the owner Mark Zuckerburg. In 2011, when we first opened our doors, Facebook and Instagram were a godsend.  It […]

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November 26

Black Friday 2017 Breaks New Record on Firearm Background Checks at Over 200,000

On Friday, the FBI processed over 203,086 background checks for firearms, breaking a new daily record.   That number surpassed last year’s record of 185,713 and 2015’s record of 185,345.   This number only represents the amount of background checks conducted and not the number of actual firearms sold since many customers […]

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November 25

Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey’s Top 10 Leadership Tips

No. 1. Yelling doesn’t make you skinny. PT does. If you’re not out there saluting the flag every morning at 6:30, you can automatically assume your soldiers are not. Soldiers don’t care if you’re in first place. They just want to see you out there. This is a team sport. […]

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November 15

Rifle Drill: The Hammer Drill

Overview The Hammer Drill is intended to be completed on our Human Resources Target. This rifle drill focuses on several different aspects of shooting to include; trigger speed, proper trigger manipulation, recoil management, target identification, and target transitions. This drill can be as easy or difficult as the shooter chooses to […]

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November 15

The FBI Shooting Qualification Old and New

The FBI Qualification In 2013 the FBI updated their pistol qualification to what they believe is more applicable to what a field agent might face.  One of the biggest changes of the qualification are the distances.  The newest qualification goes from 3-25 meters while the older standard shot at distances […]

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November 13

How to Identify Terrorist Profiles and Radicalization paths

As terrorist attacks continue around the globe, more and more focus is put on stopping the attack before it happens, not just in apprehending the radicalized individual, but in stopping the radicalization before it takes place.  A large part of that is mapping the radicalization cycle and identifying those at […]

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