With the release of our new Human Resources Target, we have some great drills you can perform at the range.  The drills below require one setup for multiple scenarios.  Obviously, these drills can’t be performed at all ranges and should only be conducted by professionals.


Range Drill #1 (Pistol Suicides)

This drill is a smoker and designed to push your shooting capabilities to the max with a good mixture of marksmanship training, cardio training, and critical thinking.

Starting position:

The shooter starts with the pistol holstered at the 25m line (position #1)


At the buzzer, the shooter will draw and fire two rounds to the far left, white C triangle.  The shooter will then run to the 7m line (position #2) and fire two rounds to the far left red E circle.  The shooter will then run back to position #1 and fire two rounds to the blue D triangle, then run back to position #2 and fire two rounds to the green #4 circle.  The shooter will continue this trend of running from #1 to #2, shooting the targets from left to right.  At position #2 the shooter always shoots two rounds to the inverted triangle, at position #1 the shooter always shoots two rounds to the center circle.  The shooter will continue this trend until all of the targets have been engaged.

For more drills, check out our shooting drills page.


Your score is your overall time.  The time begins at the buzzer and ends when the shooter engages the final target to the far right in the white B circle.  Each miss out of the triangle is 1 second, each miss out of the circle is 2 seconds.

Range Drill #2 (Simon says)

This drill can be conducted either with a pistol or a rifle.   This drill is designed to get the shooter to think before shooting.  During the drill, the shooter must read a card that will identify a sub-target that they must shoot.  For the drill get a stack of 3 x 5 cards.  On each card write down one sub-target that appears on the targets.   These should be written out in different manners. Example: the first card reads “Red 1 Triangle”, the second card reads “white T box”, the third card reads “furthest blue triangle to the right” and the fourth card reads “the square with a 7 in it”.   You will notice that each of those targets are unique.

Set up:

One person stands at position #2 with the 3 x 5 cards.  The shooter starts at position #1.


At the buzzer, the shooter runs to position #2.  When the shooter arrives, the person standing at position #2 holds up a card.  The shooter than engages the corresponding target.

This is the basic form of the drill.  You can greatly tailor the drill from here to include having the person at position #2 hold up several cards that the shooter must engage.  You can also write the specific number of times the shooter should engage each target.  For example, write “2 rounds to the red E circle”.

Note: We purposefully leave this drill open to give you the ability to advance based on the skill level of the shooter.  This is one of those drills that’s only limited by your imagination.  If you would like to see a more structured drill layout be sure to check out our Dead Man’s Hands and corresponding IQ Targets.

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