Everything You Need to Know about Bugging-Out

Picture yourself sitting in your home, relaxing on your couch, and an alert pops up on your phone calling for an immediate evacuation. Some natural disaster (wildfire, hurricane, tornado, etc.) is impending your location and a state of emergency has been declared. You have to leave now, time is of the essence. What will you do? Will you grab anything to take with you? What do you bring and how do you carry it? Or do you just get your keys and loved ones and go?  
This an increasingly common occurrence, that we all hope we are never faced with. However, just because it may never happen, doesn’t mean that it can’t ever happen. For this reason, the guys over at ReadyMan have made it their mission to help people prepare for just such a bug-out situation. Recently, they have released a free app that is designed to help someone prepare, plan, and curate their very own bug-out bag.
What is Bugging-Out?
Bugging out is the term used to describe the hasty departure from a location that is no longer safe. In the world of preparedness, this is very common topic of discussion. For most people, the thought of being in such a predicament is so far beyond the scope of their everyday norm, it borders full on paranoia *tin foil hat not included. But as recently as only a few months ago, wildfires in California forced the evacuation of thousands and not long before that, was the devastation caused by Hurricane Irma.
In both these scenarios, residents were forced to leave their homes and had to decide what to bring and what to leave. Inevitably, some essential items were forgotten and plenty of non-essential gear was brought along. In the most severe cases, these mistakes and miscalculations could prove to be fatal. (As an example, imagine forgetting your child’s insulin and embarking on an 8 hour drive to a safe location) So how can we ensure that we bring all the right things? Having a checklist is the obvious solution, but what if you aren’t sure what you need and don’t need? This is where the bug-out bag builder comes into play…
The Bug-Out Bag Builder
In an effort to take away all the guess work in putting a bug-out bag together, ReadyMan has created an comprehensive check list based off of your location, budget, and specific needs.
Are you going to be traveling by car, atv, bicycle, or on foot? These are all considerations that are taken into account with this app. No matter what your circumstances, the bug-out builder will help guide you in every aspect of planning and creating your own emergency go-to bag. And the best part? They are giving it away for FREE. All you have to go their site: http://www.rdymn.co/bugout and simply sign up and get started!