Best Thermal Scope For Coyote Hunting [2023]

Are you ready to take your coyote hunting adventures to the next level? Look no further!

In the realm of nocturnal pursuits, having the best thermal scope can be a game-changer. Imagine having the ability to see through the cover of darkness with unrivaled clarity and precision.

In this article, we unveil the best thermal scope for coyote hunting. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out, our expert recommendations will help you make an informed decision.

Get ready to dominate the night and become the ultimate predator!

Best Thermal Scopes at a Glance

Is a Thermal Scope Worth It?

A thermal scope can be a useful tool for coyote hunting, as it allows you to detect the heat signatures of animals in low light conditions or through obstacles such as vegetation.

However, whether or not it is worth buying a thermal scope for coyote hunting depends on several factors, such as your budget, hunting style, and hunting environment.

If you frequently hunt in low-light conditions or heavily wooded areas with limited visibility, a thermal scope can be a valuable investment.

Additionally, if you are a serious hunter and want to improve your chances of success, a thermal scope can help you locate coyotes more effectively.

However, if you typically hunt during daylight hours in open terrain, a thermal scope may not be as necessary. It is also important to consider the cost of a thermal scope, which can be quite high compared to traditional hunting scopes.

Best Thermal Scope For Coyote Hunting
Thermal image of a coyote viewed through an ATN thermal riflescope

Night Vision vs Thermal Scopes

Night vision amplifies ambient light such as moonlight or starlight, whereas thermal imaging relies on detecting heat signatures.

Night vision is an excellent tool for hunting during nighttime as it eliminates the necessity of using lights for scanning. Additionally, it produces clear and high-quality images, making it even more desirable for the purpose.

Thermal scopes are capable of functioning in situations where night vision fails because it relies on detecting heat instead of light. Moreover, it can detect residual heat from objects such as hoofprints and pawprints for varying lengths of time.

Unlike night vision, high-end thermal scopes can offer a greater range of vision, with some capable of detecting heat signatures a thousand yards away.

However, thermal imaging can be affected by rain, and the level of detail captured by the device may vary depending on the severity of the inclement weather.

if it bleeds we can kill it

Best Thermal Scope for Coyote Hunting

Trijicon IR Hunter

The Trijicon IR HUNTER and its tactical counterpart, the REAP-IR, are both impressive. They are straightforward to use and easy to zero, equipped with a 4.5X optical and 8X digital zoom, and offer a 7-degree field of view.

Additionally, the Trijicon IR HUNTER includes azimuth and elevation indicators, a stadiametric rangefinder, and a battery extender. This thermal scope is at the forefront in terms of performance.

The battery extender, which utilizes CR123 batteries, proves useful during longer hunts.

Finally, for those interested in recording their hunting experience, it also provides video functionality to record the hunt.

The Trijicon IR Hunter, without a doubt, is a higher-end scope and comes with an equally high price tag.

Trijicon IR-Hunter Type 2 Thermal Riflescope

at EuroOptic
Prices accurate at time of writing

ATN ThOR 5 320

ATN’s latest release, the ThOR 5, comes equipped with standard 12µm sensors across all models. These sensors offer different resolution options, including 320×240, 640×480, and an impressive 1280×1024. To ensure a seamless viewing experience, all models have a 60hz refresh rate.

One cool feature is the video recording, which is triggered by the recoil of the firearm. As soon as you pull the trigger, the recording begins, allowing you to capture your shots, whether they turn out great or not.

The ThOR 5 is also Bluetooth-enabled, enabling streaming to both iOS and Android devices. It supports MicroSD cards with storage capacities ranging from 4 to 64 GB.

While ATN claims a battery life of 10 hours, it’s important to note that extreme temperatures can impact the battery’s longevity, causing it to drain faster.

With its exceptional image quality, the ThOR 5 series of thermal scopes provide sharp and vivid displays.

The detection range varies across models, starting at 820 yards for the entry-level version and reaching an impressive 4300 yards for the top-end model.

ATN THOR 5 320 3-12X

at ATN
Prices accurate at time of writing

AGM Varmint LRF

If you frequently find yourself hunting in unfamiliar locations, it’s likely that you lack a reliable method for judging distances, especially during nighttime.

Equipped with a 384×288 core sensor and a 50hz refresh rate, this device ensures clear visibility. It boasts a 1024×768 OLED display, providing a high-quality viewing experience.

With a magnification range of 3-24x, the AGM Varmint LRF is particularly suitable for long-range shooting. It excels in open plains, making it the ideal choice for locations like Kansas. When it comes to shooting at long distances in spacious areas, this device would be my top recommendation.

Similar to the Rattler, it offers convenient features such as picture-in-picture mode, scene modes, various color palettes, and multiple reticle options. Consider this device as the long-range counterpart to the Rattler, sharing many similarities.

The laser rangefinder on the AGM Varmint has an impressive maximum range of 656 yards, with an accuracy of +/-2 yards at that distance. This level of precision is more than sufficient for any serious coyote hunter.

Like many other AGM products, this device also allows video streaming and recording capabilities. However, it’s important to note that its battery life is approximately 4 hours with the included battery.

Fortunately, it utilizes the widely standard 18650 battery, so you can carry a spare battery or two fully charged while in the field will ensure you have sufficient power throughout your hunt.

AGM Varmint LRF TS35-384 Thermal Riflescope

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing

AGM Rattler

If you prefer hunting primarily in close-range environments such as dense forests and thick undergrowth, the AGM Rattler would be an excellent choice for those environments.

The AGM Rattler is an exceptional choice for those who prefer lightweight rifles for close-range hunting in compact areas like dense forests and thick brush. It boasts a compact size, measuring just 7.37 inches in length and weighing less than a pound. This makes it ideal for extended treks where portability is crucial.

With five available reticles and the ability to switch between black, white, green, or red colors, the AGM Rattler offers versatile customization options. Additionally, you can conveniently set the zero for up to five different rifles, allowing you to swap the scope without the need for readjustment. This makes it a valuable investment that can be utilized extensively.

Powered by two CR123A batteries, it provides approximately 4.5 hours of continuous runtime and features a 384×288 thermal sensor. If you anticipate being in the field for longer durations, you have the option to connect the optional 5v battery pack, significantly extending its operational time.

The AGM Rattler includes two distinct scene modes: Recognition and Jungle. The Recognition mode enhances thermal gradients, sharpening the contrast between hot and cold areas. This enables you to accurately identify your targets, whether it’s distinguishing between a coyote and a deer or counting the points on a buck.

On the other hand, Jungle mode reduces fine details while effectively filtering out small elements.

Overall, the AGM Rattler combines compactness, versatility, extended battery life, and advanced scene modes to provide coyote hunters with a powerful and adaptable thermal scope option.

AGM Rattler TS25-384 Thermal Imaging RifleScope

at Amazon
Prices accurate at time of writing


The ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x is ATN’s cost-effective range, receiving special recognition for introducing high-quality thermal imaging technology to the market at approximately one-third the price of most competing models.

Although it possesses a relatively low resolution of only 160×120 for its sensor, the device compensates by utilizing a compact screen and eliminating unnecessary additional features that many users rarely utilize. Features such as video recording, WiFi connectivity, Bluetooth, and similar functionalities are absent.

This scope focuses solely on its primary purpose, closely resembling a traditional rifle scope.

Moreover, the ATN Thor LT 160 3-6x utilizes commonly used 30mm ring mounts, ensuring a setup suitable for almost any hunting rifle.

Although the scope’s detection range is limited, reaching approximately 450 yards in a low humidity setting, and its identification range is less than 200 yards, it remains a highly practical choice for coyote hunting, especially when utilizing coyote calls to attract them toward you, a common strategy employed by most coyote hunters.

ATN THOR LT 160 3-6X

at ATN
Prices accurate at time of writing


Is thermal worth it for coyote hunting?

Thermal imaging allows hunters to detect heat signatures emitted by coyotes, making it easier to spot them in low-light or dense vegetation situations. It can enhance situational awareness and help identify coyotes hiding behind obstacles, giving hunters a significant advantage in tracking and targeting them.

Is night vision or thermal better for coyote hunting?

Night vision technology amplifies existing ambient light, such as moonlight or starlight, to provide visibility in low-light conditions. It relies on the available light and may struggle in complete darkness or when there is limited ambient light available. thermal imaging operates by detecting and visualizing heat signatures emitted by objects, including coyotes. It does not rely on ambient light, making it highly effective in complete darkness or in situations with minimal light sources.

Is thermal better than lights for coyote hunting?

Some hunters may prefer the advantages offered by thermal imaging, while others may find lights more suitable for their hunting style. It’s important to consider factors such as the environment, time of day, weather conditions, and individual hunting skills when deciding which method to use. High-lumen flashlights, while good at illuminating a target area, will destroy your natural night vision. Because of that alone, thermal is the better option if you want to take advantage of the darkness.


Choosing the right thermal scope is essential for successful coyote hunting.

With our comprehensive guide, you have the knowledge to make an informed decision. Don’t settle for less when it comes to your gear.

Take the next step and equip yourself with the best thermal scope for an unmatched hunting experience.

Get ready to outsmart and outmaneuver your prey. Happy hunting!

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  • Is thermal worth it for coyote hunting?
  • Is night vision or thermal better for coyote hunting?
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