RE Factor Tactical is proud to announce the release of our all-new Trauma Tape™. Trauma Tape™ is a 10-yard roll of durable 2″ medical tape with an easy to use printed layout for recording patient vital signs and other critical information with a sharpie or marker.  This simple and effective design allows emergency first responders the ability to quickly adhere the tape to the patient, medical documents, or any other transfer paperwork that will follow the patient to the next higher level of care. The vital signs on the tape include:

  • Body Temperature
  • Heart Rate
  • Respiration Rate
  • Blood Pressure
  • Pulse Oximetry
  • Glasgow Coma Scale
  • Drugs Given
  • Additional Notes (Emergency First Responder Version Only)
  • M.I.S.T Report (Military Version Only)

Trauma Tape™ comes in two different variations; one for Emergency First Responders and another for  Military Personnel. The First Responder version is black ink printed on stark white medical tape with an added section for additional notes. Each roll of this variant includes `(60)  6″ strips. The Military variant features black ink printed on a desert sand-colored medical tape that includes an additional section for the commonly used M.I.S.T report for use in combat environments. This variation includes (42) 8.5″ strips.
























The idea for Trauma Tape™ was inspired by feedback from combat medics who would write down vital signs in the field but would often fail to transfer this information to MEDEVAC personnel or the next higher level of care. We wanted to create a product that was both easy to use and would stay with the patient throughout the MEDEVAC process in any scenario. The Trauma Tape™will not wash off in wet conditions or blow away due to rotor wash which is crucial in a combat/ trauma situation.

Trauma Tape™ is a patent-pending item by RE Factor Tactical, LLC.

For information on government or group sales, please contact [email protected]