The Best Shooting Range: Las Vegas

You’re in Vegas, or maybe you’re planning a trip in the near future. Whatever the case may be, don’t forget your range bag. Believe it or not, Las Vegas has some of the most experience-filled ranges. From bachelor party style shooting to some simple down and dirty training, here are the best shooting ranges in Las Vegas.

Top 5 Shooting Ranges in Las Vegas

1. Strip Gun Club

By far, the Strip Gun Club is number one in our books for the best shooting range in Las Vegas. You might be asking, why is it so much better than the rest? The Strip Gun Club is a different kind of shooting experience; it’s a different kind of range experience in general. Most ranges, you go, pay your fee, pick out a handgun, or rifle (if it’s rated for one), buy some rounds if you need, and most likely targets, and then you go shoot until your heart’s content. However, this range gives you more than that, and maybe its name helps convey that message. No, you won’t get a lap dance—but what’s the next best thing to a hot naked woman in your lap, well hot brass downrange of course.

Even better, you can book your bachelor party here. Yes, you heard us right! As they call it, a “Boom for the Groom.” And don’t worry ladies, you can book your bachelorette party there too, “Boom for the Bride.”

Whether you’re there for the bachelor, bachelorette party, or you just want to have a little range day fun, the Strip Gun Club lets you pick a shooting package, and each package comes with:

  • Priority booking, guaranteed time & no line
  • Shoot in a High Caliber Indoor Range
  • 2 Targets
  • Eye & Ear Protection
  • Dedicated Range Safety Officer
  • An option to add on firearm(s) and quantities as you wish. (Firearms and rounds are priced per shooter)
  • Pre-loaded ammunition on all firearm rentals
  • Welcome to take unlimited photos & video
  • International Shooters are welcome, just bring Photo I.D. or Passport
  • Complimentary round-trip transportation with all reservations booked online
  • Price: $24.95 (per shooter)

While you have every right to bring your own firearm, you don’t have to. And if you’d like, they have a huge selection to pick from. Including pistols, shotguns, rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, and even belt-fed guns. So, if you want to shoot your pistol and then shoot your first belt-fed gun, we highly recommend the Strip Gun Club—even if there isn’t a line of hot babes loading your magazines for you.

All in all The Strip Gun Club is our top-rated range and our number one pick for gun ranges in Las Vegas. It’s upscale, professionally run, safe and very well priced.

Remember, no matter what package you choose, book online. This way you get more shooting time and less wait-time. Also, they’ll have your lane ready to go before you get there if you book online.


2. The Range 702

The Range 702 is an experience you don’t want to miss if you’re in the area. Trust us, they offer a lot. From getting to shoot a 50 cal. to shooting the 13 most powerful firearms the range has to offer. You can save the planet from aliens or take the VIP route.

 Just to give you an idea, the Extreme Experience Includes:

  • MP5SD (50 Rounds)
  • HK 53 (25 Rounds)
  • SAW (40 Rounds)
  • SCAR (50 Rounds)
  • 9mm handgun (20 Rounds)
  • Range 702 T-shirts
  • VIP Suite & private range

No matter what your option is, book online. And if you’re at one of the hotels they list on their website here, they’ll pick you up for free, let you shoot, and then shuttle you back to your hotel—again, it’s free transportation.

3. Top Shot Las Vegas

Whether you’re a top shot yourself or just starting out, Top Shot Las Vegas is a range for anyone. They offer a variety of classes for both beginners and intermediate shooter, concealed carry course, and even have some combat training and a combat maze.

If you’re looking for a range that gives you more, go check them out. It may be the most realistic shooting experience you’ve ever had. From handguns, to assault rifles and even machine guns, there’s no shortage of training, fun, and experience you can get.

And don’t forget, you’re in Vegas baby, so go all out and book your bachelor party. You can do anything from a training class to Machine Gun Madness. And if that’s not enough, enroll yourself and your buddies in the Ultimate Gun Battle. 

4. The Vegas Machine Gun Experience

The Vegas Machine Gun Experience might have it all. First, they’ll pick you up at your hotel on the strip without a reservation—although it is recommended—then you can pick from 19, yes 19 different shooting experience packages. You can go for the grunt, the gunslinger, SWAT or Special Ops options packages, just to name a few.

And of course, just like you’d expect from an establishment in Vegas, they’ll give you a bachelor or bachelorette package if that’s what you’re looking for.

From 25-yards of range, you can find yourself behind a powerful machine gun in one of the 14 different lanes available. They also have advanced features for the ultimate experience, such as 360-degree rotating target and random edging for any advanced instructions you’ll be using that day.

5. Bullets and Burgers

What can be better than shooting? Not much. But, add a little extra like helicopters and food, and that could just turn everything around, especially if you’ve been begging your significant other for the past month to go to the range with you. This might just be the thing to get them on board.

Along with your shooting experience, you can take a flight in a helicopter over the Grand Canyon—every tourist’s to-do—take an ATV ride or go back to the simple things in life, and sign-up for the Extreme Sniper Adventure.

Maybe it all sounds a little cheesy to the experienced shooter, but this is a good range to visit if you want more as a tourist. It’s not just about the shooting; it’s about the experiences you get while in Las Vegas.

And did we mention, they’ll also pick you up at your hotel for free. And once you’re done, a burger, coke, and fries are on the menu as a part of your fee. But if that isn’t enough, instead of dropping you off at your hotel, they’ll take you to your next touristy location—just know you’re on your own after that.


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