The Combat Fitness Deck™ was designed to give forward deployed military service members the ability to easily maintain their fitness levels regardless of location or gym availability.  The Combat Fitness Deck™ includes 52 different high-intensity workouts that can be performed with minimal equipment. As you progress through the deck, the workouts become increasingly difficult as the value of the card increases. The idea to create this product developed after constantly being in locations with no gym equipment due to deployments or training ops. We wanted to create a product that is easy to use and transport, while still including a diverse array of workouts that can be used to maintain an individuals fitness levels when no gym is present.  Draw randomly from the deck, run through the deck numerically, combine multiple cards, or any other method that the user desires.

The Combat Fitness Deck™ comes in a rugged and durable tin casing that provides substantial protection for the cards while still maintaining a low profile so that it doesn’t take up needed space in your ruck. The deck also includes multiple team workouts that are designed for groups of 2-4. The reps can be increased for the team workouts if the group is larger than the recommended amount.

We recommend recording your times for each workout and striving to beat your original time on subsequent attempts. If you believe that you have an exceptional score or time, post it to the RE Factor Tactical Team Room and see how your score compares to others who have completed the same card. If you are not a member of the RE Factor Tactical Team Room on Facebook, please send us a request and we will add you so you can be connected to other Combat Fitness Deck ™ users!