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US military service members can receive different added pay bonuses on top of their base pay for a number of different reasons.  So what are these differing payments and who gets them?

Military One Source

Special Duty Assignment Pay (SDAP)- is pay given to service members who hold special positions such as Special Operations or EOD.     There are six tiers of SDAP paid on a monthly basis.

SD1 $75
SD2 $150
SD3 $225
SD4 $300
SD5 $375
SD6 $450

SD1- This is given to White House positions as well as air traffic controllers

SD2- This is given to Command Sergeants Major and Sergeants Major assigned to a Two Star General position, some cyber positions, some White House personnel,  RL-1 level air traffic controllers, CID agents and some other specialized units.

SD3- Given to squad leaders and platoon sergeants serving with warrior transition units, CSMs assigned to a three star general, and supervisors within the White House staff.

Marine Corps Bonus

SD4- Some special mission units (SMUs), NCOs within the 75th Ranger Regiment, soldiers assigned to the 160th SOAR, some recruiters, drill sergeants, supervisors within the White House staff.

SD5- Some special mission units, CMF-18 (Special Forces) soldiers and EOD.

SD6- Some special mission units and the Sergeant Major of the Army.

Jump Pay, $150/mo- This is given to any service member on jump status.  The service member must be on jump status in order to receive the pay, not just jump qualified.

High Altitude Low Opening (HALO) Pay- $225/month.  This is given in place of jump pay and is given to HALO certified personnel on HALO jump status.

Demo Pay- $150/mo. Given to select engineers, SMUs, Special Forces Engineer Sergeants, Navy SEALs, and other duties where personnel are required to handle explosives as part of their job description.

Bonus for Infantry

Dive Pay- Given to various positions to include dedicated divers, combat divers (Special Forces, PJs, etc.) and Navy SEALs


Type of Diving Duty

Enlister Rate Officer Rate
Training at dive school 1 $110 $110
Diver second class $150 N/A
Salvage diver $175 N/A
Diver first class $215 N/A
Combat Diver 2 $215 $215
Master Diver $340 N/A
Marine Diving Officer 3 N/A $240

Foreign Language Proficiency Bonus (FLPB)- FLPB is given to service members who receive a payable score on the DLPT or Defense Language Proficiency Test.  The payment amount depends on the language but is up to $500 for a single language and $1000 for two languages.

Toxic Duty Pay, $150/mo- Given to service members working with aircraft missiles containing toxic materials.

Experimental Stress Duty Pay, $150/mo- Given to service members assigned to experimental stress duty.

Hazard Duty Pay- Hazard Duty Pay is paid out to a number of different personnel for a number of different reasons.  The pay ranges from $150-250/mo.  Officer aircrew members receive the highest amount.

Assignment Incentive Pay- This is given to personnel who are involuntarily extended on combat tours.  The pay can be up to $3000/mo for some missions.

Hardship Duty Pay- This is given to military personnel living in austere conditions while on deployment.  The pay can be $50, 100 or 150, depending on the location.

Family Separation Allowance, $250- Given to service members assigned to duty locations without their families.

Flight Pay- Flight Pay is given to pilots and aircrew and ranges from $125-$840/mo depending on years on flight status and rank.

Career Sea Pay- This is given to military personnel who are assigned to lengthy sea assignments.  The pay is based on rank and years at sea and ranges from $20-750/mo.

Hostile Fire and Imminent Danger Pay, $225/mo- This is given to anyone serving in a designated area such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Philippines, or Pakistan where they are in danger of hostile fire, land mines, or other forms of imminent danger.

Submarine Duty Pay- Paid to sailors serving on a submarine.  The pay is based on both rank and time on duty and ranges between $75-875.

While this isn’t the full list it does cover most of the pays available.  Other special pays include Veterinary ($100/mo), Dental, and Medical Officer Pay.