Shooting is definitely one of the best sports in the world—maybe we’re a little bias, but it is true—and what better way of practicing such an awesome sport than at one of our top shooting ranges in Nashville, TN. Don’t worry; if you don’t live there, maybe we’ll feature your city next. Or, maybe you’re planning a vacation, why not head to Nashville and get a little range time in while you’re there.

Top 5 Shooting Ranges in Nashville, TN

1. Nashville Gun Club

The Nashville Gun Club might be one of the better-known ranges in the Nashville area, and for a good reason. That’s why it’s made our top shooting range list. One, you don’t have to be a member to shoot at this particular range. So, unlike many ranges, you don’t have to sit on a waiting list for months before you can actually shoot something. This range is also an outdoor range, meaning you can shoot your shotgun all day long, or at least until somebody gets struck by lightning.

2. Royal Range

This range is all about safety, and while they only offer an indoor range, they’ve still earned a spot on our top 5 in Nashville. They offer rifle, pistol, tactical and simulated shooting. Also, this is another range you don’t have to be a member at first in order to shoot at. Instead, it’s on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, why not test tactical shooting skills and go learn how to shoot from inside a vehicle, because yes, they offer that.

3. Nashville Armory

The Nashville Armory is definitely one of the more pricy options out there, but it’s also one of the most “healthy” ranges too. Now, we know that’s not typically something gun ranges advertise, but they’re pretty proud of the “clean, crisp air”, meaning you won’t be breathing all that nasty stuff in—if you weren’t worried about that. They also offer extra sound deafening on the range compared to a lot of indoor ranges, meaning you don’t have to worry as much about your hearing loss. Finally, they offer a live-fire simulator, which you also don’t see at a lot of ranges. So go check them out if you’re in town. 

4. Guns and Leather Shooting Academy

Guns and Leather Shooting Academy offers three computer-controlled ranges, which have some state of the art ventilation—again, that concern with your breathing and lungs thing. For real though, they have a HEPA filtration system, which is said to hold up to rifles and handguns.

This particular range is also family-owned, and we love supporting the local, family-owned business. They also have a 25-meter range, which while that may be small compared to the fancier ranges out there, we still think they deserve a spot on this list. If that’s not enough for you, try out one of their classes—it might just make you a better shooter.

5. nRange 

If you’ve never been to a professional shooting range before—because you’d rather do it in your backyard—nRange is a good place to get your feet wet. They offer 12 indoor firing lanes, which you can use for personal practice or with an instructor. They also offer carry permits, armed and unarmed guard, instructor certification, and self-protection training courses.

This range offers two membership options

Indoor Shooting Ranges

Indoor ranges are great year-round, especially during the colder months. So, if you’re worried about your shooting finger falling off this winter, indoors might be the best option for you. And luckily, no matter what state you’re in, you’ll generally find an indoor range. Depending on where you’re located, indoor ranges are typically easier to find. Here are a few, around the middle TN area.

1. Shooter’s Guns, Ammo and Range

Shooter’s Guns, Ammo, and Range is a great indoor range, especially if you’re concerned about being a new shooter. Reviews upon reviews show new shooters claiming to feel comfortable and safe at this range. Patrons say everyone there is extremely nice and helpful when it comes to explaining everything there is to know about shooting.

2. Gun City USA

Gun City USA not only offers you a place to shoot, but they also offer it in a safe and weather controlled, indoor environment. They also offer TN handgun carry, permit classes. So, if you were wanting to be a responsible citizen and be the next person to stop an active shooter, then you should check this range out, and take one of their carry permit courses.

3. On Target

On Target is a great indoor shooting range option if you don’t own a gun. They will let you shoot before you buy, and that includes class III options. If you’re wanting to explore the world of shooting, or you love shooting on a daily basis, you can do it here.

They also offer personal shooting lessons, so if you aren’t comfortable learning how to shoot in a big classroom, then they offer an option just for you. You no longer have to feel the anxiety of performing in front of a big group, and you can get that one-on-one attention you want and need.

Outdoor Shooting Ranges

For those of you who like shooting the way God intended—in the great outdoors—there are several outdoor ranges you can look to join as a member or visit whenever they need to shoot some paper arises. Fortunately, if you live in the middle TN area, finding an outdoor range isn’t too difficult. We’ve taken the liberty of only listing a few, some of the top ones recommended by the locals. There were just too many to list them all.

1. Strategic Edge

Strategic Edge outdoor shooting range has locals raving about it. You can shoot handguns, carbine, rim-fire and center-fire rifles on this range, some of which aren’t allowed at various ranges. You also have plenty of distance, with an option of tactical shooting, bench rest, silhouette, and long-range precision rifle shooting from up to 1,250 yards.

This range is also veteran-friendly and will give you a $50 discount on an annual membership. If you live more than 75 miles away, you’ll also save some money. The only downside, you have to be a member to shoot here, and they do have a waiting list.

2. OK Corral Shooting Range

OKC Shooting Range pretty much offers it all. Do you need a pistol range, rifle range, how about an archery range, yeah, they have that too. They also offer gun permit classes, a shoot house, and a trap field.

Oh, their permit classes, they offer them daily, so that doesn’t mean you have to wait an entire month before the next class comes up. Simply shoot them your name and email address and you can get started today.

3. Stone’s River Hunter Education Center

Stone’s River Hunter Education Center is more than hunter’s education. They offer three different ranges, one at a 50-foot range, a 100-yard range, and two, 6 target sight-in archery ranges. Their 50-foot and 100-yard ranges are also wheelchair accessible, so anyone can shoot. Of course, if you’re interested, they do offer hunter education courses throughout the year.

What Makes a Good Shooting Range

What makes a good shooting range? The one you enjoy going to. There are a variety of ranges out there. Indoor, outdoor, shotgun only, rifle only, pistol only. So the best one is the one that works for you. If you only own a shotgun, then a range like the Nashville Gun Club would be perfect for you.

However, finding a range that allows your firearm isn’t all that you should look for. Safety is going to be your number one concern. Are there range officials on the line? Are the range officials actually stepping in if any range violations or safety issues come about? Are the range officials willing to help you if you’re having issues with your weapon? If you can answer yes to all these questions, as far as safety goes, it’s definitely a good range.

What about ventilation? More and more ranges are popping up, advertising their high-tech ventilation systems. This is a great perk, and if you’re worried about your lungs, this might be something you want to take a look at.

Other perks that might make or break a deal for some range goers are the option to rent and buy weapons. If you’re looking to buy a handgun for instance, but you don’t want to buy before testing it out, there are ranges that will give you the option to try before you buy. Not all ranges do this, but it’s nice when they do.

Finally, most ranges provide their own targets. Some will let you bring your own, while others make you buy from them. Make sure you look into this. Having the option to either buy from the range or bring your own can definitely improve the quality of your range visit, especially if you want to bring one of our targets.