Let’s cut to the chase: the 22 ARC is revolutionizing small game hunting up to 500 yards.

Whether you’re targeting tiny critters, coyotes, or even whitetail deer, this round is your new best friend.

For years, the survival and prepping crowds have sworn by the 22LR and 22-250 as their ‘survival rounds’ of choice. Well, it’s time for a shake-up because the 22 ARC is gunning for its spot at the top.

This isn’t just another round; it’s a game-changer that’s redefining what we expect from our hunting ammunition.

The Power of the 22 ARC

In the world of rifle cartridges, the 22-250 Remington has long been revered for its high-velocity performance, making it a top choice for varmint hunting and small game pursuits. Known for its ability to reach speeds over 4,000 feet per second, the 22-250 has carved out a niche among hunters seeking low recoil and high efficiency.

However, the advent of the 22 Advanced Rifle Cartridge (ARC) is reshaping the landscape, offering an innovative solution that combines the staying power of traditional cartridges with modern engineering.

The 22 ARC Advantage

The 22 ARC emerges as a beacon of advancement, designed to seamlessly integrate into the AR-15 platform while also excelling in bolt-action rifles. This cartridge is not just another addition to the arsenal; it’s a testament to the evolution of shooting technology.

By harnessing the capabilities of the new 62 gr. ELD-VT™ bullet, the 22 ARC delivers unmatched performance that not only rivals but in many aspects surpasses the venerable 22-250.

Here are a few reasons why the 22 ARC stands out:

Versatility Across Game Sizes

The 22-250 has been a versatile round, capable of taking down everything from squirrels to deer. Its adaptability stems from the .22 caliber bullet housed in a necked-down .250 Savage casing, allowing for a broad spectrum of bullet weights.

This versatility is a significant advantage, but the 22 ARC takes it a step further. Engineered for modern, high-BC (Ballistic Coefficient) bullets and designed with precision, the 22 ARC offers consistent accuracy and a wide velocity range, making it equally adept at handling various game sizes with enhanced efficiency.

Enhanced Wind Drift Resistance

One of the notable strengths of the 22-250 is its minimal wind drift, courtesy of its high velocity which reduces the time the bullet spends in the air. While impressive, the 22 ARC is engineered to optimize aerodynamic efficiency even further.

The meticulous design of the cartridge and chamber in unison ensures that the 22 ARC achieves superior wind drift resistance, enhancing the shooter’s ability to hit targets accurately at extended ranges.

Superior Recoil and Barrel Lifespan

The 22-250 is known for its manageable recoil and commendable barrel lifespan, attributes that have made it a favorite among hunters and shooters. However, the 22 ARC is designed to surpass these benchmarks.

The integration of modern bullet design and advanced propellants in the 22 ARC not only minimizes recoil further but also contributes to an extended barrel life.

This ensures that shooters can enjoy prolonged shooting sessions without the wear and tear typically associated with high-velocity cartridges.

The Ultimate Coyote Cartridge

While the 22-250 has been lauded as a highly effective coyote cartridge, the 22 ARC is poised to redefine what’s possible in varmint hunting. The precision engineering behind the 22 ARC, coupled with the use of high-BC bullets, provides unparalleled accuracy and lethality at ranges where traditional cartridges might falter.

This makes the 22 ARC not just a worthy successor to the 22-250 in coyote hunting but a superior choice for hunters seeking the ultimate in performance and versatility.

The 22 ARC represents a significant leap forward in rifle cartridge technology, offering shooters and hunters an exceptional blend of versatility, performance, and efficiency. As we delve deeper into the capabilities of this innovative cartridge, it’s clear that the 22 ARC is not just an alternative to the 22-250; it’s a superior choice for the modern shooter.

Wrapping it all up, let’s not forget how the AR-15 has taken the hunting world by storm. And with the 22-250 starting to show its age, the stage was perfectly set for a new round.

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Enter the 22 ARC, a cartridge that doesn’t just match the 22-250’s perks—it takes them to the next level. This is the upgrade we’ve been waiting for, seamlessly blending tradition with innovation for today’s hunter.